i've wanted to do this ever since writing RTR as prequel story to my ST TNG story. i finally got around to it and kept it simpler as a short one shot than RTR story line with Shin and Rachel was. this one focuses on Touma and his son Takeo. the graphic shows Takeo as a teen-he is much younger in this story.


"That's impossible-Dad."

If intelligence could be inherited from ones family-Touma knows that his son Takeo hit the jackpot. Both himself and his father are what one would call gifted. So is Takeo's mother and her father. Its like the kid was wired for success in all things science related.

It was useless to buy him toys even as a young child. He never played with them. Takeo preferred old obsolete items such as slide rulers and abacuses which he was using to calculate math problems long before most children had even spoken their first words.

Unless it was a serious science related show Takeo never watched television. Cartoons and video games were an unacceptable waste of time in his book. He could read better by the age of two than most adults. By the age of three he built his own telescope and started work on his own computer and was proficient in English, Japanese, and German. At four he guest lectured in one of his Grandfather Trevelyan's colleges university courses after being well on his way to earning a college degree when he isn't even old enough to enter grammar school.

Given all that Touma finds himself wondering-as he stands at the bathroom sink brushing his teeth-why he thought it was a good idea to tell Takeo about the armor in the guise of a bedtime story. For all the kids brains-he totally lacks imagination. Would he have had the same reaction at Takeo's age? He would like to think that hearing tales about what sound like mythical knights in shinning armor would have been cool but his dad at the time-much like his grandson now didn't care for stories. Touma glances down at his son. "You need to work on developing your imagination."

"That would be a pointless waste of time. There are more important things to focus on."

"Who was it that said non-sense is pleasant every now and then?"

"Its 'non-sense now and then is pleasant'. It was Horace. Its still a pointless waste of time."

"Einstein said, 'The gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge.'"

"I doubt Einstein imagined a group of guys in armor trying to kill demons in some magical dimension."

Touma sighs at he looks down at Takeo. "Would you be happy if next time I read from the Periodic Table of Elements?"

"Yes...yes I would."

Touma shakes his head as Takeo heads off to bed.