i've wanted to do this ever since writing RTR as prequel story to my ST TNG story. i finally got around to it and kept it simpler as a short one shot than RTR story line with Shin and Rachel was. this one focuses on Seamus and his young son Shu. This idea comes from a conversation that Shu and Shin had over the phone in Red Torrent Returns. the graphic shows Seamus as a teen-he is much younger in this story.


Shu sighs as he steps up to the old ruins. He has been doing this a very long time. In his youth it wouldn't have bothered him. He would have looked forward to what is about to happen. Now he is older-wiser and has a family at home to think about. He spares a glance at the country side. Ireland is a breath taking land as steeped in magic and myth as the Nether Realm itself. "Its probably why the Nether Realm creeps that didn't get banished with Arago flock here." Shu startles himself by speaking his thought out loud.

For years he has kept an ear open for word of unusual happenings that could be the work of a demon. His wife Katie and their young son Seamus think he is an avid ghost hunter out for kicks when he takes these trips. Sometimes he wishes he could just tell them the truth about what he really does. He shakes his head at the thought. Katie would never believe it if he whipped out the armor orb and transformed right in front of her. Seamus on the other hand...its best to keep the armor to himself Shu thinks. The last time Shu told Seamus a story about the Samurai Troopers the kid ran around for a week with a metal pot on his head and breaking everything he could reach with the broom claiming it was a demon.

Lost in his thoughts Shu goes inside oblivious to the figure that leaves the shadows of his truck and follows him inside.

As he looks around Shu certainly doesn't sense anything out of the ordinary. That seems very odd to him given the tales of strange happenings and disappearances he heard about this place. He turns quickly as he sees what looks like a shadow dart across the wall-but he doesn't see anyone-or anything. Shu looks around in confusion as thumps and moans echo through the space. This is no demon he thinks. No demon he has ever met would resort to such trickery-at least not when coming face to face with one of the Samurai Troopers. As he passes a dark corridor a figure jumps out from the shadows and bowls him over.


Shu looks up as he young son. "Seamus?"


"Did your Uncle Bob put you up to this?"

"Nope. Mom's idea. She thought it would be funny. She got Uncle Bob to tell you about this place and I hid in the truck to scare you."

Shu is sure Katie set it up to get him back for the havoc Seamus has reeked around the house since his last story about the armor.

"You should have seen your face!" Seamus falls down as he breaks out in fits of laughter.

"You think that was funny huh?"

Seamus can't answer because he is laughing too hard.

"Come on lets go home and try to convince your mom that we really did see something out here."