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Chapter 4 -

"I shouldn't be mad at Lief, not anymore," she said to Filli, trying her best to seek guidance, "I mean he didn't really order me to see him, he just asked." I solemn screech was heard as, Kree voiced his thoughts. "I know Kree, I need to learn to control me emotions and it's not fair that I put him through this. It's just when he speaks to me…I don't know how to react so I just…" she let out a sigh, "Why do I do that?"

She could think of a reason…but no sooner was it in her head, was it pushed aside. No way. Not Lief.

Lief half ran. He had been trying to catch up to Jasmine, but she was always just out of reach. He cursed every meeting and small matter that required his approval for preventing the ability for his goal to prevail. He also cursed Glock and the fact that he had found Jasmine first, no doubt feeding thoughts of anger into her mind. It caused him such a high annoyance that for every second he was behind a desk, Glock could be next to Jasmine.

Jasmine had never admitted feelings for him, but of course, this was not the problem. Lief, so caught up in his thoughts he rammed straight into Barda.

"Sorry," said Lief.
"You should pay mind to where you are walking Lief, lest you should walk into an enemy," replied Barda.
"Have you seen Jasmine?" asked Lief, paying no heed to Barda's warning.
"Fine thanks, how are you?" Barda said with sarcasm.
"Sorry, it's just that I really do need to speak with her."
"Well then I wish you good luck."
"So you've seen her then?"
"Yes, she was headed to the kitchen. Doubt she's there now though, it's almost 5 hour into the night."
"Yes, bedroom, just try to remain un-harmed?" Lief ran off, not staying to reply. "Poor man," Barda mumbled to himself, "he's going to get himself killed chasing after her…"

Lief knocked on the door to Jasmine's room asking softly, "Jasmine?"
No reply…Maybe she's asleep…?
He wondered into her room using his key to the palace, I'm sure she wouldn't mind.
"Jasmine, are you awake?"
Obviously not, he thought as he wondered over to the bed where she slept. She was so peaceful, he thought in wonder seeing her gentle features and the slow rise and fall of her chest that signalled her slumber. He looked at her face again, glancing over every feature, line, curve-
"What are you doing?" Lief shot back in surprise.
"Well...um…you see…ah…" He stumbled back a bit. "I just wanted to apologise." She sat up on her bed, folded her arms and look directly at him in expectance.
"Look, I'm sorry, but you know if there had been any way around the meeting I would have found it. It was a matter of emergency and I know it was wrong of me to put you aside, and I regret it so much, but can you honestly hate me for it? Can you not forgive me for doing my duty? I have to protect my people Jasmine and I did try my best but-"
"Doubt it…"
"Jasmine please, I am trying to be sincere. I really am sorry."
Jasmine let out a long sigh. This had gone on enough; she had forgiven long before he got here.
"No, I'm sorry. You must do what you must and you are forgiven…" she started.
"Thank you."
"…but as long as you're king this will keep happening. I'm beginning to regret my decision to stay here. You do not need me here and I have no other real reason to stay. I'm sure you'll get along fine without Me."
"But…you can't…"
"And why not?"
"I do need you here."
"No you don't, I don't go to your meetings or-"
"But I can't be away from you…"
"You're not with me very much now…"
"…do you know how hard it is to be away from someone you love?"

"Jasmine I think I love you and it's bad enough that I sometimes go weeks without seeing you, or only see you for a moment at a time but-"
"I couldn't stand if you were never around, I couldn't stand if-"
"-I never again heard your voice or your smile or had the chance to be in your presence and-"
"Actually stop." He did. "Why…W-Why would you- How could you…L-Lo-Love me? Lief you're the king. You can't just-"
"I can."
"But-" He halted her sentence with a kiss. After a few second it resulted gently pushing away from him.
"If this is a ploy to get me to stay then you truly are cruel Lief."
"This is no deception Jasmine, I speak the truth. Did you not say the woman I love would have me? When the time comes?"
"We spoke in terms of marriage."
"Then let us speak in lesser terms. Will you have me?"
"…yes...though I believe you are making a mistake."
"Then it shall be the best mistake I have ever made." And with that he kissed her again this time she pressed back in response.

They spent the rest of the night in idle chatter sitting comfortably together, without yelling or anger or confusion. The stars shone through the window and the moon glistened with approval. The world continued to turn and a breeze carried movement to the life of fresh green that grew from outside her window and as they talked a topic of conversation crept upon them the likes of which would change the course of present events and disturb their oh-so-seemingly perfect future. Like that of fallen leaf causing a cascade of events among the gentle surface of their life, almost completely ignored, except by those who looked, and by those who remembered.