Hey peeps DisHonored Warrior here with a yugioh story this time in the era of GX if your wandering about my 5D's story the hate to disappoint you but that story was a tryout. Now I'm ready to write actual stories also I'm in the process in creating a Naruto fanfic which will be released when I get the time to do the writing

Disclaimer: (only saying this once) I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh GX, or the cards in this story.

Author note: This will have 5Ds cards but it's not a cross over. Jaden and Jack (my OC) both see and already know about Duel Spirits. Yubel didn't hurt people so she is in Jaden's deck. Jack's deck is a deck that I have created from the cards I have plus a made up card. The couples are OC x Jasmine and Jaden x Alexis.


"Jaden hurry the hell up! We're gonna late!" a slightly overweight boy who stood at 5'11", had black hair tied in a pony tail that reached to the centre of his back, has light blue eyes and a soul patch, wore a white singlet under a light black unbuttoned collar shirt that had crimson red tribal lion on the back, black Nikes fingerless gloves, loose navy blue cargo pants and black combat boots and a standard duel disk named Jack called out.

"Easy for you to say," he whined "you didn't have to skip breakfast!" Despite this he sped up, but accidently ran past Jack.

"Look out" Jack shouted at Jaden, but it was too late, as had crashed into none other than Yugi Moto. Jaden looked up

"Sorry!" Jaden apologized while picking up his deck with Jack's help.

As Jaden was picking up Elemental Hero Avian, Yugi asked "You're both duelist, right?"

"Yeah" Jack replied "we're on our way to the Duel Academy entrance exams."

Yugi smiled and gave them both a duel monsters card. Jaden got Winged Kuriboh while Jack got Nikyla, Princess of Dark World "Here, something tells me that these belong with you" he said

"Thanks" Jack and Jaden said in unison and bolted for the exams

'Wait wasn't that Yugi Moto' Jack thought, but quickly dismissed it.


"…mark the rest as no-shows." a man in a suit said to two women. They were about to do so until they heard two voices cry: "WAIT!"

They looked over to see Jack pulling Jaden over some railing. "You can count Jaden Yuki and Jack Phillips present!" Jaden called as he fell over the railing. "Shit, that hurt."


They both walked in just in time to see the end of a duel.

"I activate Ring of Destruction, to destroy my monster and inflict damage equal to its attack to both of us." A tall British boy said.

"Wow, sweet play." Jaden marvelled.

"Yeah, that was Bastion Masawa," a short light-blue haired kid said. "He got the highest score on the practical out of all us first years. My name is Syrus Trusdale by the way."

"Hey, I'm Jaden Yuki and this is my pal, Jack Phillips."

Bastion sat in front of them.

"Hey, nice move back there." Jack complimented.

He smirked and said: "Thank you."

"Now let's hope that our duels go well" Jaden

"You two haven't duelled yet?" Syrus asked shocked

"We just got here" Jack replied

"Will Jaden Yuki report to duel field 3" A voice over the intercom

"Win this Jay" Jack said

"Right" Jaden replied

(We all know what happens: Golem, Flame Wingman, Skydive Scorcher, Jaden win.)

"Will Jack Phillips report to duel field 3" the same voice said

"Good luck" Syrus said

"Never believed in it kid" Jack replied

As Jack entered the duel field a man (he thought) was muttering something about slackers.

In the stands a girl with dirty blonde hair turned to the red haired girl next to her, "How do you think this duel will turn out, Jasmine?"

Jasmine turned to her and said: "Well Lex, if he's friends with that Jaden kid my bet is that he's good."

Alexis turned, to the blue haired boy on her other side, "What about you, Zane?"

Zane looked to Alexis then back to the duel field "we'll just have to wait and see" he replied

Back in the arena, "I'm a man!" shouted Crowler

"Sorry I can't tell with cross dressers" Jack replied

'I already hate this kid' Crowler thought

"Duel" they both shouted

Crowler: 4000/Jack: 4000

"I'll start" said Jack, as he drew his card "I play Foolish Burial to send one monster from my deck to the graveyard" Jack said as picked out his card and sent both of his cards to the graveyard. "I set one monster in defence that's all. Your turn cross dresser."

"Why you little" Crowler started but regained his composure and began his turn "Alright, I'll start by summoning Ancient Gear Knight (1800 ATK/500 DEF) in attack mode, setting a face down, and activating Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy it!" His trap was destroyed, but replaced by a Wicked Token. "Alright Ancient Gear Knight attack his monster." Crowler shouted

"Ok then" Jack said calmly as he sent Dharc the Dark Charmer (500 ATK/1500 DEF) to the graveyard

"Hmm. I end my turn" Crowler said

"Alright then my turn and I play Monster Reborn in order to bring Dharc the Dark Charmer in attack mode, then I activate Book of Moon to flip Dharc to face-down defence position and then activate Book of Taiyou to flip Dharc back in to attack mode so I can activate his effect, when he is flipped summon I can take control of 1 dark monster my opponent controls and last time I checked the wicked token is a dark type monster." Jack said as the wicked token came over to his side of the field. "I then activate Lighting Vortex by discarding one card, oh and F.Y.I the monster I discarded was Nikyla, Princess of Dark World so now I can special summon her to the field."

A humanoid creature with long red hair, dark purple skin, two black horns coming out of her head and bat like wings coming out of her back wearing black and red ragged shirt and skirt exposing her stomach and black thigh high heels appeared, as Crowler's monster was destroyed.

Nikyla, Princess of Dark World

Rank: 6 Attribute: Dark

Attack: 2200 Defence: 1500


When this card is discarded by a card effect you can special summon this card to the field. When this card is discarded by an opponent card effect you can destroy one card on the field when this card is special summoned but you cannot attack this turn if you do.

In the stands a boy with black hair wearing the Obelisk uniform smirked, "What a stupid move will still be in this after the attack is over"

"Chazz is right" said the boy on his left

"Like always" said the one on his right

Where Alexis, Jasmine and Zane were.

'Impressive move' thought Jasmine, with a light blush.

Zane took note of this and gave a small smile. 'This is interesting.' He thought about the duel and Jasmine's blush.

"Hmm, he's planning something." Alexis said, putting her full on the duel.

"Yeah, go Jack!" exclaimed Jaden, as Syrus and Bastion watched in excitement. "Mop the floor with him, man!"

Back in the duel area Crowler thought the same as Chazz.

"I'm not done just yet!" Jack Started "I activate Monster Reincarnation by discarding one card to the graveyard I can bring the monster I sent to the graveyard with foolish burial, back into my hand but that's all since I've yet to normal summon this turn I can sacrifice Dharc and the wicked token to summon Belial – Marquis of Darkness." Jack said as Dharc and the wicked token disappeared and Belial appeared in their place.

"Are we facing a cross dresser?" Belial asked, but only Jack and Jaden could hear him

"Yeah we are" Jack replied. "Now it's time to lose Doctor."

"NO I WILL NOT LOOSE TO ANOTHER SLACKER, I REFUSE TO LOOSE" Crowler shouted losing his temper


"Right!" Belial and Nikyla said as they went towards Crowler. Belial slashed Crowler with his sword while Nikyla did a dive bomb connecting with a kick on him.

Crowler: 0 Jack: 4000

"BOOYA! Flawless victory" Jack said as he collected his cards and deactivated his duel disk. He looked around the crowed examining their faces which varied from shock to cheers, but as he looked on he saw Jasmine, who was smiling at him, he smiled back and winked at her which darkened her blush.

Crowler was on his knees not believing that another slacker won and gained acceptance into Duel Academy

Chazz was just as shocked as Crowler 'NO WAY. NO WAY THAT ANOTHER SLACKER GOT IN.' he yelled in his mind but then smirked 'I guess it's up to me to kick these slackers out'

Chancellor Shepard looked at the person who chose the dorms, "Make sure Jack and Jaden are in Obelisk, please." He told them.


02/02/2013: I rewrote some of the parts that had mistakes and changed a few things so yeah