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Chapter 19: The Problem

How did this happen?

Danny thought miserably. It has been a bad week for him and the Team since they recon on the Reach's farms. First, Miss Martian got kidnapped by Deathstroke and Tigress, Lagoon Boy got injured, Sam and Tucker, as well as the other runaways, ran away from Star Labs, and Cassie still won't talk to him.

He was worried for his three friends, thinking that something might have happened to them, or worst, the Reach has them in their grasp.

He petted the sleeping Cujo, sighing heavily. This was a bad week for him. Hopefully, it will get better soon.

How wrong he was.

Danny started when he felt the floor shake. Cujo jumped up and started barking loudly as Danny turned ghost and flew off the ground.

"An earthquake?" he said aloud as he phased through the ceiling. He stopped dead as he looked at the sky. "Not an earthquake…"

In the sky was another moon, maybe even bigger than it. It was orange and seemed to be made of metal. A moment of disbelief later, and Danny realized that it wasn't a moon, but a ship. His mouth wide open, he slowly reached for his communicator.

"Phantom to Nightwing…" he mumbled. "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?"

"Affirmative," Nightwing replied, a bit shakily. "Get here in Star Labs, immediately. And bring Cujo and Wolf with you. We're going to need them."

How did this happen? Phantom thought as he went back to the base to grab Wolf and Cujo.


Phantom and the entire Team were under Star Labs, listening to Nightwing and Green Beetle about the War World, a giant warship controlled by a tyrant called Mongol.

"…Here's the mission," Nightwing said as he showed some images of the Warship's inside, courtesy of Green Beetle. "Alpha Squad will attack Mongol head on to get the device that controls the Warship."

Superboy, Phantom, Wonder Girl and, Arsenal nodded.

"Beta Squad will go to the key chamber and snag the crystal key to shut down the weapons."

Blue Beetle, Dani Phantom, Beastboy, and Impulse nodded.

"Gamma Squad will disable the War World's power core to shut down the power."

Bumble Bee, Guardian, and Miss Phantom nodded.

"And Delta Squad will provide cover fire for Earth with the Bio Ship."

Robin and Batgirl nodded.

"Remember, we have to neutralize the enemy before he destroys Earth. Failure is not an option," Nightwing said.

Everyone nodded grimly, seeing how serious this mission is. The Team boarded the Bio Ship and readied themselves to invade the War World. Phantom looked at Wonder Girl, who looked tense. Before he could decide to go and talk to her, Dani went to talk to her.

"…I'll talk to her later," Danny muttered to himself, taking a seat next to Superboy.

Wonder Girl looked at Phantom before she turned her head. Dani noticed them and decided to help out a bit.

"You're still not talking to him? It's already been a week," Dani said, sitting next to Wonder Girl.

"I'm just…taking my time," Wonder Girl said, avoiding eye contact.

"Come on, Wonder Girl, it was just a kiss," Dani said. Wonder Girl just turned her head. Dani looked at her before she smirked mischievously.

"You know, Danny told me what happened," Dani whispered in Wonder Girl's ear, causing the blond to stiffen. "How she forced him down, took his helpless lips, moaning when she bit him…"

Wonder Girl turned to Dani with an angry glare, blushing bright red. Dani laughed at Wonder Girl, causing her to deepen her glare.

"I was just joking," Dani said with a smile. "Except for the helpless part."

"…Fine…" Wonder Girl said with a sigh. "I'll talk to him once we beat up this Mongol guy."

Dani smiled as the Bio Ship flew up flew off the ground and towards Earth's orbit, using its stealth mode. Everyone looked through the window and saw the War World. It was bigger than the moon, just as big as Earth. They watched as the front of the ship opened and out came a giant laser.

They watched as the laser fired towards Earth. Before it could reach it, a giant, golden Ankh appeared I front of the Earth, absorbing the laser. They watched as a portal opened and Dr. Faith appeared in front of Earth.

Soon, blasters appeared all over the warship and started firing. Rocket flew through the portal and made a shield around her and Dr. Faith, while he expanded the shield to protect the Earth. Later, Captain Atom, Captain Marvel, and Green Beetle flew through the portal and fired at the blasters, destroying them.


Nightwing and Aquaman were watching the heroes fighting the War World, stalling as long as they can.

Not sure if we're doing much damage in the grand scheme!" Captain Atom said through his communicator. "But Rocket's is protecting Faith, allowing him to concentrate on protecting Earth. And Captain Marvel, Green Beetle and I seem to have Mongol's attention."

"Good," Nightwing said as he got another call. "Cause the Team is already inside."

War World…

Danny Phantom, Wonder Girl, Dani Phantom, Supeboy, Arsenal, Miss Phantom, Beast Boy, Bumble Bee, Blue Beetle, Impulse, Guardian, Sphere, Wolf and Cujo were standing in the warship's hangar doors, looking around. Thanks to Blue Beetle's Scarab, they managed to bypass the security. But it wouldn't be long until they'll be discovered.

"You guys got your coordinates?" Guardian asked as he sent the squads their targets and coordinates. When everyone nodded, he said "Good. Let's go."

Everyone then separated with their squads and went towards their destination. Phantom flew next to Wonder Girl, Superboy and Wolf on the lead, and Arsenal and Cujo behind them.

"Alpha Squad to Watchtower," Superboy said towards his communicator. "Green Beetle's schematics are on the money, at least so far. On route to take down Mongol. No commander, the threat ends."

"Beta Squad to Watchtower," Blue Beetle said in the communicator. "On route to the key chamber. We snag the crystal key, and the threat ends."

"Gamma Squad to Watchtower," Bumble Bee said. "We are in route to disable the War World's power core. No power, and the threat ends."

"Delta Squad moving in to position," Batgirl said. "Laying down cover fire…now!"

Phantom heard a small explosion through his communicator before he ended it. They continued running in silence for a long time until they found something going towards them. It was like a small train attached to the ceiling.

They stopped as they watched the thing stop in front of them. Suddenly, it opened and flying red, diamond-shaped devices came out and started firing at them.

Phantom threw his hands upwards and made a shield that protected them from the blasters.

"Beta to Watchtower, we've been spotted!" Blue Beetle said as they heard blasters, screeching and something breaking in the communicator.

"We noticed!" Phantom said as he removed the shield and made a Gatling gun, firing at the devices. Wonder Girl was blocking the blasters with her bracelets, Arsenal fired at them with his laser arm, Cujo grew big and charged, barking loudly with Wolf behind him, and Superboy smashed the devices to pieces.

"Good! Let them, I like the attention!" Guardian's voice exclaimed, hearing some blasters and something breaking. "At least the big, alien death machine notices me when I'm around!"

"Was that a slam on me? In a middle of a mission?" Bumble Bee asked, not knowing the communicator was still on.

"Woman, when are you not in a mission?" Guardian asked as Miss Phantom gave him the thumbs up, gesturing him to keep it up while she fired at the red probes.

Jazz, since she was a psychiatrist, told Mal that the only way for their relationship to get back on track was to tell her what was on his mind. Though she wasn't expecting him to do it in the middle of a life threatening situation, it was still effective.

Phantom ignored them and kept on firing. Arsenal kneeled right next to him and pulled out a rocket launcher, aiming at the device on the ceiling, ignoring the fact that Superboy was under it. He then pulled the trigger.

Eyes wide, Phantom flew towards Superboy, grabbed him, and threw him towards Wonder Girl as the missile hit the device, destroying it, along with the roof. Everyone watched as Phantom got buried by some metal debris.

"Danny!" Wonder Girl shouted as she stared at the pile of debris in front of her.

A second later, Phantom phased through the wreck, unharmed but angry. He dusted his shoulders and glared at Arsenal, who didn't look a bit guilty.

"A warning would have been appreciated," he growled. Arsenal put the rocket launcher on his back and shrugged.

"Watch out," he said in a tone that says he didn't care. Phantom, Superboy, Wolf, and Cujo growled at him.

"Let's move!" Superboy shouted as they continued running.

They then saw a giant door, which Superboy broke. Alpha Squad burst through the room, which was transparent with yellow circuits connected to a big throne. They could see Earth, which was still in one piece.

The throne turned and they saw a giant, hulky alien with yellow skin and red eyes wearing a purple suit and what looked like earphones.

"Woah…he's bigger than I thought," Phantom said as they readied themselves to fight.

"This is the best Earth has to offer?" he said in a deep voice as he stood up, towering over them. "I'm…insulted."

"Learn to cope with it," Superboy growled.

Superboy charged, raising his fist, but he was easily swatted aside. Wonder Girl flew towards Mongol with a kick, but he caught her foot and threw her towards the wall. Phantom made a giant hammer and swung it towards Mongol, only for him to grabbed it and punch him to the ground. Cujo and Wolf charged, but he grabbed Wolf and slammed him into the ghost dog. Arsenal loaded his arm with a missile and fired. It hit Mongol on the chest, but it did little, if no, damage.

Superboy used the smoke as cover to get close before he gave Mongol a strong hook to the jaw. Mongol didn't even wince. He grabbed Superboy by the shoulder and lifted him up.

"Little Kryptonian," he said as he jabbed Superboy on the S shield. "Proud of your powers. But you are not the only race who lived under the Red Sun."

He was interrupted when a gold lasso was thrown towards him. He looked back and saw Wonder Girl trying to pull him, but with no success. He grabbed the rope, pulled Wonder Girl towards him, and elbowed her face, knocking her out.

Arsenal fired a foam arrow, trapping Mongol, but he just looked annoyed by it. Superboy punched Mongol again, which just annoyed him further. He just broke the solidified foam, threw Superboy to the ground and broke the rest of the foam.

Cujo growled and charged, baring his fangs at Mongol. He managed to push the alien a few feet before the warlord carried him off the ground and slammed him to the floor. Wolf jumped towards his shoulder and managed to bit him, but it didn't do a thing. Mongol grabbed Wolf by the back of his neck and looked at the snarling wolf.

"The novelty of this counter has officially worn off," he said as Wonder Girl shakily stood up from the ground. Mongol threw Wolf towards Wonder Girl, knocking them both out.

Phantom appeared behind him and fired a Ghost Ray at Mongol. He didn't even wince. He grabbed Phantom's face and threw him towards the ground.

"Darn it…" Phantom muttered as he looked up from the ground. "There's got to be something to stop him…"

"If I may make a suggestion, Danny," Ai said suddenly in his shades. "I have one plan to stop him."

"I'll take anything, as long it works," Danny said. Ai then showed him a filed about Tai Longshadow and his powers.

"Nap time, ugly!" Arsenal said as he fired an arrow filled with sleeping gas.

Mongol caught the arrow, but the sleeping gas surrounded him. Arsenal looked, but he became shocked when Mongol deeply inhaled the gas, smiling slightly.

"Ah…smells like victory," he said as he walked towards Arsenal.

Arsenal quickly pulled out his rocket launcher and aimed at Mongol, who grabbed the hole. When Arsenal pulled the trigger, the rocket exploded in the launcher, knocking Arsenal off his feet. Arsenal looked up and tried to stand.

"Do you really not understand?" Mongol asked, looking at Arsenal. Arsenal then fell to the ground, unconscious. Mongol smirked and walked back to his throne.

"Your deaths today in the face of the Reach are a mercy," he said as he sat back on his throne and looked at Earth. "My Grand Laser Emitter would have destroyed your planet in a single blow. Another mercy. But it seems the mercy I've shown is not appreciated. So we will do this the hard way, and the War World will unleash all its weapons upon Earth."

His earphones glowed and outside the warship, thousands of rockets emerged from its surface and flew towards Earth.

"Say goodbye to your planet," Mongol said as he looked at the rockets.

"Don't be too sure, Banana Head!" a voice shouted. He turned and saw a giant green fist going towards him, knocking him a few feet away from his throne.

Surprised, Mongol looked at his attacker and saw Phantom inside a green, bulky, transparent projection body that was as big as Mongol. He grinned as he cracked his knuckles. Mongol shook of his surprise and gave a grin of his own.

"Well, this should be entertaining," he said as he charged.

He punched Phantom, who blocked it with two arms before he gave Mongol a kick on the head, sending him tumbling. Phantom then grabbed Mongol's arm and threw him to the wall. Mongol managed to stay on his feet. Instead of looking angry, he looked excited.

"You are beginning to entertain me," Mongol said as he cracked his neck and knuckles. "What is your name, Earthling?"

"Call me Danny Phantom," Phantom said as he cracked his knuckles. "And I'm the guy who'll dethrone you."

The two charged and started exchanging blows. They punched, kicked, and blocked, and Phantom hate to admit it, but Mongol was a better fighter in hand-to-hand. What's worse was the guy's punches were like a cannon ball hitting a piece of paper. If it wasn't for his new powers, he would have been nursing broken bones.

"Ai, how's the plan coming along?" Phantom asked as he avoided a bone breaking blow.

"Ten more seconds," Ai replied as Phantom aimed a kick at Mongol's head. The alien grabbed his projection's foot and swung him hard to the ground. He then stepped on Phantom, destroying the projection.

Phantom felt like the air in his body was knocked out. He grabbed the foot and tried to lift it up.

"You've been a good entertainer," Mongol said as he stepped harder on Phantom, hearing a few cracks, causing Phantom to scream in pain. His screaming made the others wake up, looking shakily up from the ground. "But it's time for you to die."

"Sorry…pal," Phantom grunted as he gave a wicked grin. "But…I'm not gonna die, again. Now, Ai!"

"Connection established," Ai said as Mongol's headphones suddenly glowed green. "Activating override!"

Before Mongol could react, his headphones gave him a strong shock. The tyrant screamed as he walked away from Phantom, releasing the Ghost Boy. He made a giant hammer and whacked Mongol away. Phantom stood up and saw his teammates getting on their feet.

"Warning," Ai suddenly said. "I am being override."

She was force out of Mongol's headphones and back to Phantom's shades. Mongol looked up and glared at the team in front of him.

"I have enough!" Mongol shouted as his headphones returned to normal, sneering at the heroes. "Time to end this, pests."

The walls opened and dozens of red probes appeared, surrounding the four heroes. Before the squad could defend themselves, the room started glowing yellow. The red probes fell towards the ground and Mongol received a stronger shock. This time, his mind was almost numb.

"He's rocked!" Superboy shouted, seeing their chance. "Take him!"

Superboy charged and punched the dazed tyrant with two fists to the jaws. Arsenal jumped behind Mongol and fired explosives at Mongol. Phantom made a huge fist projection and rammed Mongol on the face, knocking him out. Wonder Girl ran towards the downed Mongol and tied him with her lasso. Cujo and Wolf howled, celebrating their victory. As Wonder Girl tied Mongol, Phantom looked out and saw Earth unharmed, and hundreds of Reach ships destroyed, long with some rocket debris.

"Guess the Reach can be helpful, sometimes," Phantom commented as he looked back to the squad, who looked tired but happy. Suddenly, their communicators beeped.

All surface weapons has stopped," Captain Atom said. "Is it over?"

"Mongol is down and dealt with," Superboy assured as he lead the squad out the room, Phantom and Wonder Girl dragging Mongol.

"Good work, Alpha," Batgirl said.

"As much as I like getting credits, we didn't do it," Phantom said with a smirk. "You have to say thanks to our little bee and her guardian…and my sister."


Everyone, minus Alpha and Delta, were in the hangars, enjoying their recent victory.

"Do we rock?" Batgirl asked as she and Robin walked towards them.

"Girl, we rock!" Bumble Bee exclaimed as she high fived Miss Phantom and snuggled closer to Guardian, who looked incredibly happy.

"Was there any doubt?" Blue Beetle said, holding the crystal key.

"None in this girl!" Dani said with a wide grin. "Where's Alpha?"

"Trudging along with the Big Bad," Arsenal replied through the communicator. "He must weigh like a metric ton! We're on our way."

Impulse and Robin high fived and Dani gave the Wonder Boy a surprise hug, causing him to blush a bit. Guardian smiled before he looked at his girlfriend.

"Babe, I know we all did our part, you and that beautiful brain of yours," he said, causing Bumble Bee to smile.

"Thanks," she said as she patted sphere. "But it was your idea."

"I wouldn't call it an idea," Guardian admitted sheepishly. "More like a cry for attention."

Bumble Bee giggled and looked at her boyfriend with a smile.

"Mal, you know I couldn't have done it without you," she said.

"No, that's not true," Mal said as he grabbed Bumble Bee's hand with his and closed his eyes, looking like he wanted to say something. "You would have found a way. Karen, you were destined for great things. And…I didn't want to admit…to admit that you…outgrown me…But, we can't hold on to high school forever. And…I really am so proud of you."

"You know something, Mal," Bumble Bee said as she caressed Mal's hands with her own. "You are an idiot."

That surprised Mal, but before he can say something, Bumble Bee threw her arms around him.

"But I'm an idiot, too," she said as she looked at Guardian's face. "I've been taking you for granted, when knowing you're there for me…well…that makes all the difference."

Guardian smiled and the two heroes kissed. Miss Phantom looked at Batgirl and gave her the thumbs up, which Batgirl returned with a nod.

"Hope we're not breaking ruining a moment here," a voice said.

The two separate and out came Alpha, carrying the tied up tyrant.

"Where can a guy get a reward like that?" Phantom joked with a grin.

Wonder Girl replied by placing a kiss on his cheek, surprising him. He turned to look at Wonder Girl, who was smiling at him.

"…That works," Phantom said with a grin and a blush.

"Good," Blue Beetle said as he hold out the crystal key. "Now that's everyone is here…"

Without warning, Blue Beetle whacked Impulse on the head with the key, knocking him out. He then flew towards Phantom, who was too surprised to do anything. He swatted Phantom away, grabbed Mongol and threw him towards Wonder Girl, much to her surprise.

"Hey!" she shouted. She tried to stand up, but Blue Beetle fire staplers on her arms, pinning her to the ground. He then put the key inside his jetpack and activated his sonic cannon at high fire and fired at the Team.

"Look out!" Guardian shouted as he pushed Bumble Bee away. Robin managed to jump out of the way, but the others weren't lucky; Batgirl, Superboy, Dani, Guardian, Wolf, Cujo, Miss Phantom, and Beast Boy got knocked out by the loud cannon.

Robin threw his birdarang towards Blue Beetle, but it did no damage. Arsenal, who was near the control panel, looked panic.

"No! Not again!" he said as he looked around his surrounding and saw the panel.

Bumble Bee, who was holding her arm, saw Arsenal and gasped.

"Arsenal, no!"

"I will not be captured again!" Arsenal shouted as he slammed his fist to the panel, opening the hangar doors.

Soon, the entire room was getting sucked towards space. Sphere started beeping rapidly as she flew out into space. Robin stab the ground with a birdarang with Bumble Bee holding on to him for dear life. Arsenal was holding onto the panel while Blue Beetle tried not to get suck out.

He flew towards the exit and stopped in front of the panel, slashing at it with a sword as Robin and Bumble Bee was thrown into the air, towards him.

Blue Beetle then fired his cannon at them, knocking them out.

Phantom shakily stood up, wincing a bit from the cheap attack. He tried to think clearly, but the lack of oxygen was making him hard to do it.

"Why…Blue…?" he said, panting for air.

"Don't waste the oxygen, hermano," Blue Beetle said with a remote smile. "There is very little to spare."

Arsenal, who was on the ground, took out a breather from his belt and fired a grappling hook from his arm. He zipped through the air towards safety. Blue Beetle was about to fire at him when Phantom tackled him to the ground.

Phantom tried to hold on, but Blue Beetle turned his hands into giant hammers and rammed Phantom to ground. Painfully, Phantom looked and saw Blue Beetle aiming his cannon at him.

How did this happen…?

He blacked out when Blue Beetle fired at him.

Blue Beetle looked at his fallen comrades. All were taken out except one, but he has nowhere to go. He pulled out the crystal key from his jetpack and stared at it. Behind his eyes, his Reach masters were looking at it, smiling wickedly.

"We may have lost our ships, but it was worth it for the value," Ambassador said.

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