Not Your Mistake

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Previously on Not Your Mistake: Alexis is nervous, and upon being asked, tells Kate that she is expecting a visitor and needs Kate's help in making sure her dad doesn't go all daddy dearest on her and the visitor who is apparently important. After pulling a beetroot red Alexis's leg for a minute, Kate agrees to help. The visitor turns out to be really good looking, much to Kate's approval and Rick's horror. Kate being the good cop, invites David Crane to join them for breakfast, at which Rick instantly snaps up and into action. Now further...

Chapter 17

"Not until I know what on earth is going on" Castle boomed, much to David's confusion, Kate's amusement and Alexis's horror.

Luckily for Alexis, Kate kept up her end of the deal. Throwing a reassuring smile at the two teens, she grabbed her boyfriend by the sleeve and yanked him towards the bedroom and out of their earshot.

"What are you doing?" Rick asked, his voice high due to his confusion

"sssh! they can hear us Castle." Kate chastised, her voice a little above a whisper.

"okay fine. But tell me what is going on? Who is that good looking dude? And why did you leave him and Alexis alone out there?"

Kate just kept quite and waited for his ridiculous tirade to finish. Once he was done however, she spoke with a voice of reason.

" What is going on is that Alexis invited a friend over to breakfast and that you are over-reacting. The good looking dude is David Crane, as he just politely introduced himself, which you rudely ignored. And I left them out there because a) you were over-reacting and embarrassing your daughter in front of someone she obviously likes and b) We both know she is way too responsible to be doubted."

"Whoa whoa whoa! Hang on. Someone she obviously likes? Who told you that? Did she tell you that? No way, that guy may be good looking but he isnt handsome enough for our Alexis. He must be just a friend. You know what? I say, he might just be a gay friend she brought over for breakfast because he is having troubles with his equally gay boyfriend. Yeah!That's what it must be." Rick concluded, a satisfied smile on his face.

"Quit being so dramatic Castle! She doesn't have to tell me anything. Her behavior around him speaks for itself. And I think he is way too handsome to be gay" Kate baited her writer.

"Hey! I'm right here! And even though I am not so possessive, I draw a line at hearing that my girlfriend thinks that my daughter's friend is too hot to be gay" Castle said pouting.

" Again with the drama Rick? Martha would be so proud of you. And for the record, I said handsome, not hot. Now, I promised your daughter that you would behave, and you know how much I hate breaking my promises, so here is a deal for you. You be a good boy and a great host, and I make it up to you later by telling you something you could never have guessed about the real Nikki Heat. Deal?" Kate said, tongue in cheek.

"You drive a hard bargain woman. Fine i'll try to behave, and since you say he is so important to Alexis, you can give me a brutal kick to the shin in case I cross a line somewhere." Rick said, pout still intact.

"That's my man! Now let's go meet your daughter." Kate said, rewarding his good behavior with a kiss that ended way too soon for him.

"Oh Kate" He called, making her stop near the door and turn around. "Just remember, I will so milk this deal for all its worth. That thing you tell me about Nikki Heat better be worth it"

"Oh don't you worry darling, Nikki Heat has a lot of "things" that are more than worth the deal. Just be a good boy now, and maybe I will let you be a very, very bad boy later" She shot back, winking cunningly at him before strutting out the door to meet the teens.

okay, later. Breathe in...Breathe out...think of old socks...better yet, think of the fact that your daughter just brought home a boyfriend...ah there! I knew that would work. Now go tiger. The sooner you get breakfast over with and send Alexis off to school, the faster you get to...OH STOP IT, kinda defeats the whole calming down process.

"Rick!" Kate's voice called, making him hurry out the door.

When Castle came back into the room, he was an absolutely perfect host, much to Alexis's relief.

"Hello David. I'm Rick Castle. Nice to meet you. Please do join us for breakfast." Castle said, giving the guy a firm handshake and leading him towards the dining area.

Behind them, Alexis mouthed to Kate * what on earth did you do?*

To which Kate blushed, mouthing back *You don't wanna know*

"Mr. Castle, Alexis told me Detective Beckett is your partner, does that mean you're a cop too?" David asked, starting the conversation smoothly.

"Would it freak you out if I was?" Castle asked, before receiving a kick from Kate, and hurrying to rephrase. "Don't worry, I'm just a civilian consultant following her around for research for my books."

"Oh. That's amazing. You must be really helpful in solving crimes if they are allowing you to shadow an actual homicide detective" David smiled.

No sooner had the words slipped out of his mouth, Rick's demeanor changed completely. He was instantly warmer towards the guy, actually interested in making conversation.

Of course he's being more polite. Throw a compliment his direction and he would hug a hungry shark! Typical Rick. Kate thought, and one look at Alexis confirmed that she wasn't the only one who felt so.

"Yeah, I did help them solve quite a few cases...In fact there was this one case where I..." Castle continued to tell David the stories where he valiantly kicked down the door and saved Kate Beckett from a painful and certain death.(Skipping the part where he stole a glimpse of her naked torso, much to Kate's relief)

Kate looked at Alexis, who was finally turning back to her original color, and then at her writer who was still deeply engrossed in discussing tales of his own bravery with a very impressed looking David.

Why on earth did I wait for so long to do this? To think that I could have had all this happiness and contentment two whole years ago, had I been able to get my head out of my ass in time to tell him that I felt the same way he did.

Don't be so hard on yourself Kate. Maybe it was for the best. Had you given in two years ago, one of you would have definitely screwed up enough to either kill the other, or everyone around them. And guess which of you too have more homicidal tendencies? That right there is your answer.

"Isn't that right Kate?" Rick's voice yanked her out of the mind conversation. She looked up to see both Castle and David looking in her direction, clearly waiting for an answer.

"I'm sorry, what was the question again?" Kate asked, embarrassed at being caught zoning out.

"I was just telling Dave here how Alexis had played an important role in that murder suicide case we solved a while ago." Rick said, beaming the way he always did when he spoke of his daughter.

"Yeah! She was the one who actually brought it all together, telling us how her friends would bail her out if she ever got into trouble. And that's when we figured out that all those kids in the park had enough money to….." Kate started explain the story from her point of view.

What the trio failed to notice however, was the moist eyed look they were receiving from Alexis who was sitting across the table.

I'm so glad dad and Kate managed to work things out between them. She is really nice. Treats me like an actual adult. In fact I don't even remember the last time my mom spoke this way of me. The look in Kate's eyes when she talks about me is almost similar to the one dad has. Okay! Enough you sap! Finish your dinner so you can go to that movie you and Dave had planned.

Oh right! The movie. I hope dad doesn't mind. He is behaving incredibly polite, wonder what Kate said to…. Ewww I don't think I wanna know. Okay, breakfast, movie. Focus.

"Dad, I wanted to ask you something." Alexis said, interrupting right before Castle could tell Dave about the time when he burnt of his own eyebrows trying to roast a turkey.

"Yes, pumpkin?" Rick asked, awkward-moment-bells ringing softly somewhere in the back of his head.

"Do you mind if me and Dave went to see a movie? I promise I'll be back before tea time." She finished in a low voice.

Oh no! OH NO! There is the moment I have been dreading. I knew this guy had an ulterior motive behind the breakfast. I knew it! That was why he was throwing all those words of admiration at me. Ha! Good thing I don't fall for fake praises!

What was that last part again? His brain sneered.

Heyy! Not now. Right now I gotta be a responsible dad. Kick this guy out and lock the doors so he cant trap innocent little Alexis with his vile charms. Rick thought seriously.

Ummm no! I don't think so. Oh look, your girlfriend's saying something on your behalf. Thank god she is more responsible and mature than you are. His brain chided making Rick focus back to the conversation just in time to hear Kate answer for him.

"Of course you can. But be back by no later than 6 okay?" Kate said, smiling at the two of them.

"wait what are y…" Rick's protest diet down when Kate gave him a stern look that clearly said *don't even think about saying no*.

"Really? Wow! Thanks Kate! Thanks dad! Love you both!" Alexis squealed, giving them a hug.

"Have fun you too" Kate said, walking them to the door.

"Not too much fun though" Rick added, before mumbling "I put a pepper spray in your bag Alexis" much to the chagrin of the two women.

"It was nice to meet you Mr. Castle, Detective Beckett." Dave said, shaking hands with both of them

"Call me Rick" "Call me Kate" they replied together, making him smile.

"If I may say so, You guys make an adorable couple." Dave answered, before holding the door open for Alexis.

A gentleman. Nice! At least he knows he ought to treat my baby like the princess that she is Rick thought, smiling.

"See you guys!" Alexis called out in a parting note before driving away in Dave's car.

No sooner had they left, Kate turned towards Castle.

"I hope you didn't mind me approving the movie Rick. I know I don't have the right, but I couldn't let you turn the girl down when I saw the hope in her eyes" Kate said, apologetic.

"Don't be ridiculous Kate. Of course you have the right. You already are a part of the family." Rick answered almost instantly.

"That's really sweet of you Castle. Now, since you have been a really good boy at breakfast, do you wanna go inside and hear that thing about Nikki Heat?" Kate said, walking towards his bedroom.

"You mean do I wanna be a very very bad boy? Hell yeah!" Rick said, following her as always.

"Oh rick, I forgot to tell you something. I got a text from Lanie earlier, she says that I can 'build theory' with you just fine, so long as I don't put any weight on my injured areas. So, do you just wanna hear this thing about Nikki Heat, or would you prefer a 'show-and-tell' session?" Kate purred, locking the bedroom door behind them, she couldn't risk Martha walking in on them building theory now could she?

Rick didn't answer her, no, he just growled in a way that made her toes curl before closing the distance between himself and this infuriatingly gorgeous vixen of his.

Author's Note: Well? Have I made it up for the long disappearance?