Bo can sometimes be compared to a squid, or so Luke reckons. It's not that stupid a thought either, if you just think about it. His baby cousin is all long arms and legs, wrapping them around Luke seems to be a favorable pass time, makes him wonder if he's got those suction cups on his fingers too, wouldn't surprise him if he did. What, with the way those hands stick to everything they come in contact with, especially if his dark haired cousin is involved. Anywhere those hands can get, they go to as often as possible, at least when they're not in plain view.

"Bo!" He complains when that octopus of a man slithers into his bed at some inhuman hour of the day, he can't be bothered to check what hour exactly. Not that important any longer either, not when that inflated, blonde head comes to rest inches from his own, right on the other side of his worn pillow.

Pushes that barrel chest gently 'get out of my bed' his cousin doesn't seem to take the hint, considers pushing him off completely, isn't sure if it is worth the risk. Bo's pain isn't worth getting yelled at by both Daisy and Uncle Jesse for being too noisy, instead he just settles down and lets his cousin do as he wants, probably won't do much damage. Doesn't care that much either, so long as he gets some sleep, Bo can do whatever he wishes.

Tells himself that he still doesn't care when those long arms find a way around him to the other side where they rest on his back, fingers spread to cover as much ground as he can. Male cousins shouldn't be doing this, but he let's Bo get away with it, not that he wants to, he would much rather have wrestled the imposing body out of his bed and onto the cold floor. Gets an unwanted kiss or the effort, wonders where that came from, out of all the times his cousin has invaded Luke's personal space he's never kissed him before.

He pulls back before his cousin can turn this into something, anything, other than lips touching lips. Gives him a hard stare 'stop it', not that he can actually see him all that well, just lots of blonde hair, some moonlight glowing through the ends and creating an outline of him that he can go by if needed. Fingers glide over his skin, tracing his spine, up and down, gentle to the touch. Forcing him to relax, his rigid posture softening.

"Bo." Sounds sleepy this time, not sure if he's complaining any longer, might be that he's not. Lips find his again, second try. Goes a lot better now that Luke's not so tense. A groan, he's not sure if it's encouragement or a complaint. Bo isn't about to give up though. Takes it as encouragement he does, ends up with double the amount of tongue in his mouth, a lot more than it should be.
Luke knows he's got nothing against it, he did open his mouth after all, and that's about as far as his range of thought can go right now. Too distracted by the extra tongue and the mouth it belongs to. Doesn't matter too much that that mouth belongs to his baby cousin, at least not anymore, might have once, but that seems like it's on another continent now, drifted away on the sea, only leaving behind lust for the Duke boys to prey on.

It's the realization of where they are that makes him stop and pull away, but those lips only follow as if there is a magnet holding them together. That is, until Bo gets a reminder through the way of Daisy knocking on the wall and telling them to be quiet. That damn squid doesn't leave him alone though, just kisses him once more before settling down and snuggling closer. Luke gives up the fight that doesn't really exist and let's an arm go over those wide ribs to rest between two shoulder blades, hooks those long legs with one of his. A promise, perhaps, of good things to come.