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Ascension - V 1.1

"TK? Hello, are you in there?" Patamon moved over to see the boy barely holding his head up. Textbooks and assignments were scattered everywhere throughout the room. TK gave a tiny groan. "I thought we were only gone for a few days but it turns out that a few months passed in our world! This is-"

Before he could finish talking, he heard someone ring the doorbell. He gave a tiny sigh as he opened the door. His mood considerably changed when he saw who was on the front step. "Kari! What are you doing here?" He stepped aside to let Gatomon and Kari inside the apartment. The girl gave TK a warm smile. "Don't you remember the Metropolis assignment? I've finally gotten my hands on the DVD so we can watch it. Then we can start drafting our report."

"Um...which question are we doing again? I didn't get time to see the assignment sheet with all the other work that I've had to focus on." Kari walked over to the DVD unit and inserted the disc. "I thought we could do the one where we had to analyze the emotional relationship between Kenichi and Tima. Unless you want to take a look at Duke Red's motivations to create a super being to rule the world and the tragic flaw behind his intentions. There are other assignment questions as well."

"What's this, Gatomon? These are some weird looking Digimon." Gatomon carefully placed a deck of cards to her right after taking it out of the bag. "These aren't Digimon, silly. I found this when I was snooping around Tai's closet looking for kitty treats. It looks like a lot of fun. Wanna try?" She handed the other Digimon another deck.

Almost two hours later, the end credits were rolling with the Metropolis theme song gently playing in the background. "One day...that could be our world except Digimon would be in place of the robots." TK blinked at Kari's comment. "Kari, it's just a movie. With a pretty interesting view of what lies in store for mankind."

A concerned look was reflected in the girl's eyes. "Humanity is progressing rapidly. They have to in order to further understand the digital world and the Digimon. Soon we'll have a giant city connected to both worlds with Digimon and humans living together. Humans would be closer to Godhood. And Digimon would be regarded as lower forms of life."

TK gave a stretch. "As Digidestined, we're the only real link to the digital world. Every country is meeting with their respective Digidestined children to gain an understanding about the digital world. Since we're the only link, we control the pace about how this Digital Revolution goes. We'll make sure both worlds understand each other before the merge is complete."

She shook her head. "The rest of the world won't accept it. They want to know everything about the digital world immediately. From how they could benefit us to how to kill them all. It's that sense of control, how we always want to be in control of every aspect in a situation. And that could drive a wedge between Digimon and humans. Oh,'s getting late. I better get home before Tai's imagination starts to run wild. Gatomon!"

"In a minute, Kari! Pretty tight lockdown you've got but let's see what the old deck can do." The champion Digimon drew a card and played it. "I'll use Pot of Greed and grab two cards from the deck...and that's it. I win." She lay out her cards before the stunned rookie Digimon. "OUIJA Board?!? That's just as hard to get as Exodia!! How...?!?"

Gatomon gave a small laugh as she scooped up both decks. "I gotta go. Tell ya what...I'll get some cards to build a deck of my own and see how well I can do. You do the same...then we'll really find out who's the better player!!" Patamon gave a grin. "Yeah...that'll be fun!!"

TK walked over to open the front door. "What do you mean by your brother's imagination running wild? We're good friends and all and he knows that I wouldn't do anything to hurt you." Kari gave a giggle. "He thinks that you and I are more than friends simply because we've been spending a bit more time together. Besides, it's the big brother gene which always rears its ugly head when a little sister is born. The big brother typically tends to overprotect his sister, especially when romantic interests come along! In some ways, he can be worse than the father! Tai's probably cool with everything but with what's been happening recently, he's a bit tense."

"I guess I can understand. How's he doing?" Kari finished packing up her stuff as she spoke. "Being a diplomat can be pretty tiring especially when he has to keep arguing about how things shouldn't be rushed. And the fact that Agumon isn't with him doesn't make things better. I was hoping to check the digital world tomorrow and see how Gennai is progressing along with the restoration."

TK understood with his own brother being in the same spot. "It's going to take time. There wasn't a lot of Omnimon's data left in the Omega Sword. We were lucky that Gennai could extract it at all! It's going to take a lot to get Agumon and Gabumon to be reborn in Primary Village." He received a glare from the other girl. "There's a chance that the data patterns can be separated and reprocessed into Digieggs. We owe Omnimon big time for everything. From the Diaboromon incident to the battle with Lunarmillenniumon, he gave everything he had to help. Now we have to do everything we can to help him come home. I'll see you later."

Patamon flew up behind TK as the boy closed the door. "You know, you shouldn't have said all that negative stuff about the slim chance of recovery for Omnimon." TK walked over to the couch and collapsed on the soft cushion. "I hope I didn't make her too upset or anything."

The rookie Digimon gave a smile. "Ah, cheer up! She's the type who forgives easily. Especially when it comes to the guy that she likes the most." TK could feel a blush colouring his cheeks. "What are you talking about?!?"

Patamon landed in TK's lap. "The signs are all there, TK! The way she looks at you, the way she talks to you...she digs you a lot!! And you like her a lot as well. Let's see how this might turn two will keep dancing around each other for a year before admitting you love each other. Then comes dating...and after the high school prom, you two will probably get down to business if you know what I mean."

"Patamon!! I can't believe you said that! I guess Terriermon rubbed off on you. I knew he was evil but..." TK couldn't finish the comment as he gave a soft chuckle. "Those were some pretty unique times. I wonder if we'll ever get the chance to see our friends again. But with all that's been happening, a reunion seems to be out of the question. They have their work cut out for them with everyone aware of the Digimon but it's nothing that they can't handle."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Yamaki closed the communication line before giving a silent growl. 'Who do they think they are? They don't have a clue about the Digimon dilemma. To make things more complicated, I have to deal with children. And when children are involved, the public tends to get sympathetic and soft. Looks like finesse is going to be required in order to bring them in for examination.'

Although the weather was hot, as it should be expected since it's the middle of May, with the increased rate of bio-emergences as well as mysterious new non-digital anomalies popping up occasionally, the atmosphere inside the Hypnos chamber was quite cold indeed. 'And I'm supposed to find a way to bring these kids and their Digimon in with all this going on?!? This is absolutely insane. I've got to perfect the Juggernaut to create a firm barrier before our world is overrun with unwelcome visitors.'

An alarm interrupted Yamaki's thoughts. "We're picking up another anomalous reading near the R-9 sector. It appears to be a digital anomaly but it's not like the other ones we've seen before," stated Megan. "Mobilize the nearest available team and get to those coordinates. I want a full report on what's happening there!"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Terriermon's eyes widened at the sight before him. "Henry, I know I shouldn't swear, especially not in front of Suzie...but what the hell is that?!?" In front of the tamers stood a giant red dinosaur. He had a red metal piece covering part of his face with eye holes for his golden eyes to see through. Gold arm rings with spikes were on both arms. He also had grey metallic parts on the back of his neck and on his hips. On his back were two giant red wings. Henry checked his Digivice for any clues. "No data available...I guess this Digimon must be from an alternate quantum reality. I knew we should have found a way to shut those quantum rifts down!!"

Takato could feel a sense of familiarity emanating from this Digimon. He shook off that feeling and grabbed a card from his pocket. "If this guy is here to cause trouble, then we've got to take him out! Let's go, Guilmon!!" The red dinosaur Digimon prepared to engage the enemy. Rika gave a smirk. "Now we're talking! Renamon, you're on!!" The fox Digimon appeared out of nowhere and stood beside Guilmon.

Terriermon hopped off of Henry to get room to digivolve. Moments later, Lopmon was standing right beside him. Henry looked behind to see his sister searching for a card. "Suzie, you're staying out of this fight! You too, Lopmon!!" The little girl looked up with the blue card in her hand. "But Henwy...I wanna help!!"

Rika shot a glare at the other boy. "Look, Einstein...your sister's a tamer too, whether you like it or not. And we need all the help we can get to fight off all these Digimon that keep popping up!! How many times are we going to have this discussion?!?" Henry gave a frustrated growl. "She shouldn't even be involved!! She's too young!! She's-" "...a tamer. Deal with it, Einstein." The boy just grumbled as he formed a blue card.

"Digi Modify!! Matrix Digivolution Activate!!"


"Guilmon matrix-digivolved to...Wargrowlmon!!!"

"Renamon matrix-digivolved to...Taomon!!"

"Terriermon matrix-digivolved to...Rapidmon!!"

"Lopmon matrix-digivolved to...Antylamon!!!"

"Chew on this!! Rapid Fire!!" The missiles flew straight towards the other Digimon's face and exploded point blank. But when the smoke cleared, the amount of damage actually dealt was minimal. "Talisman of Light!!" "Atomic Blaster!!" The mysterious Digimon simply walked forward and took both attacks head on. Antylamon transformed her arms into axes before charging. Then out of nowhere, the other Digimon fired missiles at her. She barely got out of the way.

"Aw, man!! I wish we could bio-merge...isn't that the cue for the Digivice to start beeping with an icon or something?" Takato looked at his Digivice to find a blank screen. Henry wiped some sweat off of his forehead. "I'm not sure why we can't merge with our Digimon but I think it has something to do with our essences being reformatted as data so that our partners can accept it as a part of them. Millenniumon's presence must have given us that ability but now all we can do is get our Digimon to digivolve to champion and ultimate level."

When Henry mentioned digivolving to champion, Takato's memory triggered. "Now I remember!! I've seen this Digimon before! I should have recognized him earlier!!" Rika looked at him in disbelief. "And just how do you know this Digimon? Did you somehow travel to an alternate universe when we weren't looking?"

Takato shook his head. "I know this Digimon because I created him." An eerie silence followed the statement before he continued to speak. "It was some time after Terriermon had digivolved to Gargomon and started shooting everything in the parking garage. With the thought of digivolution in my head all day, I started to draw a picture of what Guilmon's digivolved form may look like. But I didn't give specific stats. All I did was give him armor to resist even the attack of a mega Digimon and a laser guided missile system. He didn't even have a name! I came to the conclusion that he was too powerful for a champion level Digimon and placed the drawing away."

"Apparently, there was a quantum reality where you completed that drawing and gave Guilmon all that power. But in order to handle it, he had to tap into the destructive urges that all virus Digimon carry. That's why he has that crazed look in his eyes," theorized Henry. Rapidmon couldn't believe what he was hearing. "So not even a mega Digimon can take him?!?"

They heard someone clear his voice. "A mega Digimon fall to a champion?!? That's a laugh!! You humans must be more demented than I gave you credit for." Rika stiffened as she saw Impmon with his arms crossed and a dark grin on his face. "What are you doing here?!?" The rookie virus Digimon unfolded his arms.

"I was originally planning on killing all of you and uploading the data of your partner Digimon but this guy right in front is definitely more interesting. Don't worry, I'll get to killing you soon." A purple aura flared around Impmon before he transformed into Beelzemon. "Alright, you cybernetic pineapple head!! Let's see what you got!! Double Impact!!"

The bullets ricocheted off the face plate of the other Digimon and destroyed some trees. Beelzemon gave a frown. "I'm obviously going to need some heavier fire power. Behemoth!!" Within moments, the motorcycle screeched to a stop in front of the demon lord Digimon. He attached his weapons to a part of the motorcycle before they changed into miniature cannons. "Try this on for size!" The cannons then fired miniature missiles towards the other Digimon.

"I've gotta do something!!" Takato was about to order Wargrowlmon to provide cover fire while the other Digimon escaped when Rika placed a firm grip on his shoulder. "Have you ever heard of the expression 'he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day'? This is a good time for a strategic retreat."

The missiles did a fair amount of damage as the other Digimon was having trouble standing on his feet. But his viral tendencies refused to let him go down. Instead they screamed for vengeance against the Digimon who did this. He gave a loud roar before glowing red. Beelzemon had a startled look. "What the...? He's digivolving?" He looked over to see a tiny white Digimon with a glowing red triangle on his forehead several yards away. "Ah, the little cream puff. Now's a good time as any to get rid of you..." He returned his weapons to their shotgun form before aiming.

But before Beelzemon's hands could pull the trigger, something huge plowed into him. Henry gave a gasp. "Not good!! That mystery Digimon just digivolved into Blackwargrowlmon!!" Rapidmon gave a groan. "Great...I'm experiencing that feeling of deja vu. I think."

"This brings back a lot of memories. It was about the time when Takatomon and I were with those other kids that he likes so much. And you were there...and you..." Taomon gave Wargrowlmon a glare. "Now is not the time to be going down memory lane. Once we escape and take Calumon with us, feel free to experience those nostalgic sensations."

"You mean you've faced this Digimon before? What was he like?" asked Antylamon. "The other Blackwargrowlmon was bad to the bone. He digivolved to Shadowgallantmon and revealed himself as the dark side of our friend down there," replied Taomon.

"Takato and Guilmon carry the power to digivolve into such a dark creature? Impossible! Guilmon's like a child and Takato has a pure heart!" exclaimed the rabbit Deva. "You should have seen them digivolve to Megidramon. This Blackwargrowlmon is different but not by much. I'll go fetch Calumon." Taomon quickly flew over to the catalyst's position.

Beelzemon made a u-turn to face the ultimate Digimon. His jets were powered up and ready to go. The demon lord Digimon gave a dark smile. "So you wanna play chicken, huh? Alright..." He powered up Behemoth's engine to its maximum capacity before accelerating. Blackwargrowlmon shot towards the mega Digimon with his attack powering up. As soon as he was in range, he fired. "Atomic Destroyer!!"

The motorcycle swerved to the right, dodging the attack and allowing Beelzemon to have a clear shot. "Double Impact!!" He fired his shotgun. Before Blackwargrowlmon knew it, the bullet went straight through the area between his eyes. Moments later, Beelzemon was uploading his data. Takato looked on in horror. "My's all my fault..."

"What are you talking about, gogglehead?" Before she could continue speaking, several bright lights were focused on the group as well as Beelzemon. "I do believe that is our cue to exit. Rapidmon, get ready!" Henry took out a card from his pocket. "Digi Modify!! Cherrymon's Illusion Mist Activate!!!"

The ultimate Digimon quickly created a fog that made it difficult to see. Beelzemon snarled as the fog rolled in. With that and the bright lights, he couldn't see very well, even with his three eyes. "Dammit! Now I'm gonna have to hunt for them all over again!!" He quickly turned around and zoomed off into the other direction.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

"I'm worried. The Master has been at this project for far too long. He doesn't seem to be concerned with regaining his strength and taking control of the digital world!" Marinedevimon looked over at where Daemon had been working for the past few months. Ladydevimon gave a smirk. "You have to see the big picture. The power contained within that Dark Spore would allow our Master to regain his strength tenfold and give him control over the gateways between dimensions."

"I never would have thought that it would take so long just to unlock the secrets of a tiny spore that contains simple programming," stated Skullsatamon. Before he could continue speaking, the chamber door opened, revealing Daemon himself. "Acheiving Godhood is a difficult task. There are human legends which speak of a fruit of the Gods, ambrosia I believe, which will grant a human the power equivalent of a God once eaten. However, the journey to obtain ambrosia is a long and perilous one. In my case, it is simply a long which I am certain is coming to an end!!"

Well, that ends the first chapter. You're probably wondering 'what the hell is going on?!?' I'm working on a big picture so whatever loose ends that I've created, I will tie them up eventually. Anyway...I've been asked not to include the characters from the game Digimon World 3 into Ascension. I can understand seeing how the game story is weak. But that doesn't mean I'm going to totally abandon the idea. I may either give the characters a fairly big role in the story or just a cameo appearance. Depends on how I feel when I finish the first two arcs. But V-Tamer is going in!!! Period!!! And Alex, since you won't leave me alone about that school thing which was WAY back in chapter 11 of 'Beyond The Other Side', I'll try and make up something. Alright?!? I'll also have to think of something to get Kazu, Kenta and Jerri to become tamers themselves. Enough talking from me. Tell me what you think and I'll see you next time!!