i was being annoyed when i came up this idea. when i'm annoyed i annoy others right back. i like 80s Panthor (don't tell BattleCat) so i wrote a simple little story about him being annoyed and annoying others back.

Sweet Dreams

After a day spent doing what large purple panthers do at Snake Mountain-Panthor settles down in his favorite spot for nice long catnap. As he closes his eyes and starts to drift off he is awakened by a loud bang. He looks around startled at first then lays his head back down on his paws. As he is about to nod off for the second time another louder bang occurs that shakes the floor. Miffed by the interruption he gets up and pads down the hall. Looking into the door of Tri-Klops lab he sees a smoking mess.

Tri-Klops digs himself out from under a toppled and shelf and checks his notes to see what went wrong with his latest experiment.

Growling low Panthor continues down the hall and takes the stairs up to the throne room. He looks around to make sure he is alone then settles down beside the throne. As soon as he nods off the sound of maniacal laughter reaches him.

"This time I've done it! After my latest scheme when He-Man will finally be defeated!"

Panthor looks up glaring at Skeletor who stands in the doorway. There will be no chance of a nap here while Skeletor is so excited about his latest plot that is sure to backfire. He gets up brushing passed the villain and heads down stairs again. He finds a new spot to take a nap in a dark corner he is sure no one frequents. As he is about to drift off again he hears squeaking high pitched voices. He looks up to see miniature Beast Man and Evilyn.

"Don't blame me! You should have watched where you were pointing that magic staff of yours."

"You bumped into me you bumbling oaf!"

Panthor gets up hiss at the two of them before he stalks off down the hall and heads even deeper inside Snake Mountain. Just when he settles into a new spot loud thumping rings out like a bell. He spies the shadow of Whiplash as he tries to swat one of Beast Man's annoying beasties that keeps evading him with his tail.

"Come back here! I'll teach you to mess with me!"

The purple cat gets up fuming and storms even deeper inside Snake Mountain. This time before he can even settle down an awful racket grates on his nerves. He looks around the corner to see MerMan and Clawful with Spikor and Webstor playing in what must be their idea of a band.

"Now that's what I call rock in roll." Spikor really gets into the groove.

Panthor looks for another quiet spot just when he thinks he's found it this time he hears Two-Bad fighting with himself.

"You're stupid!"

"No you are!"

Panthor looks in one last spot but doesn't even bother to attempt a nap as Trap-Jaw is oiling down his squeaky joints. Everywhere he turns looking for a spot to nap he ends up annoyed. He grins cunningly as he stalks off plotting his revenge.


Later that night when all of Snake Mountain is sound asleep Panthor creeps into the control room sets off the fire alarm.

Everyone panics as they race up out of bed bumping into each other and tumbling down stairs in their struggle to get outside.

Panthor watches on a monitor in the control room as everyone gathers outside once he has counted everyone he flips a switch sealing off all the exits. Yawning he pads off down the hall and settles into his favorite spot for a nice long night of peace and quiet.