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Chapter One

Nancy Carnahan was a qualified doctor and had been a paramedic for nearly eight years, she saved lives every day, but as she lay in the overturned ambulance Nancy felt all too mortal.

Her partner, Glenn Morrison was trapped beside her. Nancy could hear him trying to check on her, trying to get a response, but the pain was overwhelming, she felt like she couldn't breathe.

It was all that Nancy could do to put it out on the radio that they'd been involved in a collision.

As Cameron Boone and Tyler Briggs, Nancy and Glenn's fellow medics arrived first on scene, Tyler particularly was overwhelmed by the sheer devastation that he saw; Boone was too, but he kept his focus on doing the job.

By the time that Tyler reached Nancy and Glenn they were in bad shape.

"Ty," Glenn called out as he could see that help was there; they were going to be fine.

"I'm gonna get you guys out of here, okay," Tyler quickly tried to reassure them.

"She's pretty messed up, man. Like twelve on the GCS."

Tyler took on the information; he thought, they both thought that a head injury was Nancy's greatest concern. "Hey Nance, Nancy. Talk to me, give me symptoms baby. Nancy talk to me," That was the last thing that Tyler had a chance to say before his partner pulled him away to triage others injured in the carnage.

A brief word of apology, and Tyler was gone. The pain was worsening by the second, it brought Nancy closer to awareness of her situation.

Nancy knew that she had in all likelihood sustained a serious blow to her abdomen, she was probably bleeding internally, but that didn't scare her nearly as much as the sudden realization that she hadn't felt the baby move since the accident.

Nancy was certain at that moment that she was miscarrying; she wanted to cry and scream at the pain, at what had happened to her, but Glenn had been driving, she could hear the guilt in every panicked word he said.

That was when Nancy told herself that there was nothing that could be done to save her baby, it was too early; she wouldn't worsen the burden of guilt that her rookie partner was already feeling, it wouldn't change anything, or at least that's what Nancy told herself.

It was over forty-five minutes before it came time to extricate Nancy and Glenn from the wrecked ambulance. Glenn was alright, but Nancy was rapidly losing her battle for consciousness.

By then an EMT was with Nancy, monitoring her and administering oxygen.

The rescue crew were trying to put a brace around Glenn's neck before they moved him to reach Nancy, but given the position he was in it was impossible.

"Look, my neck's fine, it's just my arm," Glenn insisted.

"It's not going to happen," One of their rescuers agreed, taking away the collar.

Glenn must have heard Nancy's weak efforts to resist the EMT's aid. "Nance, let them treat you."

"I'm still here, aren't I?" Nancy replying, trying to seem alright for her partner's sake.

"Funny," Glenn commented, only for his voice to be mostly unheard as Nancy cried out involuntarily, pain ripping through her body. "What? What?!" Glenn said, fearing for his partner.

"I've probably just broken some ribs," Nancy replied, again feeling herself slipping.

Just moments after Glenn was lifted out onto a backboard, Nancy again cried out, she couldn't control it anymore.

That was when Reuben "Rabbit" Palchuck, a flight medic, and Nancy's former partner arrived at a run. He pushed another medic out of his way to crawl into where Nancy lay in the wreckage. "I'm here, it's okay," Rabbit tried to reassure Nancy, who broke into tears at the sight of him, the father of her unborn child.

"I'm sorry," Nancy murmured, "I'm sorry I lost our baby."

Rabbit couldn't have been more shocked, that one night that they were together, it was over five months ago. Still he tried to keep calm, Nancy was his closest friend, and she needed him now. "It's okay, it's okay."

"Oh god."

Rabbit quickly got the EMT to list of the latest round of vital signs that she'd taken; it only confirmed what Rabbit already knew, he needed to get Nancy to the hospital, fast.

Nancy clung on to Reuben's flight suit desperately. "What the hell took you so long?"

Somehow Reuben couldn't bring himself to answer that, the guilt hit him. But still he kept working, beginning to assess her.

"What do you see?" Nancy asked, scared now not only for her baby, but also herself.
"Pupils are four millimetres, skin is cool, pale, and diaphoretic." Reuben paused, looking deeply, apologetically into Nancy's eyes. "I'm going to start palpating now, okay?"
Rabbit kept up a steady stream of information to Nancy, until he reached her abdomen.

How could he not have realized that she was pregnant? Reuben thought, noting how tight her uniform shirt was.

Then Reuben touched her upper abdomen, and as soon as he did, he knew that they were out of time; internal bleeding had caused Nancy's stomach to become rigid and extremely tender to touch.

Nancy was bleeding out.

"...Nancy, hot belly," Reuben said, the gravity of the situation clear in his every word. He tried to reassure her as he called out for the rescue crew to get her out; there wasn't time to mess around, and Reuben knew that.

After covering Nancy to protect her, Rabbit kicked outwards against the tempered glass windscreen, causing it to give way.

It took Reuben less than a minute to get Nancy out, securely strap her to the backboard, and get her loaded into the awaiting medivac helicopter.

The flight to City Hospital only took eight minutes, but to everyone on board it felt like hours.

Nancy was in a terrible deal of pain, then Reuben noticed that this pain was not constant, and it was not caused by Nancy's internal injuries. She was in labour, and the baby was coming fast.

Marisa Benez, the pilot had heard Rabbit on the radio to emergency department attending, Dr Saviano, she had heard Rabbit report that Nancy was approximately five months pregnant, but that did nothing to lessen her shock when Reuben suddenly exclaimed, "She's crowning!"

Before anyone could say otherwise Nancy had unhooked her upper body from all restraint, and then there it was, there she was, a tiny limp baby laying between Nancy's legs.

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