2002 version featuring Stinkor. this idea just popped into my head. it was too amusing at the time to ignore.


As Stinkor finishes his task of fumigating basement of Snake Mountain to chase off pesky freeloading vermin he sees a toppled box shaking. Intrigued he picks it up and looks inside.

The cute little creature inside that looks like a cross between a rat and toy dog sniffs the air then Stinkor.

Stinkor expects it to keel over from the stench.

A happy little grin appears on its face and it makes goo-goo eyes at Stinkor.

The big skunk drops the box failing around as the creature scurries up his arm and nuzzles his neck. "Get off Stinkor!" He rushes to the nearest exit and pulls the creature off him then tosses it out the door.


Later that day Stinkor waits in ambush with the other evil henchmen looking to stop the Masters latest do-gooder plan. We watches as Trap-Jaw gives the signal as he is about to move out with the others he stumbles over something. He looks down to find the same creature from earlier in the basement making goo-goo eyes at him again.

"I think it likes you."

Stinkor looks over at Evilyn then down at the creature bewildered before rushing off to join the other villains.


That night as Stinkor heads off to bed he jumps up soon after laying down. Flicking on the light the creature is there in his bed. This is way beyond creepy he thinks as he picks it up and carries it to the nearest exit where he drop kicks it out of Snake Mountain. "You stay away from Stinkor!" As soon as he turns around to go back to bed he stumbles over something. Stinkor screams when he realizes its the same creature he just got rid of. He looks around in horror as more of the creatures pour out of the vents.

Beast Man pokes his head out of his room to see what is going on.

"Beast Man help Stinkor! Make them go away!"

Beast Man does a double take at the creatures. "Uh-oh!"

Stinkor looks up at Beast Man. "What do you mean uh-oh?"

"I can't stop them. They are immune to my mind control and they are drawn to stink-like yours. Unless you can get rid of the smell-you're stuck with them."

Stinkor staggers around in horror as the creatures swarm all over him then drag him away from Snake Mountain. "No!"

Skeletor sniffs as he gets up from his throne to go to bed. He pauses looking down at Panthor. "Is it just me or did the air suddenly get clearer around here?

wow that was stupid. if nothing else i hope at least someone out there got a laugh out of it.