This story was written by me in year 7. Oh how I hate my old writing style. I feel ashamed. Even so I feel like I owe it this story to at least try. So with some polishing up it is re-done and re-edited, I hope you like it. Yes Glock is alive. Deal with it. Yes things may be misspelt or improperly executed. I apologise in advance.

Disclaimer – I do not own Deltora Quest, except for the entire 3 series' that I bought. But Emily Rodda owns the characters, original Deltora Quest story, etc.

On to the story!

Chapter 1 – Late.

Lief hurried down the stairs to meet Jasmine, he was late, he knew it. She had never been late before and he DEFFINATELY was not on time. He was an hour late. They were meant to take the day to see the forests so Jasmines could collect any belongings that she wished to keep with her now she had decided to stay at the palace. It took allot of convincing to get her (and the rest of the palace) to let him escort her. He'd be lucky if she hadn't left yet. He just hoped Glock wasn't there. He and Jasmine had been spending allot of time together lately and as much as he hated to admit it, he was starting to get jealous. His last thought only made him anxious. He sped across the palace praying she was still there and alone


Jasmine was angry, to put it nicely.

Lief was a king. He was meant to be the punctual one! It's an hour after they were meant to meet. So she had either been one 1) stood up, or 2) pushed aside for some meeting. Either way Jasmine figured she had the right to go off at Lief for his behaviour. She was wondering at just how she was going to go about this when Glock walked through the doors of the kitchen.

"Oh. Wasn't expecting you here," he said.

"I could easily say the same for you," she hissed back.

"Alright, no need to bite my head off…You're still waiting for him aren't you?"

"I wasn't biting you're head off and yes, I am as a matter of fact, but that's none of your business. Now leave, if you may," she turned around sharply hoping he would leave. He didn't.

"It obviously wasn't your idea to wait here," he said.

"What gives you that idea?"

"You may be hard to read, but you're not unpredictable. You would pick a spot outside near a tree or something," he said. Jasmine thought, she did want to be in a place like that, and probably would be. But she wasn't about to let him know that.

"Well if I'm so easy to predict, where would you have suggested meeting me!?" Jasmine demanded.

"Probably somewhere you would forget that I was late if I was Lief. Then again, if I was Lief, I would probably also chose somewhere away from prying eyes," he said glancing at the kitchen staff, "but why would I want to meet up with you!?"

"Well if I'm that unpleasant to be around, why don't you just leave? Lief can't even find a reason to be around me, so why would you!?" Jasmine yelled.

"Look Jasmine I didn't mean it like that it's just-"

The doors of the kitchen were pushed open, Lief stood in the doorway.

"Jasmine I'm so sorry I had a meeting," he ran towards her, "can you please forgive me?"

"No." she said.

"What?" he said, she actually said no?

"No!" She stormed out in a fury. "I'm sick of this!" She shoved through the doors of the kitchen. She would never make it to the forests and back now. She had to let off some steam.

Lief stared at her leave in confusion. She hadn't been so out rightly outraged towards him in a high number of months, he must have really screwed up. He had to follow her.

"You're not going to follow her!?" Glock exclaimed.

"And why not?" said Lief.

"She's upset, giver her sometime to relax," said Glock.

"What? The longer I leave it the angrier she'll get," replied Lief.

"Maybe for a while, but she'll calm down eventually. Trust me, her words have lost their bitter edge they stop being quite as dangerous," said Glock.

"Oh and you know more about her than I do now?" said Lief.

"When it comes to receiving hate from her I'd think so."

"Fine," Lief sat down, one of the nearby cooks offering him a drink he readily accepted. He thanked them for the drink and they wondered off, leaving the two men drenched in silence that only the loss of Jasmines presence could provide.