A/N: So, I saw Wreck-It Ralph the other day, and I loved it! It was just so my kind of movie. What My Little Pony and Anime are to some people, Wreck-It Ralph and movies like it are to me. Please note: MAJOR SPOILERS! As much as I wish it weren't true, the reason I liked it so much was probably the romance. I can't help it! Felix and Calhoun were just SO CUTE! Or at least Felix was. Either way, I want to take a little vacation from Phineas and Ferb, and this seems like the perfect place to do it! This is going to start with a single one-shot. If it gets a good reception, I'll write more, but for now, read, review, and most importantly fangirl! I do not own Wreck-It Ralph. I believe Disney does.

Maybe it's a little cliche, but the second Sergeant Calhoun had slammed her heel into his stomach and aimed her gun at him with every intention of shooting, he knew she was the one for him.

He wasn't entirely certain why this cold, hard sergeant piqued his interest. Maybe it was because he saw something to fix in her. That was his job, after all. It was in his very DNA, carved in zeros and ones: fixing.

Actually, looking back on the whole crazy mess, Felix realized fixing had been the name of the game: fix Sugar Rush, fix Vanellope's programming, fix Ralph's mess. All in the name of repairing the virus known as Turbo.

Felix was impulsive, but he wondered sometimes if there was another driving force behind it all. Take the phrase 'dynamite gal'. That was completely on a whim. He had no idea why he chose that phrase, but he did, and it broke his heart. It was a vague, eighties-esque slang term, for Pete's sake!

There were better things he did impulsively, like kiss Calhoun on the cheek. Totally unplanned, but totally worth it, especially after Tamora lifted him by his shirt collar and, catching him completely by surprise, engaging in a violent lip-lock that left Felix speechless.

That had been totally worth the heartbreak.

But, looking back on it, it had simply been fixing two hearts for the price of one.

It made one wonder if there was someone else involved, if someone did this for a reason. Now, Felix couldn't say he was overly spiritual, but, in light of all that had happened, if asked if he believed in a God, he would have to say yes.

A/N: Eh, I got really spiritual towards the end there. Yeah, I sometimes get really deep when writing romance. So, what did you think? Nothing would make me happier than to hear your opinions, but, if you flame (which I'm beginning to think just means a really bad review), please tell me why you hated it so much. Whether you like it or hate it, I'd love to know how I can improve!