She watches as he turns, watches with cold eyes and colder heart as his expression morphs into one of barely concealed rage, and her hands do not shake. If he wants to play this game, so be it. She knows the rules, and the fact that he's better only makes cheating seem a necessary evil.

"I hardly think that's any of your business, Watson", he hisses through his teeth.

There's tension between the two of them now. She takes a step forward, head held high and eyes like mirrors. He fists his hands in order to stop them trembling; it doesn't work.

"And I hardly think what your friend asked me last night was alright at all, Sherlock", she says with a voice of steel.

He scrunches his brows. He hadn't known, she deduces and smiles grimly. He hadn't known they were playing, before, that's too bad. Cheating is her expertise and she takes her shots when she can. She can be ice, can be indestructible, can sneak on you and freeze you when you least expect it.

He burns her and she takes a tic-tac-toe in return.