i found this hidden away in my He-Man fan fiction files on my laptop. it isn't a fan fiction but i think its an amusing take on my obsession with all things 80s BattleCat.

Ode to BattleCat

Your green fur with orange stripes have always been my favorite colors.

Your witty sarcastic remarks thrill me-chill me-and fulfill me like no other.

I watch over and over again just to hear your awesome zingers.

I smile each time you appear roaring in a sparkling blaze of light.

I feel for you each time I hear you yell "...You're airplane sicking the stripes off of me!" at He-man.

I grow jealous each time that Kitterina flirts with you.

I laugh each time you get in a good jab at Orko or tell He-Man "One more crack like that and you're walking."

I cheer for you as you thwart evil doers.

I cry when the power returns and you are replaced by Cringer.

Your beloved action figure sits on the shelf by my bed-watching over me as I sleep and greeting me each morning as I wake.

How I long for it to be your tummy I rub or chin I scratch when my cats seek out affection.

How I wish it could be me with you romping through dewy fields under a starry moonlit sky.

Oh why must we be cursed-I as a mortal woman-while you are a cartoon cat?