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Ascension – V 4.0 (Adventures Module)

It was a fairly warm day as fans were packed in Kobe Wing Stadium to watch the Japanese football (known as soccer in North America) team square off against the Korean team in one of the final qualifying games for the upcoming 2014 World Cup. Some fans started shouting out negative comments at the Korean players, who obviously ignored them since they had no idea what the hell those crazy fans were saying. It seemed that there were still some ill feelings when Japan and South Korea co-hosted the event in 2002 and caused plenty of problems for both countries.

The victor of this game would be in the top three teams of the Asian zone and could seriously be a factor in determining whether a team makes it to the Final tournament which is to be hosted later in the year in Brazil. Needless to say, this is a big game. So when the clock hit 2:30 PM, half an hour before the game was to begin, the head coach for the Japanese team really hoped that his two star players would finish their business in the Digital World so they can get back in time for the game.


"To anyone Digidestined that is available: Currently have Imperialdramon Paladin Mode engaged in battle with some dude named Darkdramon. This guy is being a pain in the ass by continuing to be obsessed with finding some other dude named Bancho and will probably make me and Ken miss our big soccer game at this rate. We need assistance in putting this guy down right away! Angry face… send!"

After Davis added the angry emoticon to the end of the message, he sent it to everyone (at least the ones who had Digimon partners) listed in his address book. He tucked away his D-Terminal before glancing at his friend who was looking after an unconscious TK, Patamon, Kari and Gatomon. The group had taken shelter in a forest near the diner where they first met the Tamers. "How are they?"

"They were only knocked out by that sneak attack so they'll be fine. I'm just more worried about how to beat this guy. He seems to be able to blend in the background pretty quickly making it nearly impossible for Imperialdramon to land a blow! We need a Digimon that can track this guy down when he vanishes in the background," said Ken. He could make out Imperialdramon's large figure slowly hovering around the area as he tried to predict where Darkdramon would strike next.

Just as Imperialdramon hovered over a particular spot, the ground shimmered and a figure in blue cybernetic armour appeared out of nowhere. He leapt from below and raised his right arm to strike. The energy emissions coming from the parts on his back resembled the wings that Gallantmon had when he was in Crimson Mode. "Giga Stick Lance!" Imperialdramon raised his Omega Sword to block the attack. He used his other arm to get a good grip on Darkdramon's neck.

"Why are you doing all of this?" asked the Holy Knight Digimon.

Darkdramon gave a small twitch before placing his left hand on Imperialdramon's wrist. "I will find Bancho. If you get in my way, I will remove you from my path! Dark Roar!" An energy bullet made out of Dark Matter was released from his palm, slamming into the wrist of the other Digimon and forcing him to let go. As he fell, he adjusted his armour to the background and camouflaged himself again.

Imperialdramon shook off the tingling sensation from his left wrist. 'This is getting tiresome.' Before he could start another round of hide and seek, something exploded to his right and Darkdramon phased back into his vision. Some small wisps of smoke came from his damaged mechanical legs. He quickly got back up just as Imperialdramon descended to the ground. But his attention was not focused on the Holy Knight. It was focused on the other Digimon in front of him.

She was the size of a child and wore golden armour that covered her arms and her breasts, leaving parts of her upper torso bare. A large helmet (which had feathers on the sides and a pair of blue eyelike features) covered most of her head except for the mouth and part of the nose. Four blue braided strands of hair were able to swing freely from underneath the helmet. A pair of red spandex shorts and a white dress covered her lower body and a pair of red boots covered her feet. The small female also wielded a shield on her left arm while she lifted a large sword with her right hand with minimal effort.

The robotic mega Digimon briefly analyzed his opponent. "Minervamon… do you dare to interfere in my search for Bancho as well?"

"I don't particularly give a rat's ass about this Bancho but the fact that you're causing havoc around my partner's favourite diner in the Digital World doesn't sit too well with me." Her voice sounded like it belonged to a 12 year old girl. "I'll give you a chance to surrender and explain who this Bancho guy is. Maybe we can give you a hand. Is Bancho your human partner?"

"I do not need assistance in tracking Bancho. If you continue to interfere in my search, I will kill you. Even though you may be a mega level Digimon yourself, your power pales in comparison to mine," said Darkdramon without a beat.

"Wrong choice of words, buddy. Madness Merry-Go-Round!" Her hair strands shot forward and wrapped themselves around Darkdramon. Then she began to toss him around several times before letting him go and sending him flying off in another direction (more like Lower Earth Orbit in the Digital World).

"Millia Rage, eat your heart out!" murmured Davis under his breath. Imperialdramon simply felt dumbfounded as he thought about how a smaller Digimon like her had finished this so quickly. Ken had been brought out of his stupor when he heard the groans of TK, who was regaining consciousness.

A rustling noise was heard from behind Minervamon as a young Chinese boy wearing glasses, blue jeans and a black sweatshirt came out from behind and proceeded to collapse on the ground while catching his breath. "N-next time, don't… g-go running… off so quickly!"

The small Digimon looked behind her and lit up with joy. She attached herself to the young male in a manner similar to how Shampoo greets Ranma. "Isaac! Did you see me whoop that other guy?"

Isaac let out a long exhale before speaking. "Just that last bit where you sent him off. But considering that we wanted to prevent further incidents like the one TK and Kari reported earlier, maybe you should have just grounded him so that he couldn't go anywhere rather than send him flying halfway across the world."

A sheepish look made its way to her face. "Um… oopsie?"

"Don't act cute." Minervamon stuck out her tongue in a childish manner at her partner and let herself down.

TK blinked a few times as the dizziness started to wear off. "Yo, BJ! You alright?"

"I'm fine, Davis. Would you stop purposely mangling my name already?" The other young man grinned before checking the time on his D3.

"It's almost game time! Let's go, Ken!" Imperialdramon scooped up his two human partners and took off like a bullet to get to the portal to the human world.

TK watched them leave before noticing the other three members of their party recover themselves. The young woman groaned before noticing her companion. "TK?"

He smiled warmly. "Welcome back. I'm sorry things turned out like this. I wanted to give you a relaxing date in the Digital World to get your mind off of your work in the day care."

"There's no need to apologize." Kari then noticed Minervamon and Isaac. To be more precise, she noticed the type of attire that Minervamon wore. "Excuse me, young lady. Don't you look a bit young to be wearing that type of outfit?"

"I just saved the day and that's the first thing you ask me?" asked Minervamon in disbelief.

"If you go out in public like that in the real world, you'll be setting a bad example to children! They'll think that it's okay to dress up as provocatively as you are!" exclaimed the young woman.

Minervamon looked down at her own appearance. "I'm quite fond of this outfit, you know."

"She's going to be a while. Let's get some take out from Digitamamon's place!" whispered Patamon.

"I'm in as long as you've got enough to pay for all of us. I don't want to see a repeat of that incident when Veemon tried to skip out on the bill!" Gatomon shuddered at the memory of how brutal Digitamamon had been to her friend.

The trio quietly slipped away as Kari continued to lecture Minervamon on the standards of decency which had driven the female Digimon to hide herself behind her partner and whisper her question in a timid tone. "Am I really a bad example?"

Isaac sighed. "This is the worst…" He was quite aware of the other woman's reputation not only as one of the first people to be partnered up with a Digimon but as someone who worked tirelessly to create a safe and healthy environment for Japanese children to grow up in. Recently, she had forced the TV networks to drop a popular act known as 'Razor Ramon Hard Gay' and is working on a campaign for elementary schools about why 'Kancho' is not cool.

Come to think of it, if she had not been involved with Digimon at a young age, she would have been exposed to such things and her psychology would have accepted it as normal. After coming to the conclusion that her country is very fucked up, she often left an extra can of tuna for Gatomon as a way of thanking her (and Digimon in general) for protecting her from the strangeness that is 'Kancho' and 'Hard Gay'.


It was a rather slow afternoon for Yolei Inoue and Hawkmon. Through sheer luck of the draw, they had to stay behind and watch the Ai-Mart while her entire family goes to watch the game between Japan and Korea. What stings her more is that Ken and Davis, two of her closest friends, are participating in the game and she can't be there in person to support them. At least, they made it on time. From the last message Davis sent, she had been worried that the disturbance in the Digital World would take up more time than they could afford to spare. But when she saw the cameras focus on Imperialdramon Paladin Mode dropping by the stadium to drop off two young men in soccer uniforms, her worries were replaced by amused thoughts about how Davis loves to make a larger than life entrance. Her TV screen zoomed in to focus on the goggle wearing goofball greeting his fans.

'Good thing you made it on time, Davis. Otherwise, I would have had to throttle you,' thought the young woman as she adjusted her glasses.

Hawkmon noticed the look on his partner's face as he continued placing the latest copies of Connection (the magazine which focuses on new trends and culture changes brought on by Digimon and has increasing popularity now that Takeru Takashi is the chief editor) on the magazine rack. There she went again thinking about Ken… or was it Davis? He could never tell anymore. It's like she was interested in Ken one day and then would ramble on and on about Davis another day. The rookie Digimon seriously considered just locking her up with her two love interests so she could sort out what type of feelings she had for them and be done with it.

Maybe it had something to do with their careers that they planned to pursue after the fame and fortune of playing a high stakes soccer game for Japan wore off. Davis wanted to start his own ramen cart so he started to learn the ropes of running a business (even one as simple as a ramen cart). He may be a slacker sometimes but lately, he had been quite serious about where he wanted to go with his future. Ken's interests lay in police work, forensics and solving cases which was a far cry from the predictions that newspapers and networks made several years ago about what type of career that a genius of his calibre would pursue.

Yolei seemed to be content with actively helping out the family business. With the revelation of Hawkmon to the others, they didn't need to worry about shelling out money for a security system. For Hawkmon, working as night shift security was one of his ways that he contributes to the family.

The chime rang as a customer entered through the automatic doors. Yolei turned away from the TV and saw a familiar face. "Hey, Cody! How are things going for you?"

The young man grabbed two sandwiches along with a bottle of pop and headed to the checkout counter. "They're not too bad. I'm sorry I can't stay for long but I have to get to my law school entrance exam location in half an hour!" His hair looked a bit frazzled, not like the clean cut he had when he was a child.

"I see. Just take the stuff. I'll put it on your tab." Yolei took out a plastic bag and placed the items inside before handing it over to Cody.

"Thanks! Armadillomon will drop by a little later to clear it off. See you later!" He quickly bolted from the shop.

"Everybody is in such a rush these days," murmured Hawkmon as he watched the young man race off.


It had been a long mission to fulfill but now that the goal was in sight, Agumon had no regrets on the amount of time he had spent on his task.

It took him a while to navigate through VenusFort, a recreation of an 18th-century Mediterranean town, and browse through all the jewellery shops and see which one of them had lasers that could etch an inscription. After narrowing down his store choices, he looked up his partner's criteria in what he had in mind for a good engagement ring worthy for Sora and the budget he had allotted for it. It took several trips back and forth but he finally found what he was looking for and he instructed the store owner to etch a simple inscription (which would be hard to see with the naked eye since it's so tiny). It would read 'To Sora, Love Tai' and have a small picture of the Crest of Courage.

'I did what you asked of me, Tai. Now the rest is up to you…' Tai had started resorting to some medication to help him sleep with his work as an ambassador for the Digital World in the United Nations and his relationship continuing to occupy his mind. He often would mutter about where would be a great place to pop the question and how to make the mood as romantic as possible before finally dozing off.

Ever since the infamous battle against Malomyotismon which exposed the existence of the Digital World to the rest of the world, Tai had been pouring a lot of energy in the talks with the representatives of other countries who have their own interests in the Digital World. Eventually, he had been able to convince them that the Digital World is a sovereign parallel world and should be treated as such. For the past several years, he acted as a bridge between the Sovereign of the Digital World which is Azulongmon and the rest of the world. His efforts yielded some results as several representatives already agreed to talk to their governments about creating new laws to govern relationships between the Digital World and their own nation.

On another front, Izzy had been leading a group of scientists on trying to build a large scale portal to the Digital World. Hopefully, Azulongmon will be willing to allow humans to settle in some areas of the Digital World and use some of its natural resources to benefit humanity in general. Of course, there will be administrative guidelines and strict rules but from the early drafts that had been shown to him by Gennai, they seem to be fair and reasonable.

'This should be good in boosting up Tai's spirit some.' He entered the Norstein shop and was surprised to see Gomamon there dropping off some money.

"This should cover for the courier charge to deliver the ring to Joe's apartment."

The young blonde man behind the counter nodded. "It should be there within a day or two. Ah… I have your order ready to be picked up, Agumon."

"Uh… thanks, Mr. Tohma. Gomamon, what are you doing here?" asked the small dinosaur as he carefully picked up the small box which contained the ring.

"Probably the same thing you're doing which is helping out our partner with his engagement ring shopping as he gets ready to pop the question," replied Gomamon with a small grin.

Agumon blinked in surprise. "Joe has a girlfriend? That's new."

"Well, only a handful of us know about their relationship. You probably never noticed because you spent so much time with a certain pink bird." The grin widened. "But I don't blame you. When you are with your special someone, time seems to fly."

A blush appeared on the small dinosaur's cheeks. "How about telling me who's the lucky girl?"

"Mimi Tachikawa. You probably didn't see that coming did you?" At that revelation, Agumon tossed his small arms in the air… along with the ring.

"She's going to marry Joe?" The shock wore off as Agumon noticed that he no longer had the ring. He remembered tossing it up in surprise and looked up just in time for the box to bounce off his large nose. "Ow!"

Gomamon chuckled a little before speaking again. "I still have to admit that when it comes to relationships, Joe seems to be more courageous than Tai. No offence to your partner or anything but that's just what I have observed. I mean… even though Joe's a full time doctor working in a clinic, he already figured out how he wants to have his proposal go down."

Agumon picked up the ring and placed it in a small carrying bag he brought along for the occasion. "That is pretty planned out. How is Mimi doing anyway?"

"Her new health food business is picking up well. Palmon has really helped her in figuring out which plants would be good to consume and which plants would enhance physical health and natural beauty. Who would have guessed Mimi would have such a green thumb?"


"Let's see here… do we have enough places to audition for the country? I want to make sure there's a fair shot for everybody," said Matt Ishida as he leaned back in his office chair. Seeing him in an office environment may seem strange but he wanted to take a breather from his music. His band had been an underground sensation and had burst out into the mainstream for J-Rock. After four studio albums in six years, he and his band agreed to take a temporary one year hiatus to refocus their musical drive. Shortly after the split, his father had approached him with a brilliant concept for a new show.

Considering how reality TV's popularity was not too far behind the public's new fascination with Digimon, the man thought it would be a brilliant idea to combine the two in a sense. Basically, have Gabumon act as host for Japanese Idol and have a celebrity judge panel. Many artists and musicians have been notified of this show and have expressed interest in joining the panel when they heard Gabumon would host.

"It'll be fine, Matt. If you need extra advice, you could always watch old episodes of American Idol to get a feel on how to do Japanese Idol," stated Gabumon.

Matt chuckled a little. "That's some good advice, Gabumon. Do you mind getting me some coffee while I finalize this proposal?"

Gabumon nodded and walked out of the office. He smelled the aroma of the coffee beans being boiled and turned right. By the time he reached the small kitchen, he was greeted by two familiar sights. Before he could get in a word, Biyomon gave him a cheerful greeting. "Hi, Gabumon! You're surprised to see us?"

"Yes but I'm glad to run into some old friends. What are you two doing here?" He noticed that Sora had matured into a beautiful young woman and changed her hairstyle to a simple ponytail. She was also dressed formally in a business shirt and skirt.

"The network contacted me and asked me to come in for a special news segment. They're going to talk about the fitness levels of kids today and since I've been working with kids in the Odaiba Recreation Department for years, they wanted to hear what I have to say how things are today." Sora took a sip of her coffee. "The network is quieter than I expected."

"Right now, they're broadcasting the big game so activity around here won't pick up until the game ends. Speaking of the game, I wonder how Davis and Ken are doing."


The game had been a test on their stamina. Because of the larger field than what they had played in elementary school and professional opponents playing tighter defence, Ken and Davis had a harder time generating offence for their team. So far, the game was tied at a goal each and the last minutes of the second half were ticking down.

Davis currently had the ball and was doing his best to weave in and out of the Korean players but he knew that they would eventually gang up on him to take possession of the ball. He quickly checked up to see the positions of his team mates. They were all adequately covered but Ken quickly indicated with a few facial expressions that he can complete the play if Davis started it. 'Here we go!' Davis kicked the ball as hard as he could towards the goal. It looked like it would be an easy save for the Korean goaltender but at the last minute, Ken darted out in a manner reminiscent of his old self who ruled the field back when the Dark Spore affected him. The young man leapt in the air to make one more kick and redirect the shot inside the Korean net.


A small device started beeping rapidly until a young man with short brown hair in a business suit picked it out of his pocket to glance at the contents. His eyes widened at the news they read but he composed himself. "Please excuse me, gentlemen. I'll be back." He got up from his leather chair and stepped out of the conference room, making sure to close the door.

The other members in the meeting were confused until they heard a faint "YES!.!.!.! GOOD JOB, GUYS!.!.!.!.! WHOO HOO!.!.!.!.!" moments later.

"Er… Mr. Kamiya is certainly an interesting one, eh?"



"Considering that last goal was the one that sends the team to the World Cup final, what are the odds that Davis will keep rambling on and on about it?" asked Kari from her position on the couch in her apartment. The TV had just zoomed in to showcase her friend doing his victory dance and waving his goggles around.

TK felt his girlfriend get into a more comfortable position to snuggle into his right side. "I wager at least two weeks. But that is technically a great achievement so we should just let him go on for a bit."

"Threaten him with duct tape after a week?"

"I thought you're supposed to be the nice and sweet Child of Light," answered TK in an amused tone.

She smiled. "Well… that would count as an act of kindness for everybody else. How long is your vacation time?"

"I got the week off but I really want to get back to writing out my editorials to further spread the word about the Promised Land." What TK just referred to is the dream future that he wanted… a bright future where there is a flowing harmony between the human and Digital Worlds.

"I understand but you don't have to rush the spread the word. We're on the way there already," whispered the young woman softly.

"True enough. Right now, I just want to be with the ones I love." He looked down gently at her and caressed her cheek.












Looking up the endless sky…

Searching for reasons of life…

We find the Promised Land…

Kitto… (For sure)

Tamaki Nami – Promised Land


It took almost four years but now, I can put this part of the fic to rest. I owe this last bit to Alex Warlorn who revived my Digimon drive through that one fateful MSN conversation and his help in finding me a richer Digimon encyclopaedia. And of course, the revival of the Digimon anime through Digimon Savers helped a bit as well.

I took some information from the Japanese Teacher editorials. I'm unsure if you heard of them but they're quite interesting and show another side of Japan.

Here's the 'Hard Gay' article - outpostnine(dot)com(slash)editorials(slash)teacher86(dot)html

There is no real single article for 'Kancho'. It's sort of spread out all over various articles where the teacher continues to defend himself from kancho attacks.

All that's left is an epilogue (although you guys already received quite a bit about the futures of the story characters) and a better sense of closure. I hope that I can do this last bit of closure justice. Especially the Flamedramon/Renamon aspect. I haven't touched it in ages!

To anyone who stayed with this fic from when I posted the first chapter of 'Beyond the Other Side' back in 2001… thanks for sticking around. And if you want to meet up with me, I'll be heading to AnimeNorth 2006 next week. If you can catch me there and mention that you're one of my readers, I may just reward your efforts with a pack of Pocky.












'According to this map, Gennai's residence should be three miles to the west. The sooner I deliver this package to him, the quicker that Miss Amaterasu can send me back to my proper Digital World in my proper transdimensional plane.' The figure jogged at a quick pace through the desert. He bore a resemblance to Leomon however he had a white mane, a larger sword, a red headband, a large black and unbuttoned jacket hanging over his shoulders and there was a red scar on his chest.

The last thing BantyoLeomon remembered was being engaged in combat against Barbamon's forces which consisted of mostly Tankdramon, Sealsdramon and Commandramon. He fought alongside a human named Tsurugi Tatsuno who had transformed into a pure DigiSoul to cause his partner Digimon to evolve to ShineGreymon. There had been an explosion of Dark Matter… and then oblivion.

When he regained consciousness, he was stuck in a fresh Digimon body being hatched in Elecmon's nursery. He knew that if he was going to get back home and finish the fight with Barbamon, he had to get back in shape as soon as possible. He threw himself into several fights and after nine years, he had returned to his original form.

The next part was figuring out a way to get back home but considering that his data had somehow been transported through a slipstream to end up in this Digital World, he was at a loss. Then she appeared and gave him an opportunity to get home. It would take time on her part since the fabric of time and space had to be manipulated carefully to get desired results. In the meantime, he only had to do a simple task for her and deliver an important package to Gennai. A part of him questioned how he was getting so much for so little but his sense of justice told him that he needed to get home as soon as possible and see what events have transpired while he had been away.

His musings were interrupted when he felt a familiar surge of energy. "Dark Roar!" BantyoLeomon easily back flipped out of the way and saw a blue cyborg Digimon approach land from above. "I've finally found you, Bancho."

"Who are you and how do you know of my title?"

"I am… or rather I was the leader of the Eighth Tankdramon Squadron. But enough talk. Prepare to die!" Darkdramon charged forward with his lance mounted on his right arm. BantyoLeomon whipped out his own sword with his left arm while keeping the package out of harm's way with his right arm.

"You are still willing to follow Barbamon even though he is one of the Seven Demon Lords? Don't you have any sort of conscience?" asked the Beast Man Digimon as he blocked the attack.

Darkdramon quickly backed off. "Lord Barbamon was only made in the image of a demon because of Christianity! They claimed that there was only one God and created the image of all other Pagan Gods as devils! What I'm fighting for is to force the world to acknowledge that the Catholic Church is far from the righteous avatar that they claim to be!"

"And you had to murder innocent humans and Digimon in your quest?.!.?" In his rage, BantyoLeomon tossed the package away so that he could have full use of his right arm for the battle. "In the names of those you have murdered, I will claim justice for them! Flash Banchou Punch!"

"Giga Stick Lance!"

As the two mega Digimon battled, nobody noticed that the package had spilled its contents as soon as it hit the ground. A fierce wind blew and covered an envelope that started out with "You are invited to a wedding…" with sand.