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S-Class Floor Secret


Mystogan knelt on the floor, tenderly scooping the scarlet haired mage from Laxus's lap and onto his. "I'm going to enjoy this, Erza," he whispered, pressing a soft kiss to her neck. She found herself shivering just at the tone of his voice and somewhere at the back of her mind she wondered if it were vaguely familiar….if she'd heard it before. But before she could even try and think, Laxus lunged forward and attacked her stomach with kisses.

The masked mage's arms snaked around her, fingers ghosting along her skin before taking their position upon her breasts, cupping what amount of those generous mounds he could before massaging them. She let out a strangled sigh and leaned back into his slender muscular form as he rolled her pink nipples between his thumb and forefinger- all the while swirling his tongue across her vanilla skin.

Laxus let out a soft growl, obviously dissatisfied at how receptive she was being to the masked mage's ministrations. Frowning, he stuck two of his long, thick fingers inside of her, eliciting a slight yelp of his name coupled with a glare in his direction.

"Looks like someone's prone to quite a jealous streak," chuckled Mystogan, one of his hands travelling downwards and taking hold of Laxus's wrist, tugging at it, "It's only fair if that part is left forbidden for at least a little while longer.

"You do not get to make the rules over here. Don't forget who is enabling you this feat," growled the lightning mage.

"I beg to differ," countered the other male, his voice level and calm as he let Laxus go and took to rubbing her clit in slow and titillating circular motions, "It is this woman who ultimately calls the shots, no matter how much you think otherwise."

It was one of the first times Erza had witnessed someone shoot down Laxus's rage so calmly and a part of her was still in disbelief that she had surrendered to this fate.

Laxus grumbled something inaudible as he withdrew his fingers from inside of her before taking a hold of the masked mage's arm and supplying him with a shock slight enough to cause him to withdraw from the red haired woman's clit.

A part of Laxus's electricity leaked into her nether areas, causing her body to jolt violently with one of the cutest squeals both men had ever heard before, "Kyaa!"

Almost as if in a daze Laxus stared at 'his' Scarlet's burning face as she gave him a wavering half glare. "Sorry Scarlet, that wasn't meant for you," he murmured with a chuckle, "Though it seems as if you rather enjoyed it…"

"Don't you dare," she warned in a low voice.

The lightning mage only laughed as he claimed her lips with his own, sending his tongue into her hot cavern. His laughter was meant to be condescending but there was an underlying tone that suggested that he was genuinely amused.

Letting out a soft sigh, Mystogan went back to his tender fondling of her skin.

Erza gulped, being reduced to a blushing moaning mess as the two men probed her body with their hands and mouths. Rough, calloused fingertips ravished her pale satiny skin, exploring every inch of her body.

Her eyes were scrunched close, body yielding to their touches- each distinct. To her surprise she could easily distinguish Laxus's touch, sometimes even before it landed upon her body. It was almost scary, the way she seemed to now understand him and anticipate his every action. Another small part of her held in wonder the gentleness behind each of Mystogan's caresses….almost as if he'd long since desired to touch her, almost as if he wished to treasure her.

They left no centimeter unexplored; no cell of skin for want of contact, the woman between them was panting, her insides soaking and her slender fingers trembling against Laxus's chest.

Mystogan sat back and pulled Erza's body so that she was settled a tad more comfortably atop him, her body shivering as he guided her butt to settled just on his erection so she could feel the rock hard formation. Laxus leaned forwards, guiding her legs around his hips and letting her feel his member as well. More fondling and wet kisses ensued as both men just let the woman writhe in anticipation.

She mewled like a helpless kitten as they started grinding up against her. After making sure her insides were sensitized enough the masked mage crawled forwards and latched his mouth on her core, licking and sucking at her, his tongue working expertly and mercilessly.

Laxus –albeit reluctantly- got back on his feet and disappeared. He sneered to himself as the Titania moaned out his name in a hanging question but he allowed the other man to handle her whilst he retrieved something he'd been saving for later.

His eyes briefly met with hers as he returned to the room and suffice to say she was pretty hot and bothered by now, Mystogan holding her right on the edge of her climax. The man bit down lightly, instantly causing her body to convulse and heave, "No, ah…" she moaned as he replaced it with hard sucks, effectively pushing her into orgasm.

Laxus took his place on the ground, eyes never leaving her form as the scarlet haired beauty came. Mystogan pulled back, his eyes lit up in amusement and a fair amount of lust, "I can see why you keep coming back to this one," he whispered, licking her taste off of his lips.

"D…don't talk about me like I'm just another one of his bimbos," huffed Erza, with what little amount of dignity she had left. Her prideful tone soon melted into a yelp as she felt Laxus hands wander to her butt and rubbing in something that was cold, sticky and suspiciously smelt of strawberries.

It took her a while to register what his intention was, "Oh hell no!" she exclaimed scrambling away from him and for some reason seeking solace in Mystogan's reassuring arms.

It visibly irked the thunder mage, the smug smirk on the masked mage's lips as he gently rocked Erza in his arms, placing kisses atop her hair.

"Don't be a wimp, Scarlet," growled the spiky haired blond almost bitterly.

"Now, now Dreyar. Don't be crude," chuckled Mystogan, nibbling on Erza's earlobe for good measure.

The thunder mage's irritation only multiplied with each passing second until he stood up without warning, taking a hold of her arm and yanking her up with him, "You think I'm going to let this second rate masked weirdo waltz in here and whisk you away?"

To his surprise he was met with a smirk atop her luscious pink lips, "I thought you were the one who suggested this in the first place."

Laxus's mouth dropped open uncharacteristically as he took in her amused form, "Why you little-" the rest of his sentence was cut off when he claimed her lips with his, rough and possessive, just the way she like it. Oh, she was good. He'd give her props for that. Though making Laxus Dreyar loose his cool would have its consequences soon enough… He gave her a little twirl to confuse her before hurling her back into Mystogan's lap, throwing him the bottle of strawberry flavoured lube, "Lather her up."

"Awww. You're not giving me the front door?" drawled Mystogan playfully.


"Oh, fell. I guess free loaders can't be choosers," he muttered, squirting out some of the liquid before applying it to Erza's ass, letting his finger work to loosen up her puckered hole, "He even got you your favourite flavour~ Just like your cakes, " he whispered.

If she were more alert she would have questioned how he even knew what her favourite flavor cake was. But she was more than a little preoccupied with the masked mage and Laxus who'd newly found his place, nestled between her breasts, nipping and sucking them as he pleased.

And then they resumed their almost-competition to see who could make her moan and yelp the most. The only thought on her mind was, 'Not again', a part of her really wanted to be filled. But she wouldn't admit it, not to these cocky mages with the ridiculously huge cocks and egos to match.

Finally, almost as if planned, two fingers made their way into her body. She shuddered uncontrollably as Mystogan inched his finger deeper into her tight butt, the lube helping his way along.

Laxus snickered, sucking on her nipples as he added two more fingers and started pumping in and out of her at a steady pace. Mystogan did the same, slowly inching in a second finger, his mouth latched on her neck.

As they prepped her, the two male mages began shifting their positions and moving her along accordingly. Laxus lay himself with his back on the floor, pulling Erza atop him with, making her straddle his hips.

The scarlet mage gulped, her face flushed the colour of her hair, her breasts heaving with every ragged breath she took. Sighing with equal amounts of dread and anticipation she lowered herself atop him so just the tip of his member was buried within her hot, needy, unabashedly dripping cavern. It didn't take Mystogan long to shift her in a way that her butt was in the air. He rubbed his tip at her unfilled puckered hole and rubbed at it for good measure before easing just the tip in.

Erza groaned as she felt Mystogan start prodding her, stretching her walls, her arms trembling with just this.

Laxus locked eyes with hers, some part of him making sure that the woman was still on board this idea, "Alright, Scarlet," he warned, propping his large hands atop her hips, "On three."


Erza scrunched her eyes closed; mewling in response, knowing what was coming.


"Mystogan took hold of her hips as well."


The very second the number was spoken, Laxus's hands drove her downwards, impaling her on his rigid shaft while at the same time Mystogan plunged himself hilt deep inside her. It all happened in one strong, slick; almost painful motion that she could have sworn that she'd seen stars.

It was a strange, titillating and overwhelming feeling, to be filled so extensively by the two strongest mages of fairy tail. Her walls were stretched as far as they could go and the only thing separating both their members from each other was than tiny wall within her. She was sure they would feel one another from inside her. And somehow or the other it was strangely hot, the way they rubbed against her insides.

After just a few seconds of letting her adjust to the fullness, the two mages began their motion. First with alternating thrusts, so she always had a shaft inside her at any given time and then with meeting thrusts where she was filled and relieved simultaneously wherein she whimpered like a helpless kitten each time they fully withdrew from her.

Her entire body shook as she was pushed to the second release of the day. Yet neither mage slowed down, continuing their motions mercilessly, competitively.

Her hands clutched desperately at nothing, her eyes covered with a thinn sheen of tears and just a trickle of drool running down her chin as her body was ravished and pounded by the rival mages.

She was hardly aware of their respective mouths wandering her skin. The only thing her mind even registered were the rock hard, throbbing shafts pistoning in and out of her and how sexy it was the way both men growled, groaned and hissed her name desperately.

She felt Mystogan throb from within her as he cursed under his breath. He managed a good five to six thrusts into her strawberry scented cavern before exploding, sending an oh so generous loud of his hot seed into her.

She cried out his name, scrunching her neck backwards so she could kiss the masked mage full on the lips as he pulled himself out of her, sighing in a mixture of satisfaction and disappointment. Satisfaction because he could think of nothing more gratifying than taking the feisty beauty that was Erza Scarlet. Disappointment because he couldn't outlast the cocky blond who was still pounding his way into her with not a care in the world.

Begrudgingly he took to the newly replace couch, deeming it enough to watch the rest of the exchange.

Laxus pulled her onto him, claiming her lips and kissing her in a fervent passion that Erza had never witnessed. It wasn't cool and dominating like always but anxious and possessive, hot and smoldering, and filled with some amount of yearning.

Even though his rod was pumping in and out of her she found herself getting off more on the way he encased her within his arms, the way he held her, the way he kissed her like never before.

She mewled as she felt him throb within her. Almost as if reacting to him, her walls start trembling as well, squeezing him out. He clutches onto him desperately, letting his name out in a heady moan, only to have it muffled by his chiseled lips.

His strong arms squeeze tight around her body, pulling her downwards one last time before emptying himself inside her, groaning hotly into her mouth.

Mystogan chuckled from his position on the couch, standing up and replacing his cloak, "That was pretty hot," he muttered, briefly pulling Erza free of Laxus's lips and pressing a chaste kiss on her cheek, tenderly wiping the drool off her face, "Thanks for the treat, Erza," he whispered.

She stared up at his dark eyes, visibly stunned, feeling a shiver run down her spine as she heard him whisper her name. He smiled softly at her despite how her eyes were wide and riddled with doubt.

A wave of something akin to terror washed over her when she spied a speck of red, the tail of a tattoo on his right cheek, peeping out of the cloth that still covered his face. "J…J-"

Mystogan sighed, instantly walking on over and covering her eyes with his hand, muttering a few incantations and putting her to sleep. He turned towards Laxus smiling bitterly, "I guess it's better for all of us if she forgot this here exchange, huh?"

The thunder mage raised an eyebrow, his arms cradling Erza Scarlet's limp form, "Exactly what are you hiding?"

"Nothing of importance," he smirked before disappearing out the window.

When Erza woke up she found herself fully clothed and encircled within a pair of strong and muscular arms. She rubbed her eyes groggily and shifted her form only to find herself laying against Laxus's perfectly chiseled chest. Unconsciously she snuggled in close to his warmth, a part of her wondering if she were forgetting something while another part of her was astounded about her position with Laxus. She raised an eyebrow at him, "I thought we only met up for sex. Since when do we cuddle?

"Since now."


"Because I feel like it, Scarlet."

She rubbed her soft cheek against his chest, arms snaking around his neck, "I don't mind, Dreyar."


"Hm. Good."

She still felt rather perplexed but really a bit of warmth from this man was the last thing she expected. So if he were offering, even in such a roundabout way she would gladly accept.

"You're warm and oddly snuggly. I kind of like this," she whispered, melting her body closer to him.



"I might like it too…Just a bit," he muttered, almost as if in a trance as he played with her hair, "Just a little bit."

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