This is an alternative ending for the first part of this fic. It picks up after Emma and Will slept together. I want to thank Becca for proof-reading the whole story (again) and for great contribution…It inspired me to write this.

Hope you like it!

I get to William´s block a few minutes after 1, breathing hard and sweating.

It´s a cold chest oppressing sweat.

Fear does that to me. I´ve run the last 10 blocks across West Village in these damn heels and sprained my ankle just before turning the corner; I can see the building´s entrance from here. I can´t breathe, I´m shaking and struggling to calm myself before entering the lobby.

I should have known something like this would happen...

Ernie is at the door, opening it for me, with what it is the most worried expression someone has given me. Passing by his side, my face hidden beneath my run makeup, I rush into the elevator and press the 5th button floor and tremble while the cabin takes me up.

The handrail works to support my weight, but I let myself slide down the cold wall and sit on the floor, tears don´t let me see properly and my sobs echo in the silent cubicle.

The sting on my cheekbone is stronger now and I´m sure it´s already getting purple after that beast's large hand slapped my face with ferocity, sending me to the floor, to Katrina´s feet. The poor woman had no clue what to do and I ended up locking myself in the dressing room, collecting my things and running away.

The soft 'bing' announces I´ve reached my destination and I step out hobbling; I see his door and half regretting what I´m about to do, I bang at the wooden surface, hoping, praying he answers and lets me in.

"Please be at home..." I sob and bang again, my face hurts and so does my right hip, just where I landed when he threw me to the floor. "Please answer the door..." I bang again.

Once, twice, three times...

Until it opens, surprisingly and William is facing me, dressed in pajamas, eyes horrified and immediately furrowing. I must look terrible. I know I do... The makeup, the swollen face, the strips of my dress falling down my shoulders... I´m not even sure if I put it on inside out.


"I´m sorry..." My voice fails when I try to remain composed. Everything hurts right now and I´m so scared. "I-I didn´t know where else to go..."

He stays there, looking at me and I just know he's not only surprised but also about to ask me to leave. The tears are flowing down my eyes helpless and I have to cover my face. I feel so humiliated...

This wasn´t a good idea... Why did I think he´d help-

The warmth of his body surrounds mine and he carries me inside, bride style, my face snuggling on his chest, words still being mumbled.

"I´m sorry, Willia-"

"It´s ok"

"I didn´t know what else to do"

He sits me on the couch and pulls away, just enough to give me space to breath and caresses my face, gently.

"What´s that?" He asks with an authoritarian tone meaning the reddish, becoming black, mark under me eye and cheekbone

"He-he hit me"

"What!? Who?!"

"When I refused to, uhm..." I break, again.

"Son of a bitch..."

I don´t think I´ve ever seen such anger in his eyes... He looks maddened, possessed, crazy... And I shudder when he stands up and takes his keys.


No... Where..." He´s leaving, he doesn´t even know where, but he´s going to leave, find the man who did this and beat the crap out of him. "No, please, don´t..." I stand up and, as I can manage, walk to him attempting to stop him, "don´t… it´s useless"

"Useless?!" He´s enraged and I´ve never felt so appreciated, but I don´t want him to take any risks, "That man hurt you! You´re crazy if you think I´m going to let him leave with that-"

"No, please don´t... Stay with me"

"Look what he´s done to you...! You can expect me keep my cool!" He´s really upset and roaring and even though there´s little control left in him I need him to keep it.

"Please don´t leave me here"

"You´re safe here" He watches me and I feel like an abandoned child.

"Please don´t go. Please..." I say nothing when he brushes the red spot on my face.

"Sit down. I´ll bring you some ice", He watches me limb back to the couch and shakes his head, "Did he do that to you too?"

"I twisted it on my way here. My bad ankle…"

"I figured"

"I´m sorry"

"Stop saying that" He´s tough and I have trouble holding his gaze. I don´t know if he´s pissed for having to care of me or because of what happened. "Be right back". After a few minutes he comes back with ice, bandages, water and an anti-inflammatory. "Take this"

I don´t argue and do what I´m told. "Thank you"

"Let me see your ankle"

"Are you a doctor?" I´m not playing smart, just curious... I know nothing about him. But he has taken my words the wrong way. "What do you do for the living? I don´t know what you do..." I speak softly, not even realizing I´m not faking my voice and he stares at me. I´m sure the confused look he´s given me is because I´m not talking mysteriously and lowly, "I´m sorry if my real voice is disappointing", I´m so ashamed.

"It´s lovely", He covers my ankle with ice gel and carefully rotates it, testing its movements. I wince. "It´s not broken…. Maybe sprained though. I work in NYU", then he answers the question that I thought he´s forgotten.

"I go there". I admit and he sighs.

"I imagined. I´m a therapist but don´t practice. I work in research"

I nod, remembering his words; he´s not good with people. But right now, I can´t think of anything more absurd; he's wonderful with me.

"Here" He offers me a makeup remover tissue and a mirror.

I guess you could see what the real me looks like. I give him a shy smile and clean my eyes, carefully; the dark shadow stains the soft tissue and slowly, my eyes are spotless and feel fresh.

The foundation also disappears from my cheeks, nose and forehead… my mouth doesn´t look plump without the red lipstick… Freckles become visible and so does my real face.

I croon miserably, blushing like crazy and his eyes are so intense it´s hard for me to breath. "I´m Emma"


"T-that´s my name"

"It´s perfect", he utters after a moment, "You´re perfect". I can´t breathe now. "You´re beautiful" Placing the ice bag on my face he comes closer and kisses my lips, gently, barely, but I feel him. "It´ll get bruised", he says when I whine a little, his mouth soothingly leaving feather kisses on my nose, cheeks, eyelids, temple…

"Will-", he gives me a disgruntled frown and I cup his face, "It´s not that", slowly I remove the bag he´s holding on my skin and taking a deep breath, pull my wig off my head; the ginger locks cascade and bounce around my face. I think he´s numb. "I´m sorry if I'm such a different person from what you expected"

Attentively, his index finger toys with a ringlet and wraps it around it; then confidently he runs them through my temples, moving the wild curls off my face and finally, collects my hair, gathering the messy ringlets from the top of my nape and lets them fall again.

"I love it"


"You´re gorgeous, Emma"

"I-I am?" I sob and his mouth is on mine, claiming who I really am and I´m holding him, tightly.

"You are. This... You..." I think he doesn´t want to scare me, but we sealed our lips in an untamed kiss, "You can´t leave now"

"I´ll stay if you want"

"You shouldn´t have left in the first place", he scolds me and I know he´s saying out loud what I´m thinking. "Come here". Giving me no time to get up, he takes me in his arms and carries me to his bedroom.

"You´re very sweet"

"Stop saying that"

"Why? You are..." He sighs loudly and places my sore body on the mattress before disappearing into the bathroom again. "William... Are you mad at me?" I feel I´ve done something wrong.

"I´m fucking pissed off, Emma, yes; but not with you. The man who did that to you... I´ll find out who he is"

"No... Please don´t. I don´t want to make a big deal out of this. I don´t know if I can go back ther-", oh he so impetuous…

"You damn right you aren´t". He growls and I shriek. He´s too intense sometimes. "Come". For a split second I hesitate and then move to the edge of the bed. "Emma". I look at him but he isn´t calling me. "I really like your name".

"Emma Pillsbury". I tell him and he kisses the top of my hand.

"I´m William Schuester"

"It´s nice to meet you"

"It´s nice to meet you too"

I giggle and he smiles; he gives me that beautiful boyish smile and I kiss his lips.

"I like you, William. I like you very much"

"You should have a bath", He stares at our linked hands, avoiding my eyes; why does my stomach turn like this? What? Now that he´s had me, he doesn´t want me anymore?

"I don´t have clothes"; maybe I should go… Suddenly, I have the feeling there´s something wrong. Maybe it´s me, being here…

"You can take some of-"


"What?"; He´s coarse; I have to get used to that, and I want to bring to life the little sparkle I occasionally see in him. "I don´t want you to leave like this"

Oh, Will…"Thank you"


"I know", I know he´s sorry. I leave another kiss on his cheek and he touches my hip.

"Let´s get that water ready"


He´s got a beautiful private bathroom with large mirrors and a bath that fits two bodies comfortably. Silently, he leaves the hot water running and turns to face me.

"Come" He´s going to undress me, and even though I´m shaking I don´t mind. The dress falls down my body, this time under his dexterous fingers and I blush when his eyes roam my body. I´m still wearing the garter belt and the stockings. "If someone can´t respect you, Emma... They don´t even deserve you looking at them". Carefully, his hands unclip the garter and the stockings, and he leaves me standing there. "Have that bath and I´ll meet you in my room"

My head bobs, shocked; he´s got briskly manners but underneath the rough, callous exterior there´s this gorgeous gentle man I'm so crazy about.

When I emerge from the bathroom, minutes later I find William lying on the mattress, two glasses of wine on the night table and bandages and mint ointment.

"I think your T-shirt is a little large for me", I whisper coyly, wringing the edge of the grey cotton covering my torso, "and so are your boxers"

"Come here", his gentle voice makes me smile and I go to him, to lie by his side, "You look very nice in my clothes… better than ever actually", I know he means my lingerie and the blush is so intense, I feel myself burning. "It´s true",

"Thank you. I like wearing your clothes", I smell the mint when he takes the lid off the ointment and rubs it gently over my bonny ankle. It´s relaxing, his hands are strong and soothing holding my calf on his lap.

"Emma?" our eyes meet in the semi-dim room and his palm warms my face; the mint is really delicious; and I can´t help but feel slightly aroused. I think it´s the way he´s looking at me, "I don´t mean to be so discourteous"

I like the way he talks, the words he uses… He´s educated, despite the fact that he can be uncivil sometimes.

"I know"

"How do you know?" he lays again next to me, sliding an arm beneath my waist, bringing me to him. I don´t resist him; on the contrary, my body follows its instincts and clings onto him.

"Because you´re sweet", by the way his eyes flip closed, I'm sure he doesn´t believe me, "There´s something in the way you look at me that makes me trust you. I trust there´s something else beneath your hard exterior"

"It´s a little innocent thing to think…" he looks so sad, insightful… Oh, please, tell me what you´re thinking, "I´m not like this with anybody"

I cherish his face into my hands, kissing him softly, feeling his mouth moving against mine so deliciously, so slow. I want this man… I want this man so much. Always.

"We slept together here hours ago", I say with a giggle, hoping to make my invitation clear enough. But he furrows and I feel myself shrinking.

"I´m sorry about that too"

"Why?" Oh gosh… I can´t believe he regrets it. "I´m not sorry", I reveal; I don´t say those kinds of things… I´m shy and inexperienced; but he… he puts my beliefs and values upside down.

"Emma, I´m so obsessed with you", he murmurs hotly on my mouth and I´m on fire. Again.

He´s told me that before; maybe that´s why he´s apologizing. Because his hands have touched me in the most impious way and now he was doing the same.

"The night I first saw you..." he starts with his voice hoarse, filled with need against my mouth, "I thought you were the most beautiful woman I´d ever seen… you had the most gorgeous eyes, Emma… I had to see you again"; it seems he has the need of explaining why he´d called for my company. I need no reason; I wanted to see him again too.

"I remembered you. You were so mysterious", my confession is a low gasp when his mouth closes on my gullet; heat erupts on my flesh. "Still are"

"You fascinate me… "

"William I-"

"Call me Will", he asks again, with the softest, welcoming smile I´ve seen.


"What is it?" there´s gentleness in the way his fingers comb my hair and desire; almost need.

"I want to stay with you tonight"

"Oh, Emma…" His body covers me, his mouth takes mine and I bring him closer.

"I really want you with me tonight", I don't know where has this strange woman speaking my desires out loudly came from.

"I want to taste every inch of your body, Emma"

"I like the way you say my name…" I confess, feeling his hands caressing the bare skin beneath my T-shirt.

"Emma… Emma… Emma…"

Holy Shit….

I moan and welcome him between my legs.

We kiss and touch. Tenderly, slowly, our eyes locked and I just know he´ll adore my body all night. And I´ll do the same with his.



"Emma… Emma… Emma…" he keeps saying and I arch when he mills our hips together.

"Oh, Will… I want you", I can´t believe I´m asking this… I can´t believe how safe he makes me feel when holding me so tight.

"Me too… I want you too, doll"

Needing to be clothes-free I pull the T-shirt above my head and receive his warm chest against my breast; the sensation is wonderful, all that skin so in perfect contact. I don´t want to pull away. Ever.

"No one has ever worn my clothes", his voice is sensual, throaty on my ear and I grin, my chest engorging with satisfaction.

"Besides you?" I tease with heavy breathing and he bites my shoulder, softly.

"Besides me. I don´t ever want another woman except you wearing them"



With rare confidence I slide his pants and boxers down his toned legs, caressing his profuse erection in the process. "I´ve never been with a man like you"

"Like me?" he groans in what it is the sexiest sound I have ever heard.

"Older than me… so well-read, so mysterious and so… big", I chew my lip, coyness tinting my face red and he smirks with self-importance.

"You arouse strange feelings in me", I need a second to sort out what he´s just said and he must notice I´m slightly shocked because he pulls away, just barely but enough to look at me, "feelings of tenderness"

He´s touching me now… just in the spot that is screaming for attention and I arch, throwing my head back, succumbing to those magnificent sensations he´s giving me.

I´m ready… I´ve been ready for him since the first time our lips met. And I let him know, hoisting my hips so he can remove the boxers he´s lent to me.

The glory… his skin so warm between my legs, spreading my moisture in my swollen flesh… I buck onto him and a single rigid finger pushes into me, parting my tissues. I tighten around him, so close to coming I can taste it. He withdraws and lifts his hand to his mouth, licking my flavor from his skin. I don´t think I´ve experienced such electricity cursing through my veins before. My hips arch without volition, my body straining toward his.

"Please, Will", I beg and his mouth lowers to mine, which I greedily explore with my tongue, tasting him, taking his whole essence.

In the depth of our moans I hear him tearing something and I shudder in anticipation.

I felt every rock-hard inch of him entering me, slowly giving me the time to absorb every little muscle tightening, adapting and getting ready for more.

"I want you with me, Emma", his hands are holding me securely against him, close; so close we can barely move. But, Hell, I can feel him… and he can feel me to.

My legs wrap around his waist; and we´re a muddle of arms and legs, cleaving to whatever we can; gasping, panting, moaning…

Meeting his deliberately measured movements, I bite my lip struggling back the sounds of helpless pleasure that might break the tranquility of the night.

"Yes… Oh, yes… Will…", I have to look at him; I need to know if he´s as lost in the moment as I am and what I see, takes the little breath I´ve got left away.

He´s smiling at me, focused, and joy lining every single lined expression he has and I cry.

"That´s right, Emma… "

I begin to give in to his non-stopping, deep thrust and the incipient contraction of my core, squeezing him slightly.


Using both hands, he spoons my behind and commands my rhythm, tilting me into an angle that has him rubbing a tender, aching spot inside me.

The orgasm strikes me like a blow, shocking my system with an overload of sensation. Wave after wave of pulsing heat rolls through me, contracting my sex and tightening my foundations. I whine, first with an inarticulate sound of agonized pleasure, then with his name; and as I chant it over and over as he pushes his beautiful self into me, prolonging my climax I hear him call groan and burry his face in my neck.

"Emma…," he rasps, as I fell apart beneath him. "Emma…" Holding him tightly he pounds deep one last hard time, driving himself strenuously toward his climax.

And we lay, lost to the primal connection between us. Sweat misting our skin, our bodies so perfectly sealed it´s mind-blowing. My entire body tingles and pulses and all I can say is, "wow"

We stay in silence for what it seems hours, stroking each other's sweaty skin, discovering there are places that tickle under our fingers until finally Will breaks the quiet.

"I want to see you tomorrow"


"All day"

"OK", I nuzzle against his neck and leave a feather kiss there.

"And I want you to get a decent job"


"I don´t want you to strip for money. I only want you to strip for me"

I have no idea the difficulty his words hold… I´ll learn that in the future.