Chapter five

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Wisteria was growing tired of his games. He hadn't been down in days. Staying in his room, having Kreacher bring him his meals so he didn't have to see her. She had had enough! "Lucius! Get down here!" she demanded. There was no movement upstairs.

She walked upstairs and flung open his door.

She was greeted by the sight of piles of uneaten food, and Lucius was laying in bed, weakened, obviously not having eaten or drank in quite a few days. "Oh you idiot..." she walked over to the barely conscious man. "What are you accomplishing by starving yourself?" she asked, sitting by him gently on the bed.

His voice was weak.

"Freeing you from me finally..." he said softly.

"I'll never be free from you, Malfoy. You've become a little piece that I can't rid myself of..." she said. He looked away.

"When we were kids, I was completely infatuated with you. I thought I was in love with you. I would have done anything for you..." her voice trailed off. What would she have done for him? Give up her friends? Her life? Her innocence...?

She couldn't stop herself before her arms weakened and she collapsed next to him. "You're still everything to me...why? I'll never be rid of you... you became my life that day you decided to steal me..." she said quietly. She looked over at him, his eyes closed, but listening intently. "Wisty..." he said softly, just to say it. "Why do I love you? Why... Lucius what spell do you have on me?" she reached over, stroking his hair.

She bit back a gasp of surprise when his hand cupped hers. He opened his eyes.

There was a moment of weakness in his eyes. A pleading moment where she knew he needed someone, anyone. She couldn't stop herself. She moved closer to him, her eyes fluttered closed. A moment later, their lips brushed together, softly at first, but turned quickly to a more needing, hungry kiss.

Her face buried in his neck as they pulled apart.

"I'm not letting you go to Azkaban..." she whispered softly. It had taken her years to realize it, but she needed this man. And he needed her just as bad.

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