Plot: Bella is new to Forks and on her first day she meets the Cullens, a family that keep to themselves mostly but the smallest of the family takes an interest in her, and Bella doesn't know why until she meets their older sister Esme then things start falling into place, for Bella it's like she can't get Esme out of her head and for Esme it's like she can finally move on from Carlisle

AN: this doesn't belong to me, well apart from the plot it all belongs to Stephanie Meyer, also there are a few changes like Carlisle being gone which will be explained and some other things too, oh this is also femslash don't like it don't read it that's all I have to say, oh and don't review and say this wouldn't happen in the book or Carlisle and Esme wouldn't break up ever because well this is my story and if you do say it then you will be getting a comment back on my next chapter so be warned anyways on with the story.


It was strange being away from my mum, though I was the adult in our relationship I would still miss the way she would ring up and ask where a certain thing was because she would have forgotten where she put it, but I needed to get away, Charlie offered to have me until I finished school, I agreed it would be nice to spend some time with my dad I hadn't seen him much in the last couple of years and I missed him (not that I would tell him that).

Alas I had been her a full two days, and it rained. Constantly. I hated it, I was used to the sun, rain made me sad and depressed but I couldn't dwell on that now, I needed to concentrate on where the exit is for the school, this place was only small I could drive round it hundreds of times before the day was over but finally I made it to school, I was happy most of the other cars, well except one were old bangers like mine I parked near a shiny Volvo, grabbed my bag and headed out.

Like Forks the school was small, there were two buildings and the parking lot, I sighed as I ran inside to avoid the rain which was only getting heavier, once I got inside people were running around and joking around I avoided them as best I could.

It then fell silent, I looked up and a group of what I could only call models were walking down the hallway, people watched them and moved out of their way they didn't even say thank you they just glared, well one didn't, a small girl she reminded me of a pixie she had a smile on her face but then the strangest thing happened, she looked over at me then froze, her face went blank, the guy next to her stopped and waited for her, the bronze haired guy looked frozen, his eyes wide his eyes found mine he snarled slightly then turned and walked away.

The pixie girl seemed to shake herself and the smile was back on her face and brighter than before, she whispered something to the others then started walking towards me.

"Hi I'm Alice Cullen, you must be Bella" I was too shocked to reply, I looked over her shoulder and saw that the others were looking at us in shock.

"Yeah I do, how do you know that?" I asked focussing on Alice and not the others Alice just shrugged, looped her arm through mine and began walking me to the office.

"So how do you like Forks then?" Alice asked as we waited for the receptionist to come back.

I shrugged, it wasn't anything special then again my moving here was kind of forced not that I minded I didn't, I mean my mum missed Phil and I wanted to get to know my dad a bit better so kill two birds with one stone.

"Its fine I guess, its just always raining" I replied Alice laughed and nodded "but other than that I could get used to being here" I added.

"Well that's good because although I love Rosalie she isn't best friend material" Alice replied "and I think you and I will become great friends" she looked at her watch and sighed "we should get to our first class it looks like the girl isn't coming back yet"

"Alice I don't know any of my classes" I pointed out Alice just rolled her eyes and jumped over the counter with ease she opened one of the files and pulled out a piece of paper, she then jumped back over the counter and handed it to me.

"Oh thanks" I grinned "well I have English first" Alice nodded, she grabbed my hand and pulled me towards our first lesson.

The day went by quickly, Alice only left my side when she had a different lesson to me, she also made me promise to sit with her at lunch, I hadn't made many friends so I couldn't refuse so here I was with a tray full of food whilst Alice had nothing

"Aren't you going to eat?" I asked her as I tucked into my salad Alice shook her head comically, I looked over her shoulder to see that the bronze haired guy was back and glaring at me "Why does he keep glaring at me?" She asked pointing over to Edward, who seemed to take offence to her pointing and snarled her.

"That's Edward, ignore him we all do" his glare turned to Alice as if he heard her, the big guy sitting with the blond laughed and gave Edward a dig in the arm.

"Right what about the others?" I continued Alice smirked.

"Well the bigger guy is Emmett, he is mine and Edwards brother, the blond haired girl is Rosalie she is our step cousin and the other blond is Jasper he is my boyfriend" she had a proud smile on her face as she said that, I couldn't help but smile back.

"Who looks after you then?" I asked curiously, her eyes seemed to flash but I wasn't sure with what before she sat forward resting on her arms.

"Rosalie's sister, their mother took us all in and Esme said she would look after us when they died" Alice explained, that was nice of her.

"That's nice of her" I replied Alice nodded.

"Yeah her husband left her about a year ago so it's just been us and her" Alice smirked, I wasn't sure what she was smirking at but I didn't ask why soon the bell for lunch ended Alice stood quickly but gracefully and took my tray for me she threw it in the trash and was soon beside me again "what class do you have now?" She asked I looked at the strip of paper in my pocket.

"Biology" I replied Alice made a face "What?" I asked she looked behind her to see Edward was following us.

"You have Edward in your class" she chuckled, "good luck" she sung as she skipped off when she walked me to biology.

It was just my luck that the only available seat was next to Edward he looked at me with another glare, seriously that boy needs a good kick up the back side or at least have the stick taken out of it, I made my way over and threw my bag under the desk, out of the corner of my eye I saw Edward move away so he was practically sitting near the window, I didn't dwell on it much as the teacher began the lesson.

I could feel his eyes on me for most of the lesson the look of hate burnt into the side of my head what had I ever done to him?

Thankfully before I could ask him the bell went for the end of the day once I packed all my things away and left, Alice was stood outside leaning against the lockers with Jasper I smile at him in which he nods his head in response.

"Bella come to our house tonight" Alice bombarded me straight away, I look over at Jasper who smiled showing his perfect white teeth "or after school will be better we can take your car" she added.

I wasn't sure about what to say, I hardly know these people but it would be better than sitting in my room all night whilst my dad watched the game so I pulled out my phone and sent him a message to say I would be home later.

"Sure sounds fun" I reply, Alice loops her arm through mine and we all walk to the car as it was the end of the school day.

Alice suggested that Jasper drive as he knows where he is going which left me and Alice to talk.

We got past the woods, and parked up at a huge house, it looked so bright and amazing, this family must be rich, the silver Volvo was parked up so I guessed Alice's family were home already, Jasper held the door open as we walked inside as I thought it was so bright, and surrounded by tree's and forest it made it look nice.

"Welcome to the family home Bella" Alice giggled Jasper smirked at his girlfriends antics as I heard someone in the kitchen.

"Who is in the kitchen?" I asked I notice Alice and Jasper share a look.

"That's Esme go and say hi" Alice finally replied, I nodded and followed them into the kitchen, Rosalie and Emmett were helping with what ever was being done, they looked up when they saw me and smiled my eyes looked round until they landed on a woman with Auburn hair when she looked over at me my breath caught in my throat, the woman was beyond beautiful her lips were ruby red and her eyes golden like the rest of them she was taller than me by a few inches.

But it felt like she was where I belonged that this woman would protect me from anything.