Warning: This is pure smut. Basically the whole thing is nothing but sex. Short and sweet.

Two A.M. My cell phone is buzzing on my nightstand. The caller I.D flashes before me, lighting up my dark room. The name that scrawls across the screen is that of my step-brother's, the same step-brother who married his hick bride four days ago. I shouldn't answer. I should let it go to voicemail and then delete it without listening because he screwed me over and stomped all over my black heart. Why the fuck was he calling me anyway? Why the fuck did I care? Damn it. I pick up the cell and answer it.

"Why are you calling me?" I demand answers.

"I made a mistake." He replies not a breath of emotion in his voice.

I am silent because I am not surprised at all. I knew marrying her was a mistake and I knew he'd come to regret it. This had only happened sooner then I imagined.

"But why are you calling me?" I ask again.

"Because I'm sorry." He answers.

I feel the little pieces of my heart that are left start to pound. I hated him for leaving me for her and I hated him even more for doing this right now. He doesn't need to explain why he's sorry because I can read his mind. He's sorry he picked her and not me, he's sorry he showed her all my secrets but most of all he's sorry that when I needed him most, when I told him how I felt that he broke my heart. He's sorry.

"So? You married her Sebastian. There's nothing that can be done about that." I tell him, trying to make it feel true.

In reality there is divorce but I'm not about to beg him to divorce her so he can come back to me. Even if he did I'm not sure I would take him back. Not after what he did. Besides he's my step-brother and any relationship with him was forbidden.

"The first night when Annette and I…" He begins.

"Don't." I warn, feeling sick of any thought of them consummating their marriage.

"I was thinking of you. I was thinking of you, Kathryn." He admits.

I can't deny that it didn't flatter me. Thinking about him fucking his bride but thinking of me the whole time, it turned me on a little bit.

"It doesn't matter." I tell him.

He sighs. I hear the shifting of blankets or clothes or something on his end and wonder what the fuck he's doing. I wait and wait and wait for him to say something but he doesn't. We sit there in silence for what seems like forever.

"I was thinking of what it would be like to fuck you. How you'd feel wrapped around me…what you'd taste like." He breathes.

"Sebastian…" I say, not sure whether I was warning him to stop or encouraging him to continue.

"How you'd look bent over in front of me. Or your mouth wrapped around my cock." Sebastian growls.

I feel the familiar warmth between my legs and in the pit of my stomach, the same one Sebastian use to give me when we were playing games or bantering. I picture him sitting in his study at his new house with his bride asleep in their bed while he has his hand wrapped around his cock and his pants by his ankles thinking of me. Not her. I smirk to myself.

"What else?" I ask, feeling brave.

"You riding me. My hands on your tits. Bouncing on my cock." His breath is unsteady.

I close my eyes, one of my own hands slipping under the covers and in my panties. I rub my pussy slowly, growing wetter with each touch. I let myself give soft moans and whimpers as I listen to Sebastian's own groans on the other end of the phone.

"Are you touching your pussy, baby?" He whispers.

Just the words make me horny. I nod even though he can't hear me and gasp as I slide a finger inside my wet pussy. I hear Sebastian growl when I haven't answered him.

"Yes, Sebastian." I answer.

"Are you thinking of me?" He asks.

"Yes." I reply.

"Tell me." He orders.

"I'm thinking about how I'd love your mouth on me right now, licking me up, enjoying how I taste while you finger my pussy. Mmm. I thinking about your cock and the things I could do to you." I tell him.

Sebastian moans. I can hear faint sounds of his hand stroking himself.

"What could you do to me?" He questions. "Tell me. I want to know."

I finger myself a little faster. I wish it was his cock but I have to make do.

"I'd swallow you right up. Your cock would touch the back of my throat while I fondle your balls, Valmont. Then I'd take it out and I'd tease the head, licking and sucking it. I'd nibble at your balls too because I know you'd want me to, taking each one into my mouth and sucking them while stroking you. Would you like that, Seb?"

Sebastian gasps and growls. I hear the feverish tone in every noise.

"Shit." He breathes. "I need you. I need you on my cock right now. I want to watch your ass bounce up and down on me baby. I want to see that pussy swallow my entire length and hear you scream with every thrust of my cock inside you."

My fingers are furiously moving inside me now, my thumb reaching up and rubbing my clit. My hips are writhing, I am in need of a good, hard fuck.

"Seb. Fuck. Oh. Yes. I want to cum. I need to cum, Sebastian." I whimper.

"Yeah? Me too, Kat. Picture me fucking you from behind, slamming into your pussy over and over again, slapping your perfect ass and pulling your hair. My cock is pounding into you, you're screaming. I'm reaching around and rubbing your little clit. I'm going to cum inside you, baby. Cum with me. Cum all over my cock." He says.

It's all over. I've lost any tiny bit of control I had left. His words bring me to my ecstasy. I imagine everything he said, our hips slamming together as he fucks me, his hand meeting my ass and making it red. I picture his fingers teasing my pussy and bringing me to the edge. I moan and scream and cuss as I am pushed over the edge, I imagine his cock covered in my cum.

"Oh. Fuck. Yes. Yes. Sebastian. Fuck!" I yell.

It's not long before he's following me over the edge. I hear his breath hitch and he cusses a few times before he gasps and groans and repeats my name over and over until he's so breathless he has to stop. Both of us gasping for any air our lungs will allow. For a few seconds we are quiet, relishing in our climaxes and enjoying the rush of adrenaline.

"Shit. I made a mess." He chuckles.

I giggle. "Mmm. Would you like me to come help clean up?" I purr.

"Jesus. Stop that now." He laughs. "I'm spent. You know I'd love for you to come here and lick me clean but…"

He doesn't need to say it. Annette. I am brought back down to Earth by the thought. I remember her and the fact that he's married and that he's calling me up at two in the morning. I feel embarrassed and ashamed that I let myself do this with him after everything that happened.

"I should go." I say.

"Wait." He says. "I meant what I said before."

"So did I. You married her. There's nothing you can do now, Sebastian. You should respect the vow you made."

"But you. We…I just can't…"

"There isn't a we. This…I don't know what this was, but it won't happen again. Please Sebastian. This is hard enough for me without you calling me up telling me you made a fucking mistake and telling me how much you need me. I can't do this with you. I won't do this with you."

There is silence on his end. He promptly hangs up.

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