Title: Scar Tissue
Fandom: Arrow
Pairing: Laurel/Oliver
Rating: K+/PG

Warnings/Spoilers: Up to 1x05 Damaged
Author Notes: Obviously based on the scene when Laurel asks to sees Oliver's scars. I also decided to "add" a few scars as well. For instance a possible bite wound which may or may be cannon. .
Disclaimer: I don't own Arrow
Summary: His chest was covered in scars.

Her fingers gently ran across thick scar on his chest.

Most likely from a knife, being scrapped across his chest when he was being tortured.

(Although, he didn't share any details of the torture scene, like who did it, or who were the people on the island, much less how he escaped. Honestly, she isn't entirely sure wants to know the details.)

It was painful to hear the fact that Oliver was tortured on the island. (Heck the whole polygraph was painful to sit on. The questions and answers, her father asked him. )

But in some aspect it did help her forgive Oliver.

Even though, she was somewhat in the process of forgiving Oliver from the moment he came to her apartment with a half a gallon of Rocky Road Ice-cream, and that night in general.

With the break in, and the hug, they shared.

Honestly, despite noticing the differences in Oliver, she didn't really bother with the thought that he was tortured on the island or his life on the island, in general.

She did hear he was supposedly alone on the island. (Which was a lie or a half a lie. Considering the fact the people who tortured him could have left shortly afterwards. It wasn't like Oliver was going to have friendly conversations with them.)

Her fingers gently run down the length of his body. Vaguely paying attention he had gotten more muscular, on the island. Her emerald-hazel eyes widen as she recognized a wound that vaguely looks like a bite, near the right side of stomach.

Even though, it was on the tip of her tongue to ask him how he got that wound, but she decided against it. He already told her, he didn't particularly like talking about his experience on the island. She certainly didn't want to pry if he isn't ready to tell her.

Although she couldn't deny the fact that she would listen, if he ever decided to open up to her about his experience on the island. (Although, it may involve a lot of wine and/or ice cream. Not to mention it would probably be spread over the course of several days. Considering the fact, there is no way they would be able to cover five years in one night or even a weekend.)

Even though, Oliver calls himself "damaged" and despite the fact that may be true. A lot of bad things to happen to him when he was on that island.

To the point she wouldn't be surprised if he was suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

But the only thing she can see when she studies the man in front of her is the fact that he is a survivor.

-the End