January 31, 2010...

*sigh* I'll never forget that day... Earlier that year, a strange disease plagued the bay city of Iwatodai.

Ten years ago, the news reached the far corners of Japan that it was the fault of the international corporate company, The Kirijo Group, that caused an explosion and they immediately built a school there in the aftermath. Now, we're dealing with a strange malady that swept the city...

A grotesque and mysterious syndrome, aptly named 'The Apathy Syndrome", that left the victim in a miserable and vegetative state, leaving the victim as a drain of society and a husk of their former selves.

Every month, it would worsen and at full moon, it would miraculously alleviate, then the cycle would start again. It continued to worsen, until January, where you could see those scum with the Apathy syndrome everywhere.

A group of teenagers learned everybody was doomed to die after Winter.

Then, it mysteriously stopped after January 31, after the source was sealed by a boy...

Three months later, a 17 year old boy with his life ahead of him died mysteriously. The same boy who gave his life for people he would never come to know.

I was that boy. And it was my life.

That was three days ago.

It wasn't always like this... I had a life once...

Who am I? Do you guys REALLY want to know? The story of my life isn't filled with dancing elves or woodland fairies. If someone told you that I was a perfectly normal and ordinary guy, not a care in the world and that I had nothing special on me... they lied to you.

Minato Arisato was my name. I was seventeen years old…

Last year, I went to Iwatodai to live a normal high school life…

"Normal" high school life... What bullshit. You can use any word, any word at all, to describe my high school life, except normal.

I gained the ability, the ability to summon creatures called "Personas" that hold unimaginable powers… apparently, at a price. I harboured the spirit of Death and naturally, I was doomed to die this year from the start.

A power I never asked for…

Then, we began our year-long watchfulness of Iwatodai…

I met friends… made enemies… and even fell in love.

If you're reading about this and think this is cool... just... don't. It's a horrifying curse that a select few souls are forced to bear. If you think you have this power, then try to suppress it and don't use it.

Not everyone is meant to make a difference... But for me, the choice to love a normal life was no longer the option the moment I gained my powers.

Long story short, we found that an entity, Nyx, would descend upon humanity and life would cease to exist.

After beating her, I died three months after sealing her away.

But, after three days, I awoke.

With the powers of the Universe Arcana at my disposal, I withheld the seal and lived. In doing so, made the ultimate miracle... Returning to life.

I died, but I never felt so alive.

Now, I want to live the life that was taken from me.

A "normal" life I never had.

I never knew that it'd be the exact opposite of what I had in mind.

I never knew that... I'd meet an incredible girl this year. A girl that would define this year.

This marks the first day...

My Days of Autumn…

April 8, 2010...

Junpei and I were walking at the new Junes at the east side of the Tatsumi Port Island.

We were going to buy our books, comforters and some supplies…

"Man! This year's gonna be sweet! New school year, senior year, new babes… a clean slate!" Junpei said.

"You're awfully spirited today…" I said sleepily.

"Why not? I mean, sure, it sucks that the dorm closed down, but look at the bright side, we're sharing a house with Akihiko-senpai! It's sure to be a party! Imagine, sharing a house with Akihiko-senpai! Parties every day, and all night!"

The dorm closed down a few days ago and we were buying some things for our shared boarding house…

Leaving behind Yukari and the other girls and Ken…

Well, I never really did anything with Yukari…

We sorta fell out of love…

I mean, I DO want her, but she seems uninterested at the moment…

If she is…

"I doubt it." I muttered.

"Huh?" Junpei said.

"Nothing… just rehearsing a line…"

"Why so glum?" he asked.

"I don't know… after moving all my stuff to our boarding house, I feel awfully hungry…" I said as the growl in my stomach confirmed it.

Junpei suddenly understood.

"Ah! Okay, grab a bite from the Burger Joint upstairs and get right back here!" Junpei said.

"Sure. Meet me by the fountain in thirty minutes, okay?" I said.

"Wilco." Junpei said and we parted ways.

I put on my earphones and walked to the elevator.

Then, as I stood there, the door closed when a seventeen year old girl with auburn hair in a pony tail and red earphones was about to enter.

I held the door for her.

"Thanks." She said as she smiled warmly at me.

I smiled back and listened to my earphones.

She was fidgeting around, as if she was claustrophobic.

She mouthed something to me.

"Huh?" I said as I took off my earphones.

"M.C.R.?" she asked.

"Yeah… Black Parade…" I said.

"Huh… I like M.C.R. as well..." She said.

"Small world! What's your favorite M.C.R. song?" I asked.

"Ummm… Na Na Na? I call it that…" she said.

"Yeah… I like the lyrics…" I said.

Play it cool, Arisato… play it cool…

"Oh yeah! Drugs give me drugs!" she sang to the tune of Na Na Na.

She then awkwardly stopped.

"Yup… so… um… where you headed?"She asked.

"Well… I'm going to grab a bite at the Burger Joint upstairs… I'm hungry as a lion…" I said.

"What a coincidence! I'm headed there as well!" she said.

"So… if you want, let's go there together?" I asked.

"Really? You'd do that?" she asked.

"Yeah, why not? Me, walking along with a beautiful-" I said uncontrollably.

She was looking at me.

"Uh! Forget what I said!" I retorted.

"So… I'm not pretty?" she said.

"Ulp! You are pretty, but… aw let's not go there, okay? I'll treat you to anything you want… the sky's the limit… at 8000 yen. Uh…"

She giggled.

"Minako." She said.

"Minako…" I repeated.

"What's your name?" she asked.

"My name?"

"Do you see anyone else I'm asking?" she said sarcastically.


She tilted her head.

"Our names are almost similar…" she noted.

"Yeah… I guess so…" I said.

"Okay… I'll hold you to your promise." She said.

"Cool. Wait, what?"

We went inside the burger joint.

"I'll take seven burgers… and that's just for me, and this guy will have-" she points to me.

"Five burgers and a pizza." I said.

"Coming right up!" the chef said.

We ate our burgers and kinda lost track of time…

We talked about a lot of stuff, particularly about Minako, Green Day and M.C.R...

Then, Junpei called.

"Dude! Where are you? You've been gone for an hour and a half! I thought you were only gonna grab a bite at the Burger joint?!"

"Calm down, Junpei, I'm out here picking up some comforters…" I lied.

"He's lying!" Minako yelled.

"Wait, was that a girl?! We're out looking for comforters and you're on a date?!" he screamed and I put my phone away from my ear because he yelled so loudly.

"Is she a looker?" he asked.

I sniffed. "Definitely. Now, I need to go." I hung up.

"That was my friend. Apparently, I need to stop goofing off and look for some comforters… *sigh* what a pain…" I said.

"Tell me about it… my aunt told me to look for one as well… maybe we could…?" she said shyly.

"Huh?" I said.

"You know… we could…" she fidgeted.

"Come on, Lady, spit it out…" I said.

"Well, maybe we could go together… I'm sorta new here and I don't want to get lost or nothing…" she said.

"You're new here and your aunt sent you to the largest Junes in the region to buy comforters?" I said.

"Hey, my auntie ain't the brightest lightbulb in the tanning bed…" she shrugs.

"Sure. What the hell…" I stood up and paid the bill as Minako and I went out.

"Incidentally, what's your last name?" I asked.


Time seemed to have stood still. Was this another hat-trick the Universe is playing on me?


"Yeah… why?" I asked.

"My name is Arisato too!" I said.

Again, the same feeling of being played by the Universe resurfaced.

"This is getting very creepy…" I said.

"Hey, don't worry: We're probably not related. I'm from New York. My name's not really Arisato… My dad changed his name when he immigrated to the U.S. and my parents died of a car accident when I was six and my mom's sister, my widowed aunt, took me in…"

"So… you're not an Arisato by blood?" I said.

"Not exactly…she's my second cousin's third brother's first cousin's wife three times removed." She said.

"Okay…" I said as I tried to digest that info.

"Well, what's your favorite color?" I asked.

She tapped her earphones.

"Ah…" I said as we went inside the Bed, Soap and Infinity store.

We picked out some cozy comforters.

I opted for the Azure colored comforter, while she chose the Scarlet with fur lining.

The, we went out to get some poster by the IBOM store.

While we were choosing some rock band posters (Green Day, Evanescence, M.C.R., Paramore, Maroon 5 and Boys Like Girls.) I saw Yukari and she saw me.

I inched closer to Minako.

"Let's go…" I whispered.

"What?" she said.

"Let's go! Ex-girlfriend alert!"

"I really can't hear you, speak up!" she said.

"Take off your ear phones then!"

She took them off.

"Ex-girlfriend al- Hello Yukari!" I said as Yukari tapped me.

"Minato… good to see you." she was with Fuuka.

"Minato-kun! Hello!" Fuuka said.

"Hello, Fuuka!" I said.

"So… what brings you here?" Yukari asked.

"Well, just showing my friend here around… she's new here…" I said.

Minako waved.

"Ah… I'm Yukari Takeba." Yukari said.

"Oh! Minako Arisato's my name, eating's my game." She said.

"Arisato? Are you two cousins?" Fuuka asked.

"Oh, no, we're not related… actually, we met an hour and a half ago…" I said.

"How convenient…" Yukari said.

"Hey, it's true…" I said.

"Hm… so, how have you been, Minato?"

"Just fine, thanks." I said stiffly.

She nodded and gestured Fuuka.

"Let's go." And they left.

Minako looked at Yukari.

"Geez… what's her beef?" she said.

"Don't ask…" I said.

"Okay… I'm gonna buy my books now, want to come?" I said.

"Nope. Already bought mine. But I'll come with you." she shrugs.

We went to the Empyrean Bookstore.

Minako was looking for the newest Percy Jackson book.

I went ahead and bought my books.

"Done?" she said, clutching the book as if someone would steal it.

"Done." I said.

She smiled, then paid for the book.

We went outside.

"Well, Minato, can I have your number?" she asked.

"Huh? Sure." I said and we exchanged phone numbers.

I took her photo and she took mine.

"Thanks!"" she said.

We walked a few blocks.

"Well, Minako…I gotta go buy some groceries…" I said.

"Huh? Hmmm… okay, bye!" she said and left in the direction of my home.

Maybe if I'm lucky, then she'll live nearby.

I snickered and took some Lays and Cheetos and a 12 pack of Root beer.

I went back home.

I prepared my things and it began raining.

When I went down, Akihiko was making some food.

"How ya doin'?"

"Nothing much…" I said.

"Ah… where's Junpei? It's awfully quiet today…" he said.

Speak of the devil, the door opened.

It was the soaking wet Junpei Iori.


"You better have a damned good reason for leaving me behind!"

"I met a girl. You would've done the same… we went shopping, no biggie…" I

"What?! Let me see!" he said.

I took my cell and showed him.

"OH. MY. GAWD." He said, "What a hottie!" he said.

"Yup. Now, let's eat." I said.

Then, a few days later, it was class day…

I went with Junpei and Akihiko (half of the way) and we rode the train to school.

We arrived and I saw my Kendo team at the courtyard of the station.

"You're the new captain now, Kaz!" one said.

"Yeah! You better lead us to victory!" a second one said.

"What team?" Yuko said.

"Samurais!" they all shouted.

"What team?" Yuko said.



"The best in the world!" they all shout.

They run to school.

"Well, they're fired up…" I said.

"Yep." Junpei said, "Hormonally charged boys and full-contact sports... like THAT'S not a recipe for disaster!"

We went in and we looked at the board.

Apparently, Yukari, Fuuka, Junpei, Kenji, Yuko, and I were classmates…

Kenji was chatting with Yuko and another girl, a pretty lady who wasn't wearing proper uniform.

I went in my room with Junpei and Mr. Toriumi is our homeroom teacher again.

"Nice to see you all! You all have a splendid vacation?"

We were silent.

"Don't answer that. Anyway, check out our new clubs, mainly the writers guild, the science club, the Times Club, which is the school newspaper…" she began talking.

We kicked a can and passed it around.

"Pass it here, Rio-chan!" Yuko said to the pretty girl, who was probably Rio.

"… and summer musicale where we will be searching for a new lead… and Ms. Yuko, this is a classroom, not a hockey arena."

"S-Sorry Miss!" Yuko said as she slapped Kenji in the arm.

"There is also the signup sheet for our school decathalon…"

I saw a red haired girl in the class… about two seats away…

The one from a few days ago…

I decided to give her a call.

I clicked her number and called her.

She straightened up and opened her cell and it had my photo.

It WAS her!

"Ah! I see that the cell phone menace has returned to plague our crucible of learning…" she went around.

"Is that a cell phone, Ms. Takeba?" she began collecting cell phones.

"You'll receive this by the end of the day." She said as she took everyone's cell in a box.

"Ms. Arisato, welcome to Gekkoukan High school! I see your cell phones are involved!"

She took them.

Everyone looked at me, then her as she tried to stay cool.

"Any questions?" she said.

Junpei raised his hand.

"Yes, Iori?"

"How were your holidays, Miss Toriumi?"

Everyone laughed and Kenji threw a trashcan at him.

Then, I followed Minako

"Hey!" I said as I tapped her.

Her eyes went wide.

"I don't…" She said.

"Believe it…" I said.

"Well, me…" she said.

"Either, but how…?" I said.

"Well, this IS the only nearest school…" she said.

"Right… well, want me to show you around, Miss Arisato?" I said.

She smiled.

"Sure, Mr. Arisato."

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