Chapter one

A/N: Ta-Da! The first chapter of Forgiveness, the sequel to Face Down! X3 I'm so excited! It took me maybe an hour the other day to write this… at like, four in the morning… muse never sleeps! And apparently neither do I.

The Ministry was holding yet another Death Eater trial. Wisteria was done with hearing of it; she just wanted to go home. an empty place without Sirius.

"A trial will now be held for Lucius Malfoy!"

Her fists clenched at the name. Her tormentor. Her abuser. The nothing that used to control her. She couldn't wait to see him thrown back into Azkaban to rot like he so deserved. Lucius stood before the Ministry, shackled and disheveled.

He looked almost sickly, not that anyone would pay him any mind. Wisteria listened as the trial progressed. He made no plea of innocence, he attempted no deals. "And I find that you should be placed under house arrest until we can further find a suitable punishment." the Minister, Kingsley Shacklebolt, said.
"But who shall take him?" a member asked, obviously not wanting to be the one responsible for him. Wisteria inwardly chuckled. Who WOULD take in such a man as this. "There is someone here who went to school with him, who might be of assistance in keeping him." another member said, scanning over a large sheet of parchment.

"Who?" Kingsley asked. "Wisteria Black née Lovegood." At the sound of her name, she froze.

They didn't mean for HER to take someone like him in, did they? "Then it is settled! He will stay with Wisteria Black until we can find a suitable punishment." Kingsley said. Lucius flinched slightly at hearing her name and he felt a pang in the back of his head. Wisteria...he'd gladly take any other punishment than feel her wrath once more. Her fists clenched. Anger swelled in her like a great wane in the ocean. Housing this bastard...what poor luck to befall on her. She glared down at him, her icy eyes seething. Later in the day she decided to go cool down in Sirius's childhood bedroom. She lay across the bed, thinking. She closed her eyes. "Oh Sirius...why did you have to go? I need you..."she sighed softly. There was a knock at the door. She stood and walked downstairs, opening the door on Kingsley, who stood close by Lucius in case he tried to run. "Good evening Wisteria." he said with a smile. "Evening Kingsley!" she said, not even paying Malfoy any mind.

"Your...houseguest." he said. He left after a bit, leaving Lucius standing out on the porch. "Stop standing there like a lost puppy and get inside." she said. He shuddered slightly. Her voice was colder, much colder, than he remembered. He walked in, hearing her slam the door shut. "I'm going to tell you right now, I really don't want you here. I never wanted to see your face again after you left Hogwarts. But here you are, pathetically waiting for a punishment for being a scum-sucking Death Eater." she quipped.

"I...understand why you hate me." he said slowly. She laughed. "Oh do you? What you've done BARELY scrapes the surface, Lucius. You were there when she killed him...and you did nothing. You watched." she was shaking now. "I had no choice." he said. "No choice...oh that's right! No choice! Because when you're lower than the scum of the earth, it's KILL KILL KILL! Fighting for survival, killing innocent people." her fists clenched again. He grew silent. "I'll show you to your room. It's late." she was suddenly calm. She showed him to his room.

"I'm sure Narcissa and Draco are so proud if what you've done..."she said quietly. He still heard, his face taking up the stoicism it did in school when he used to look at her. "They're dead." he informed her, closing the door on a shocked Wisteria. Dead...just like her Sirius...

A/N: Well...a very hodge podge chapter, but it's a work in progress! I hope you all enjoy this like you did Face Down! X3 I have learned… no matter how I make him look like the snaky bastard that he is, no one can deny that Lucius Malfoy has delicious magical swagger. X3 It's magically delicious!