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As much as Jayne enjoyed spending time with Harry it was inevitable that after a life filled with adventure life on Rubicon would become boring by comparison. When there was work to be done he was content. Together they'd built the cabin collapsing exhausted and sore into bed after a long day of physical labor they inevitably come together in a mess of limbs and moans of pleasure before settling into a deep restful sleep only to wake in the morning and repeat the routine.

Once the house was built they started the garden, planting every seed they could lay hands on, it was really more of a farm. The labor was backbreaking because Harry declined to buy any of the 'new fangled' tools designed to make farming easier. Jayne had asked how something that had been available for over two hundred years could possibly be considered new but when Harry pinned him with that ageless stare he realized it had been a stupid question.

Jayne found he couldn't complain too much though because watching Harry's muscular frame glisten from a day's hard labor was enough to drive him crazy. Harry must have felt the same because more than once a day of tilling and planting would devolve into desperate thrust's right there in the dirt because they couldn't wait long enough to get inside the cabin. It was the first time Jayne had ever had a sunburn on his rear end. He winced every time he sat down but so did Harry, if for an entirely different reason, so Jayne figured it was worth it.

The time between the planting and the harvest was quiet and filled with long walks and more stories. Harry wrote on his old fashioned typewriter and Jayne spent his days hunting game for them to eat. With the harvest came more back breaking labor but also more fruits and vegetables than Jayne had ever seen. Jayne had grown up on protein bars and prepackaged food that had never seen the sun, the taste of fresh corn and tomatoes straight from the vine would spoil Jayne for years to come. It would be many years before Jayne could sit down to a meal without thinking longingly about his time on Rubicon.

They had just finished their second planting season when someone finally sought Jayne out. He painted a picture of an easy job ripping off a small bank on a border planet. The man had pulled a few jobs with Jayne before and needed him for his shock effect. Jayne had almost said no but Harry who'd wandered in halfway through the pitch, kissed him and told him to have fun. Jayne told his friend they would leave tomorrow and let him sleep in the tent out back. As he lay in bed with Harry tracing a finger along his collarbone he spoke in hushed tones.

"I don't have to go. I can stay with you." Harry kissed him gently and gave him a sad look.

"But you want to go. You're young and your heart yearns for adventure."

"You'll need my help for the Harvest." Jayne argued.

"The Harvest is in six months that's plenty of time for you to go and come back. If you miss it I'll hire help in town. The Wang's have two strong boys who I'm sure would love the extra platinum. I'll wait for you as long as I can but I only have seven years left before I have to move again so try not get arrested."

Jayne didn't sleep that night. He took Harry over and over again running his lips over soft skin and faded scars with a commitment to detail that left Harry limp and thoroughly fucked out by the time Jayne packed his bag and kissed him goodbye. He thought of Harry constantly while he was gone, itching with the thought that Harry might find himself a new lover to fill his time. Once the job was finished Jayne took his share and hopped the first transport to Rubicon.

It was a week before harvest and Harry was waiting for him at the port when his ship landed. Jayne didn't ask how he knew, just followed him home. As soon as they stepped onto Harry's land Jayne used the cover of his tall cornstalks to toss Harry to the ground and take him that instant. With Harry's laughter turning to moans as he thrust inside him. He took him again on the porch steps and again on the kitchen table. Finally just as they were dozing off Harry held tight against his chest he whispered a promise.

"I'll never leave again I swear it." He pretended not to see the look in Harry's eyes that told him Harry knew he was lying.

It was another two harvests before the draw of the skies became too great and the pay off too big to resist. A museum practically undefended except for two alliance guards. Jayne kissed Harry goodbye and pretended not to see the worry in his lover's eyes. Just as he left Harry whispered to him.

"Watch your back, I can only stay here five more years. Don't get caught."

Later Jayne would wonder how Harry had known. No one could have expected that the day they chose to run their job was the same day several dozen alliance members decided it would be fun to check out their local museum. Jayne got hit in the back and hauled into custody. The friend who'd suggested the job pinned full responsibility on Jayne and he was sentenced to ten years.

Jayne planned and schemed escape every day and he managed it after seven years of carefully planning and making friends where he needed them. He headed straight to Rubicon with a sick dread heavy in his chest. When he landed Harry wasn't waiting, so he walked with heavy steps back to his home. The cabin was still there but instead of Harry there was a charming family.

The wife saw him walk up and gave him a gentle smile.

"You must be Jayne." she said. Jayne nodded "He said you would come."

"Is he gone?" Jayne choked out knowing the answer. She nodded seeing his distress she gently touched his arm.

"He left you a letter." Jayne accepted it with a shaking hand and tore it open without hesitation.

My dear Jayne,

If you are reading this you have returned to find me gone. I never doubted you would come when you could and I am glad to find I was correct. I wish I could tell you where to find me but as you know I never travel with a set destination in mind. I have so enjoyed the time we have had together. When I met you you were on a journey and I waylaid you.

Continue on your way my dear, live life as you always have and one day I am certain we will meet again. It may be five years or fifty but one day we will meet. All of life is a journey to a destination that you don't find until you reach it. My journey has gone far longer than I expected and will inevitably continue. I will share with you what I have learned.

No matter how far your steps carry you, you will never be at peace until you find serenity. Continue seeking my love for I feel certain you will find all that you need laid before you. I feel certain we will come together once you have found your serenity.

With all my Love

Harry Potter

P.S. The woman who has given you this letter has been instructed to feed you a hearty meal and send you on with as many fresh vegetables as you can carry. Do not deny her kindness.

Along with the offer of vegetables Harry had included enough Alliance credits in the envelope to facilitate the move of his family from St. Albans. With no other option Jayne accepted the instructions Harry had given. He stayed the night and shared a meal with the charming family whom Harry had leased the farm too. He asked if they knew where their landlord had gone but they told him they hadn't seen or heard from him since he'd left the year before. Jayne was comforted to know that Harry had waited an extra year for him.


Jayne had never been much for subtlety or deeper concepts. That was why when he'd been told to help track down two thieves who had ripped off his boss, he simply obeyed. When he found them at their ship and saw its name his decision was already made. He still bargained for better pay and a private bunk but he'd known he would go along with Mal the moment he saw that his ship was called Serenity.

He understood that this was not exactly what Harry had meant when he'd told him to find Serenity but it wouldn't be the first time Harry had said something that turned out to be prophetic so he went along with them and waited for the day he would see Harry again. When he sold the Tam's out on Ariel it was the thought of what Harry would think of him that made him change his mind. Though it wasn't as if the fact they'd refused to pay him hadn't figured into it at all.


Harry lay naked beside him running his hand curiously along a scar that Jayne hadn't had last time they'd met.

"You've changed so much," he told him "I'll have to try and memorize you all over again."

"I've got time," Jayne replied tugging on Harry's hair to press demanding kiss against his lips. Harry was the only person Jayne ever kissed on the lips, it was something special reserved just for him. A rule he hadn't broken in all the time they'd been separated regardless of how many other people he had been with. When they pulled apart Harry was looking at him appraisingly.

"Do you want to tell me about Canton?" he asked in that way that told Jayne he didn't have to. Of course Jayne did tell him. All about the botched job and about the mudders who idolized him. He told him about how the boy had died for him even though he knew he was a fraud and as he spoke Harry just continued brushing his fingers along Jayne's chest toying with the hair that hadn't been there when he was a younger man.

"I was there a few months ago." Harry told him when Jayne finished "I bought it and fired the magistrate and the vile man he had running the mudders. I let them elect their new foreman and they're getting a wage based on the work they perform. A rather generous one, I had to increase the cost for the consumers but they're working so much better now that the quality has gone up."

Jayne didn't have words to express the comfort that Harry's words had given him. The thought of those mudders still singing his praises when he'd done nothing to improve their situation always left a vile taste in his mouth and a sick twisting in his stomach. Knowing that Harry had saved them and done what Jayne could not brought a rush of relief he couldn't articulate, so he didn't try instead he rolled so that he was on top of Harry and kissed him forcefully.


He dragged his hands down Harry's sides, using his nails to scratch at the sensitive skin and loving the way Harry arched beneath him. He moved away from Harry's mouth to bite at his neck with more force than he normally would and pulling back was pleased to see a large red mark forming. He continued to leave marks along Harry's neck and shoulders then he moved down his chest using his hands the whole while to tease and tug at his nipples. Harry arched into his touch and released a shuddering moan as Jayne continued.

Jayne looked up long enough to send a teasing grin Harry's way.

"I may not be 23 anymore but I reckon I can take you once or twice more before I need a rest." Harry released a breathless chuckle that was cut off into a moan as Jayne slid his finger teasingly into him. Since they'd done this less than an hour ago Harry didn't need any preparation but Jayne continued to tease him as he licked and kissed his way down the smaller man's body.

Jayne paused with his mouth above Harry's belly button before driving his tongue into it, flicking it in and out teasingly while Harry writhed and moaned beneath him. Harry's hard member was pressing against Jayne's shoulder and leaving sticky track of fluid there every time Harry thrust his hips. Jayne finished his exploration of Harry's belly button and moved to lick and nip at his erection, holding Harry's hips still as he took him into his mouth. Jayne sucked hard and relished the way Harry's body tensed and his back arched off the bed even though his hips were unable to move.

"Oh god. .Jayne please. . . I can't .. . Ngh. . .I need you please," the last was such a desperate whine that Jayne couldn't deny him. He pulled off his cock and moved Harry into position before driving into him all the way.

Jayne didn't wait for Harry to adjust instead pulling out immediately before thrusting back in with double the force as before.

"Cào!" Jayne cursed overwhelmed by how tight Harry was even though they'd just finished fucking a few minutes before. He continued to thrust violently into Harry's willing body. Egged on by the inarticulate hissing that Harry always seemed to devolve into during good sex. Jayne could always tell how he was doing by whether Harry was hissing. A few years after they'd separated Jayne had been camping out on a job and heard a snake approaching. To his very great embarrassment the sound of it's hissing left him achingly hard for hours.

Jayne knew Harry's body so well he didn't even have to try and find his prostate. His cock could find it on instinct and Jayne was merciless as he pounded against it. It wasn't long until Harry released a desperate moaning hiss that signalled his impending orgasm. Jayne sped up and somehow managed to find his release at the same moment Harry screamed his own. Jayne allowed himself to collapse on top of Harry's smaller body. He heard Harry's content sigh as they both drifted into unconsciousness.


Harry had been working with River on harnessing and understanding her core for a month and he felt it was finally time to take it further. Simon had insisted on sitting in on their lessons and timing them. He insisted that more than four hours a day would be detrimental to River's mental health. This was despite the fact that River was always the most lucid after her sessions with Harry and the more she worked the longer she remained lucid.

Because Simon insisted on being there Harry always conducted them in a public space. Normally the cargo bay but with what Harry had planned he moved them to the kitchen. He sat on one side of the table with River on the other. The other's were scattered throughout the room, even Inara had left her cabin to watch. The only person not in attendance was Mal who for the last week had been avoiding Harry. Before he started Harry spoke to the assembled group.

"While I know you are all curious about what River and I are doing I must ask that no matter what happens do not touch River until she comes out of her trance. The consequences of disobeying this request could be dire for both River and whomever touches her." Harry turned to Jayne and met his eyes. "I trust you Jayne to ensure my instructions are followed."

Jayne swelled with pride and nodded his head.

Harry turned his attention back to River, he removed an apple from the fruit bowl that he had placed on the table the first week he arrived. He had been replenishing the fruit regularly and politely ignoring the crew's questions about where he got all the fresh fruit he was providing them. He placed it gently in River's hand and instructed her to join her mind with his. Once he was back inside her mind he explained what he wanted her to do.

"River I want you to use your core in a different way today. I want you to make the apple float." River laughed at him.

"That's impossible." Harry shook his head and gave her a quelling look to stop her laughter.

"No River, it is only impossible because you believe it to be. You've seen things float in zero gravity yes?" He asked her calmly.

"Yes. So I should just take away the apple's gravity?" she asked curiously.

"Exactly, now I am going to leave you within your mind River and I want to see that apple float okay?" River nodded and Harry pulled back so he was once again aware of the kitchen he was in.

River sat before him her brow furrowed in concentration. For several moments everyone watched as River continued to focus and then. . .it happened. River removed the gravity, not from the apple unfortunately but from the whole ship. Harry laughed aloud as he floated weightlessly from his chair.

"River, that's too much!" He called to her "Focus your attention on the apple and only the apple."

A moment later in another part of the ship Malcolm Reynolds crashed to the ground with a curse. He had no doubt who was responsible and he entered the kitchen cursing furiously.

"Tah-shr suo-yo dee-yure duh biao-tze duh mah! What in the Gorram Verse are you idiots doing to get the-" Mal trailed off as he stared. River sat calmly eyes wide and sparkling as she levitated an apple about five inches above her hand.

The End

Author's note: I bet you thought I abandoned this didn't you? Oh Ye of little faith! Lol anyway I hope you liked it and I look forward to your reviews! The swear words were

Cào-which according to wikipedia just means 'to fuck' in Mandarin chinese

Tah-shr suo-yo dee-yure duh biao-tze duh mah!-Which according the page of firefly swear words I found means 'whores in hell'