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It has been hard, I will admit that, my life before I was a vampire wasn't perfect and it seems my life as a vampire won't be either, my ex husband saw to that, I wanted to hate him, the man made me into this monster this thing and then he left me just like that for Tanya Denali what kind of man does that?

I tried hating him, for a long time I wouldn't speak his name but soon I realised that it wasn't by choice, we were very like the werewolves who had their imprinting we too had our own version, we couldn't love anyone else but our soul mate, usually we meet as vampire's because it is stronger then but it has been known to happen to a human once or twice but it was rare.

The front door opened and I could hear Alice and Jasper, I gasped when I heard a beating heart, I looked over to Rosalie and Emmett who just smiled I decided to just continue chopping the food, I know we don't eat but Alice said there would be a guest an by the heartbeat I am assuming this guest is human.

When Alice walked in I was hit with a mouth watering scent, I licked my lips quickly after a few seconds I looked up and saw the most amazing eyes looking at me, when I took the rest of the person in I noticed it was a girl and she was from school, I looked over the girls shoulder and saw Alice give me a big smile.


The woman was gorgeous she looked to young to be a mother but then again saying that she looked like the motherly type, Rosalie and Emmett were stood next to her, Emmett had a huge smile on his face and Rosalie even though she tried to hide it I could see the small up turn of her lip.

"Esme this is Bella she is new to Forks" Alice began Mrs Cullen turned fully and gave me a smile that sent a tingle through my whole body I had to look away in case she saw how it made me feel.

"Hello Miss Bella" Mrs Cullen began her voice was soft like velvet and it made me feel all warm inside "welcome to our home" she added as an after thought.

"It's beautiful Mrs Cullen" I began and it was the set out was amazing the woman must be rich.

"Please call me Esme" Mrs Cullen replied I blushed and nodded "I am cooking Italian for you is that ok?" she asked me I nodded quickly Alice then grabbed my arm.

"I'm going to show Bella the house" she said in a tone that was trouble I thought I saw a look of disappointment then anger on Esme's face but I must have been wrong why would she be angry she didn't know me and I was Alice's well friend.

As I was thinking about Esme's reaction Alice had managed to drag me into the front room, she was telling me about how Esme had decorated this home whilst she was getting over her ex husband.

"What happened between them?" I asked trying to keep my jealousy to a minimum I thought I saw a smirk on Alice's face but when I looked again it was neutral.

"He left her for someone else, our cousin actually they live in Alaska, it was brutal he just told her he didn't love her anymore and left, Esme was devastated Rosalie was ready to hunt him down and kill him" Alice explained I began feeling sorry for Esme that is a cruel thing to do "Edward was the only one who was defending him we all told him to go with our father then but he wouldn't" Alice finished.

"That's cruel" I whispered, it was strange but there was a feeling in the pit of my stomach something that made me so angry I pushed it to the side, I know from watching bad TV that getting involved with your friends mother is never a good thing even if the woman was near enough my age.

Alice showed me the rest of the house Jasper followed but said nothing Edward had got back home when Alice had finished with the tour and like the rest of the day he snarled me, I could swear I heard a growl but I must have imagined it because the family didn't have a dog that I knew of.

"So that is basically the house" Alice finished as we settled in the kitchen, there was a plate of hot food waiting for me, I noticed none of the others had plates I blushed as they watched me.

"Aren't you all going to eat?" I asked before I picked up my fork and started, as soon as the food was in my mouth I melted, it was so good Esme was a very good cook, I looked up and noticed it was only me and her in the room she was washing the pans she used she had her back to me so I took the time to have a good look at her, she had an hour glass figure but it looked so toned, she was pale like the others in her family and her hair was curly and full bodied (not that I know what that means) but it looked amazing all the same.

"How is the food Miss Bella?" Esme asked as she finished the dishes and turned to look at me I blushed at having nearly being caught staring.

"It's really good Mrs- I mean Esme" I replied blushing at my stumble Esme smiled, it lit up her whole face and made her look more beautiful than before.

I finished my food and got up to wash my plate but Esme grabbed it off me before I could, I went to protest but she turned away and was away again washing she began humming under her breath as she did so, I glanced down at my watch and sighed, she must have heard me because she turned to look at me.

"Something the matter?" She asked softly drying her hands.

"I have to go my dad will be home soon" I said in a dim way, she seemed sad for a minute but soon nodded "Should I say goodbye to Alice?" I asked, she hadn't come back for a while Esme smiled.

"It's ok Bella I will tell her you had to go don't worry" she told me I nodded.

"Well goodbye Esme" I whispered I turned to leave until she stopped me.

"Goodbye Mi Bella" I smiled and was nearly skipping towards my truck, I stopped dead however when I saw Edward leaning against it, his arms folded across his chest, when he saw me come out he pushed himself up and walked towards me a cold look on his face.

"Edward" I began he put his hand up to shut me up, I took offence to that, who the hell did this guy think he was?

"I will say this only once Miss Swan" he began his voice cold "Stay away from my family, soon my father will see sense and come back and I don't want you to ruin it" with that he pushed past me and walked into the house, he shut the door without a glance back.

I was stood rooted to the spot, the threat didn't scare me but the colour of his eyes did, they were pitch black, shakily I got into my truck and began driving back home those black eyes still in my head, something wasn't right about that and I intended to find out what it was.