Not Your Mistake

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Previously on Not Your Mistake:

After confronting Castle about his fight with Josh, Kate confesses her feelings for him. Castle tries to tell her that it was his fault that she is in the hospital at the moment having fought and defeated death. Kate almost convinces castle that she doesn't regret whatever happened and that she heard his confession after getting shot. They are almost getting lost in their happy bubble when our favorite M.E comes in. Now further….

Chapter 5

"Lanie!" Kate said it with relief with relief while Castle said it with the same tone you used for holy crap!

The petite M.E stood at the foot of Beckett's bed, hands on hips. A perfect picture of disapproval.

Realizing that she was waiting for a response from him, Castle fumbled for an answer. But as usual, Beckett in a shining armor came to his rescue.

"It's okay Lanie. I'm fine." She said smiling at her best friend.

"The hell you are! You and I are gonna talk Katie. But you, remember what I told you about kissing a girl with a freshly punctured heart?" Lanie said turning towards castle.

"No" Castle replied in a small voice, trying to remember having any conversation with Lanie that involved him, Beckett and kissing.

"Exactly." The M.E barked.

Castle looked at Beckett with puppy dog eyes that clearly read 'what did I do!'. And she gave him a look that said 'give us a minute please'. Call it karmic connection or just three long years of eye-play, but they were ridiculously good at such conversations.

"Umm… I need to call Alexis. I'll be right back" Castle said, giving Kate a quick kiss on the forehead before escaping from Lanie's death glare. As soon as he was out of the room, Beckett gave Lanie a look that clearly said 'explain yourself'

"What! I was scared. And you know me, when I get scared I get nasty" the M.E defended herself. Kate's expression softened.

"So am I Lanie." She said pulling the M.E down for a hug.

"Oh sweetie! Never ever do that to me again. You have no idea how hard it was, watching you bleed out in my hands. I thought I lost you" Lanie said, her voice choked with tears.

"I know Lanie, I'm sorry. I really am. It was all my fault." Kate said slowly patting her best friend's hair.

After a few seconds they both pulled back and Lanie sat herself down in castle's chair.

"So, what's with you and writer boy?" she said slipping right back into her chirpy self.

There's the Lanie I know! I was beginning to wonder when would she bring this up. Time for some fun.

"Nothing. Why?" Kate asked nonchalantly.

"No reason. I just thought since you were consoling him with your lips that maybe you finally saw what we all have known for the past three years" Lanie answered without missing a beat.

And here I was thinking I could bait the smart little M.E for once. Ah well, maybe I could pull a prank on castle instead. He is always easy.

"So, who won the pool? I know you guys were betting on us so don't bother denying it."

"Who do you think?" Lanie countered.

"I want a share" Kate smirked.

"Sure, as long as you promise to give me all the dirty details after you and Castle do the deed."

"Lanie!" Kate said blushing a cute shade of pink.

Meanwhile, in the corridor.

Castle decided on a trip to the coffee shop next to the hospital while calling Alexis because

a) The cafeteria coffee was worse than the precinct's monkey-pee-in-battery-acid,

b) It would give Kate some time to reassure her best friend that she was indeed alive and fine and then some more time to tell her about them and squeal. That's what girls usually did wasn't it? And

c) Because he was starving and he knew that Kate hadn't touched anything but water since he dragged her out of the hanger.

As soon as he approached the coffee shop however, he was confused on what to order. He had no clue whatsoever as to what was Kate allowed to eat. He could have called Lanie and asked her but he didn't want to interrupt on their heart-to-heart.

But thankfully, before he could do something Castlesque and buy a little of every item available in the shop, help came in the form of a call from Alexis.

"Hello pumpkin! You are a life saver." He said, his voice cheerful to his own ears.

Ah! The bliss of love! Wait, did I just say that! Great rick! Not an hour passed by since the girl finally fessed up and you are already spouting cheesy movie dialogues. Classy!

"Dad, you sound reassuringly cheerful. Is detective Beckett awake?" his daughter voiced out his own thoughts.

"Yes she is. Wait, haven't you all visited her already? I thought I was the last one to go into that room. Correction, last but one. "

"Well, we were supposed to, but that rude doctor-boyfriend of hers was in the room, so I didn't. I was really angry at him, and didn't want to punch him in front of detective Beckett" Alexis sounded embarrassed.

"Oh. That's alright, although I don't think she would have minded." He said, baiting his daughter slowly.

"Why?" she took the bait readily.

"Because now he is a rude doctor, but no longer her boyfriend. And even if he was, do you really think Kate would defend someone who lay their hands on you?"

"Kate? Dad, what did I miss? Since when do you refer to detective Beckett as Kate?"

"Let's just say I was assigned the right recently. To know more details please visit me and Kate at the hospital. Bye pumpkin. Love you" he said in his best impersonation of an answering machine.

"Alright see you in 20. Love you too dad. Oh by the way, you should order one decaf and some ginger bread for detective Beckett. Caffeine isn't really advisable when she is on medications." Alexis said, her voice smug.

"It's creepy how you do that. Do you know any Jedi mind tricks I don't?" Castle asked, placing 2 orders of what his daughter just suggested. If his lady love had to live without coffee then so would he.

Ewww! Dude tone down the sappiness please. It's overflowing. His mind chastised him.

"Elementary my dear Watson. I could hear people around you placing orders. See you."

Smiling at his daughter's perfect homage to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Castle walked back to meet his heart at the cardio ward.

Hey! What did I say about the sap? Don't make me nauseous! His mind said in a defeated tone as he stepped onto the elevator whistling the theme of titanic.

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