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"Foreign Language"



Chapter 1: Recovery

Harry sighed as he finally found a place where he could be alone on the train ride back from Hogwarts. His fifth year had been both good and bad, with the latter half of it being rather torturous. There had been several good things that had happened, among them a new, improved version of the Marauder's Map had been made, detailing several areas that not even the original Marauders had discovered. Along with adding new areas, he himself had found and managed the transformation into two of his three Animagus forms.

He sighed as he tried his hardest to only remember the good times, but knew eventually that he would need to grieve for his Godfather, Sirius, it was just rather difficult since it had happened so recently. Grateful for the fact that his last remaining link to his parents, and Godfather, didn't blame him for the loss, Harry turned his thoughts to Remus. He knew that Moony was going to be going through an even more difficult time, since this was the second time he had lost Sirius.

Looking up as he heard a knock at the door, he waved a hand at the curtains, using wandless magic to make them see through in only one direction. Harry then cursed to see Hermione, Ron, and Ginny standing outside. He knew that they meant well, but he didn't really care to see things their way.

With Hermione, he knew that she wouldn't rest until she either knew every little detail about how he was doing. She may be pretty intelligent, but she was so in a bossy, over-bearing way.

Then there was Ronald. He had been his best mate for years, but with the break in their friendship fourth year, things had never been the same. He was jealous, petty, and bigoted, and to be quite honest, Harry had had enough of that attitude.

Next was Ginny. What Ron and Hermione didn't know, or at least he hoped that they weren't involved with, was that Ginny had been plotting with her mother to dose him with a love potion. The only reason that he was aware of the plot, was because of Luna having overheard a late night conversation during the Easter holiday that she had immediately gone to him about. To be perfectly honest, he couldn't really stand her, mainly because of the fact that she was a hard-core fan girl. She had never once been able to look past the Boy-Who-Lived to see the real him.

Sighing he went back to his musings on everything that Sirius had been teaching him about being the Head of House Potter, especially since it was an Ancient and Most Noble House. It then hit him that Sirius had mentioned going to Gringott's in case of his demise so that he could take advantage of the provisions that he had laid out for his welfare and benefit. He took a good portion of the remaining train ride to write out a list of things that needed doing as soon as he got to King's Cross.


As soon as they finished approaching, Harry had already shrunk and pocketed his trunk and Hedwig's carrier. He then waved his wand, producing his patronus, and had it run off with an urgent message to Moony. Wrapping his father's cloak over himself, he waved his hand at the door, unlocking it, and then headed out.

Looking around, he watched as Hermione and the two youngest Weasleys were greeted by Molly. He glanced around, and not seeing anyone else, quickly walked through the portal back to the mundane side. Harry grimaced as he thought about how much worse the standard bigot British wizarding slang sounded, and re-affirmed his desire to be less offensive to those of mixed blood or race from here on.

Once through the portal, he immediately looked around for Moony, and saw him talking with Tonks. Moving rather quickly, Harry maneuvered himself in between the two and grabbed them by their wand arms.

"Moony, Tonks, I need two favors from you. I need you to first get rid of the Dursley family as soon as possible, and I either need the two of you to meet me at Gringott's in fifteen minutes, or come right back over here and allow me to portkey us there."

The werewolf looked to his companion, and then shrugged. Whispering his response, he spoke quickly. "We're with you cub. Give us a couple minutes to get rid of your relatives."

Standing back out of the way of traffic, Harry watched as the two of them walked past the other Order members, and pulled aside Vernon and Petunia. He stood there, both watching them speak to the Dursleys, as well as keeping an eye out for the Weasleys and Granger. Several minutes later Harry watched as the impromptu meeting dispersed and Tonks and Moony came back in his general direction.

As soon as they were close enough to where he had been standing at, he heard Moony whisper. "Cub, we're ready whenever you are. Where are you at now?"

Harry walked over to them and spoke softly. "Ok Moony, here's how this is going to work, you two walk arm in arm towards the nearest alley then wait for me to make sure the coast is clear. Go, now, before anyone gets too suspicious." With that said, Harry quickly walked out of the immediate area and into the nearest alleyway.

He looked around for a couple of minutes, and then smirked as he saw the couple walk into the alleyway, uncomfortably close to each other. With a flourish, he took off the cloak and put it away in his knapsack. A couple of quick steps and he had the both of them wrapped in an embrace. "I'm sorry for having to do this, but Sirius said that his instructions for me were time-sensitive."

Tonks recovered from her stupor a bit faster, and returned the hug. "It's ok Harry, but what's the rush? Sirius' will shouldn't be ready to be read for a few more weeks."

Remus got a thoughtful look on his face. "That may not necessarily be the case, especially since he was the Lord Black." He turned to Harry. "You probably know why, at least a little bit, of what he's done don't you?"

Smirking at the two of them, Harry nodded. "Shall we go before we are late?" With that said, he linked arms with Tonks on the opposite side of Remus, then whipped out a galleon from his pocket and turned it over twice in his hand.

With nary a sound, the alleyway was empty once again.


For once in his life not stumbling upon landing from the portkey, Harry quickly approached the nearest teller. He looked quietly at the name on the desk, and spoke in fluent Gobbledygook. "Greetings Honorable Steelclaw, May your fortunes ever grow, and may your blades never dull. Might I ask for your assistance in a rather private matter?"

Blinking rapidly, Steelclaw chuckled. "Of course young Heir Potter-Black. May your enemies cower at your feet, and your wealth be ever-increasing. What can I assist you with this day?"

Switching back to English, Harry continued. First he handed the goblin the letter he had been sent. "I was sent this letter in conjunction with the passing of my Godfather, the late Lord Black, and told to ask to speak with Warlord Ragnok."

Not paying a bit of attention to the twin gasps behind them, Steelclaw bowed. "Follow me then, and I will take you to his office."

As they walked, Moony and Tonks kept giving him sidelong glances. Harry noticed but didn't allow them to know that he was noticing at all. Finally they arrived at a small sitting room, and Steelclaw turned and spoke to them. "Please have a seat, and I will be back to get you in a few minutes." He then turned and walked away.

Clearing his throat a few moments later, Moony got Harry's attention. "Ok cub, spill. How on earth do you speak Gobbledygook so fluently, and how did you manage to get into see Warlord Ragnok, who it's rumored hasn't met with a witch or wizard in almost two centuries?"

Smirking, Harry chuckled. "To your first question, in the Black Family Library Sirius and I found a potion that will allow you to learn various different languages. I chose Goblin, French, Latin, and Italian, just to name a few. The answer to your second question, apparently it hasn't been quite as long as you'd think."

Narrowing her eyes, Tonks thought about it for a moment. "Just what are you trying to say Harry?"

Smiling sadly at her, Harry bowed his head slightly. "The last time he met with a wizard or witch was a little over sixteen years ago. Apparently my parents were named Goblin Friends shortly before I was born, and I inherited the status from them."

Wrapping Harry in a hug, Tonks gave him a squeeze. "I'm sorry Harry, just know that anytime you would like to hear about them, I remember a few times from when I was little, and I'm sure my mum would have a few stories to tell as well, considering her and your mother were very close friends."

Hugging her back, Harry smiled for a moment, and then his smile faltered for a moment as he remembered something. He then looked at her. "Nymmy, right? That's what I used to call you…"

Nodding her head so quickly it looked like her head might fall off, the two of them got wrapped up in a loving family embrace again, as Nym let a couple of tears fall.

Several minutes later, after they had composed themselves, Steelclaw returned. "If you will all come with me, Warlord Ragnok will see you now." He then turned and left, fully expecting them to follow.

Heading into the next room, you could immediately get a feel for the Warlord and what he was like. There were multiple trophies from battles, executions, and even a few hunts. Everything was more than tasteful, but still gave proof to the capabilities of the Goblin. Harry looked at the goblin sitting behind the desk, taking his time in doing so.

Ragnok was much taller than most other goblins. He had the scars to prove that he had been victorious in many battles, and had what appeared to be either a platinum or mithril ring through his left eyebrow. He looked up at the approaching group with a weighty gaze that one could tell was weighing and measuring them.

Bowing deeply, Harry spoke first. "Greetings, noble and mighty Warlord Ragnok. May your fortunes grow as mighty as your prowess in battle, and may your enemies always kneel cowering at your feet."

Grinning widely, Ragnok chuckled. "To you as well noble Heir Potter-Black, please, take a seat and we will get down to business. Especially since the main benefactors of Lord Black's will are all here." Clearing his throat and watching as everyone sat, he then continued.

"First and foremost, we need to do a lineage and abilities test for you, Heir Potter-Black." He then pulled a shallow bowl and dagger from a drawer behind the desk, and set it on top of the desk in front of him. Motioning towards the dagger, he continued. "All I need from you is to slice the palm of your hand, allow your palm to fill and then let it pour into the bowl. I will do the rest from there."

Nodding, Harry stood and approached the desk. He took the knife and slowly cut his left palm, not flinching once. Calmly gazing at Ragnok, he cupped his hand, and once it was full tipped it over into the bowl. Once that was complete, Harry went back to his seat and calmly waited for his hand to heal.

Several minutes later the bowl flashed with a brilliant emerald light, followed shortly thereafter by a vivid sapphire light. Grinning in anticipation, Ragnok waved his hands over two sheets of parchment, and then motioned Harry over to him. "Young Heir Potter-Black, we will be going over your Lineage test first. Here are the results of that one." He then handed him the first sheet of parchment.

Hadrian James Potter

PARENTS: James Michael Potter – Father, Lily Marie Potter nee Evans – Mother, Sirius Orion Black – Blood adopted Godfather, Charlotte Adela Malfoi nee Delacour – Blood adopted Godmother

Heir to: The Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter – Father

The Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Gryffindor – Father

The Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Ravenclaw – Mother

The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black – Godfather

The Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Emrys – Potential

Harry was well aware of the possibility of being the Heir of Gryffindor due to the simple matter of Gryffindor's noble blade heeding his call back in second year. In fact, he now stood and raised his right hand. "Noble blade of my ancestor, Godric Gryffindor, I summon you!"

As the blade appeared in his hand, he paid no mind to the gasps of everyone around him. Bringing the blade in front of him in salute to Ragnok, he quickly went to one knee and bowed his head, holding the blade out in front of him balanced on the palms of his hands.

"Warlord Ragnok, knowing what little that I do of Goblin customs when it comes to Goblin crafted items; I return this blade to your people. It has served its master and his descendant well, most recently in my second year, where at the tender age of twelve, I slew Salazar Slytherin's wayward guardian that he left for the school, a thirty meter long, thousand year old Basilisk. I so swear on my honor, life and magic that this is so. So Mote It Be."

Ragnok's eyes bulged in shock, and then in awe. This young man had slain a monstrous beast alone, one that would have normally taken a full twenty goblins or an equal number of wizards. He slowly and respectfully stood from behind the desk, and then walked over to where the young man knelt still.

"Heir Potter-Black today is a day that I never thought that I would see. Today, a wizard has honored me and mine far more than any others have since the days of your ancestor, Duke Gryffindor. Godric was the driving force behind we goblins establishing Gringott's, as such we owed him a debt, which we repaid by forging this blade. Ragnuk the First was the smith who forged it, and due to the ways in which wizards have treated us, we had never thought it to be returned to us. For you to have done this has taken great courage and humility, and for that I thank you on behalf of the Goblin Nation. I would like to reward such nobility, however."

Ragnok grabbed a blade from its sheath at his side. "Rise Heir Potter-Black." Turning to Moony, he continued. "Remus Lupin, will you witness the Rite of Blood Brothers between myself, Warlord Ragnok, and Heir Potter-Black?"

Standing slowly, Moony bowed from the waist. "It would be my honor to witness the Rite for you and my honorary Godson, Warlord Ragnok."

Raising a slender eyebrow at Moony's response, Harry chuckled slightly. "Only one question, will the fact that I have basilisk venom and phoenix tears running through my veins affect either you or the Rite in any ill fashion?"

"You were bitten by an ancient basilisk and managed to live?"

Nodding, Harry rolled up the sleeve of his right arm, baring the scar to all in the room. "By all rights I should be dead. Fortunately for me, I don't do normal, and this is where the second part of my question comes into play. Fawkes, who brought me the sorting hat from whence I drew the blade of Gryffindor, was the phoenix whose tears neutralized the effects of the venom on my system and healed the wound." With that said he rolled the sleeve back down, and turned back towards Ragnok, looking at him expectantly.

Humbled and in awe of the young man in front of him, Ragnok cleared his throat. "I believe that not only would it not pose an issue, but it should also benefit me in receiving the same immunity that you enjoy from all venoms and most poisons."

With that said, Harry's other eyebrow lifted to match the first. "Very interesting, however, I do believe that the saying is 'Time is Money'?"

Laughing fully now, Ragnok held the blade out in front of him. "Now repeat after me, and do not hesitate even once, understood?"

Nodding, Harry steeled himself for what was to come.

In a deep guttural voice, Ragnok began to chant in Latin, with Harry echoing him. Immediately following the beginning of the chant, Ragnok slowly drew the blade across the palm of his right hand, and then handed the blade to Harry who did the same.

After a minute or two of their chanting slowly growing louder and gradually coming into synch, there was a brilliant flash of light, then when it dimmed, there was a swirling aura surrounding the two of them, glowing a bright emerald green and a dark, almost black shade of purple. As the two of them finished the chant one last time, they nodded as one and spoke one last time.


As they finished the Rite, there was another bright flash of light, and once it had dimmed, so too did the aura. Both of them leaned into each other, resting for a moment. Ragnok chuckled for a moment, as did Harry. They broke apart at the same time, and Ragnok gripped his forearm in a warrior's grasp. "Well met, my Brother."

Nodding in affirmation, Harry replied as well. "Well met indeed my Brother."

Turning and heading to their respective seats, Harry sighed as he sat down. Tonks leaned into him and gave him a squeeze as Moony crouched down in front of him. "You ok there Cub?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Harry simply nodded. "Right as rain, Remus, right as rain." Turning back to Ragnok, he continued. "Shall we continue on to the abilities portion now, my brother?"

Nodding his head once in acquiescence, Ragnok handed Harry the other sheet of parchment. "I must apologize in advance my brother, as it would seem that a certain manipulative old bastard has done far more to limit you than I thought possible."

Simply raising an eyebrow and nodding his head once in acknowledgment, Harry accepted the sheet from Ragnok, and turned his gaze towards it.

Hadrian James Potter

Abilities –

Current Level of Power – Mage

Magical Maturity Power Level – Grand Mage


Multi-Animagus – Shadow Phoenix (Unlocked/Capable of transformation), King Cobra/Basilisk Hybrid (Unlocked/Capable of transformation), Imperial Gryphon (As yet not unlocked)

Metamorphmagus (Blocked, APWBD)

Aerimouth (Blocked, APWBD)

Familiar Bonds (Blocked, APWBD)

Talents –

Natural Occlumens (Blocked APWBD)

Natural Legilimens (Blocked APWBD)

Potions Master (Blocked APWBD)

Charms Prodigy

Transfiguration Prodigy

Wandless Magic Prodigy

Core Block - 85% (Blocked APWBD)

Heaving a sigh, Harry closed his eyes and leaned forward for a moment, handing the sheet of parchment off to Moony.

Remus took the proffered sheet and looked it over. His first reaction was anger, followed shortly thereafter by a humorous chuckle. "From the looks of things cub, it would appear that it's up to me to give you a name worthy of a Marauder." He glanced up at Harry in time to see him shake his head.

Sighing once more, Harry gave Moony a sad smile. "Unfortunately, you found out about my abilities a little sooner than I had hoped. I had wanted to wait until I had mastered my third form so that I could be there to support you during the full moon to tell you about my achievement. Sirius gave me a tentative name, pending your approval of course." With that said, he shifted first into his serpent form, which was a nine foot long, slightly larger version of a King Cobra with emerald green eyes, and a lightning bolt in silver scales on the back of his hood.

From there, after he felt that everyone had had enough time to gaze at that form, he shifted into his phoenix form. He was slightly larger than Fawkes in this form; his plumage was greatly different as well. The feathers covering his chest and underwing areas were a dull silver-grey, while the primary coloration was a deep iridescent black with silver tips. His eyes were the same shade of green as always, and as he flew a little around the room, he trilled happily.

Flying back to where he had first transformed, he quickly shifted back to his normal form, only this time he was seated with his legs crossed in front of him Indian style. His eyes were closed and his breathing was deep, slow, and even. After a couple of minutes deep in meditation, his eyes snapped open with a mischievous gleam held deep within the gem-like gaze. He then stood and turned towards Moony, but looked over towards Ragnok. "My brother, have I your permission to achieve my final Animagus form? I believe, no, I know that I have finally found it and achieved an understanding with him."

After seeing Ragnok's nod, he turned towards Moony. "Mr. Moony, may I have the honor of presenting Mr. Eclipse courtesy of Mr. Padfoot?"

Shakily taking his seat, Moony smiled and nodded at Harry.

With a broad smirk in place on his visage, Harry explained further. "It has taken me several months of glimpses of my final form, and becoming…one with my other forms that have finally allowed me to take this final step today Moony. It is yet another link in the chain of memories, hopes, and dreams that connect me through you to my parents', Sirius', and your legacy as Marauders."

Bowing his head as a tear ran down his cheek, Harry slowly shifted into his final form. As he slowly transformed, he grew to almost double his size as far as his height and length went. While he was finishing the change, the wings that sprouted from his back grew out to normal proportions, leaving him with an almost twelve foot wingspan. His coloration wasn't all that different from his phoenix form, with a few minor exceptions. The thick, soft, downy fur that covered all four of his limbs and most of his body was black as night with silver tips. The feathers that covered his wings were also jet black, with crimson and silver feathers covering the leading edge of his wings.

Standing there proudly for a moment, Harry quickly shifted back to his normal shape and size. "So Moony, do you agree with Padfoot's name for me?"

Standing there, Moony chuckled as he bowed slightly to Harry. "Mr. Moony greets and welcomes you to the Marauders, Mr. Eclipse."

Bowing back to Moony, Harry then took a seat. "Now, my Brother, how do we go about removing these bindings? Also is there any way that you have of fixing over ten years of abuse and malnutrition, so that I may achieve my full potential for growth?"

Grinning from ear to ear, Ragnok laughed. "Of course my Brother, and since I am welcoming you to my family, I will have the healers take care of you free of charge as a welcoming gift."

Bowing to Ragnok, Harry smiled at him gratefully. "Let us get started then. Which are we going to be doing first?"

Frowning to himself for a moment, Ragnok thought about it for a minute. He then stood and headed towards a door that blended in with the wall behind him. "I do believe that the best way to go about this is to break the bindings first, and I feel very strongly that the best way of going about this is to go see our healers, and then have you tested by Merlin to see if you are his heir by magic."

Looking at his brother thoughtfully, Harry nodded and followed him.

Remus glanced over and Tonks, receiving a nod in turn, then the both of them stood and followed after the other two.


Groaning ever so slightly, Harry opened his eyes only to start. His vision had somehow gotten worse as it was super blurry. He raised a hand to his face to rub his eyes, only to find his glasses weren't on a side table, they were on his face. Quickly, he grabbed them and tossed them off to the side, to watch in awe as his vision cleared to better than perfect. "YES!"

It was as he sat up that he heard the footsteps rushing his direction. He smiled brightly as he watched Tonks, Moony, Ragnok, and the Goblin healer come rushing around the curtain. Moony did a double take, looking from Harry to the glasses he saw lying there, cracked and broken on the floor. "Everything ok in here cub? We heard your glasses hit the floor and thought there might have been something wrong."

Still smiling as brightly as the sun, Harry shook his head. "Not a damn thing wrong Moony. Matter of fact, things has never been better in my entire life. I can see, Moony. For the first bloody damn time in my life I can see clearly, and without those bloody useless glasses. I feel like I can do anything physically as well as magically."

Smiling broadly at him, Moony leaned over and hugged him, followed by Tonks.

After they had all finished, Harry looked over to Ragnok. "So let me guess, there was something wrong with my scar that kept me from my full mental facilities, as well as damaging my eyesight."

Ragnok nodded once. "Yes, there was a soul leech embedded in your curse scar. Combined with the binding that Dumbledore did, it was damming up almost 95% of your magic. This means that your magic at maturity will not only be at the higher end of the Grand Mage, it may end up breaking into the ArchMage level."

Smirking at that, Harry nodded. He caught a glimpse of Tonks and Remus looking at each other in shock. "What?"

Moony gulped and turned to him. "Well it's a little unusual for you to be as accepting of something so abnormal and not so ordinary. Normally you would be moping and brooding about how you want to be just Harry, and only want to be normal. What's changed?"

Tilting his head and thinking about it for a moment, Harry smiled again. "It's something to do with the soul leech and the bindings. They not only inhibited my magic, but my thought processes, my mental and emotional growth and maturity. I am far more accepting of things that were once far beyond my reach of coming to terms with. As well as the fact that my mental acuity is much, much sharper then it has been. For example, I can recall damn near everything I have ever read now, and can correlate the information, where before, I would have struggled with accomplishing something like that." He sighed in a resigned fashion.

"Can I do anything about this? No, not really. Am I accepting of it? Yes, for the most part because there is nothing I can do about it. It's kind of like Sirius' death. I have finally come to terms with the fact that it isn't my fault. The blame for his death lies with three people. Voldemort, Bellatrix, and Dumbledore." He held up his hand to hold them off for a moment. "No, wait. Hear me out."

Hanging his head for a moment, Harry sighed and then looked up at them. "Voldemort and Bellatrix are no brainers as far as doling out the guilt for his death. Dumbledore is a much more complicated case. To start off with, he knew that Sirius wasn't the secret keeper for my parents. I have done a lot of reading up on the Fidelius charm. There is absolutely no way that since Dumbledore cast the Fidelius that he didn't know who the secret keeper was. Strike one. Next take into consideration that Dumbledore is the Chief Warlock. Having read up on the duties of the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, he was the sole one responsible for seeing that Sirius received a trial and could have made sure of it. We all know the results of that, and there is strike two. Now we get into the really fun stuff."

Here Harry paused and reached for a glass of water at his bedside. Grasping it in his hand, he sipped from it, carefully studying the shocked faces in front of him. "Something that was restored to my memory as well as everything else being corrected that was done to me was seeing a copy of my parents will. In it they specifically state what was to happen to me should the worst happen to them, including who I was and was not to be raised by. The main witnesses to it were Sirius and Albus Dumbledore." Harry turned to Ragnok. "They swore out the will in front of you, did they not my Brother?"

Nodding, Ragnok grinned. "Yes indeed they did."

Grinning in turn, Harry nodded and turned back to Moony and Tonks. "I was supposed to be raised by Sirius. If he wasn't able to, then I was supposed to the Longbottoms, followed by the Bones. At the very end of the last section, they specifically stated that I was not ever supposed to go to the Dursley's, not even as a last resort. Strike three, you're out." Harry looked up at them grimly. "Now do you understand why I am so reluctant to trust in Dumbledore?"

Getting nods from the both of them, he turned back to Ragnok. "Well my Brother, shall we get to the testing now?"

Shaking his head Ragnok looked at him. "First we need to get you dressed in accordance with your station and get you your Head of House rings. Then we can get to the testing." With that, he pulled out a small box from a pouch at his waist, and then waved his hand over it, enlarging the box. It was quite ornately carved with the Potter crest on top, with another crest where the lock would be, this one ornately engraved in what appeared to be mithril. As he set the box down in front of Harry, he looked up at him expectantly.

Reaching down to grab the box, Harry sat there with it resting in the palm of one hand, and set the tip of his index finger to the crest. He waited while the crest punctured his finger, thus testing his blood, and then heard a small click. Opening the box, he smiled as he saw the four rings in front of him. The first one he grasped was the Potter ring. It was a platinum band with a ruby that had the Potter crest beneath the ruby. Above and below the ruby were two scrolls with writing in Latin. The one above was inscribed with the words Sors Ventus Temerarus, Fortune Favors the Bold. The one below actually made him shudder a bit, as it read Nex ut Proditor, or Death to Betrayers. As he put the ring on his finger, he felt the knowledge and lore of his ancestors settle in his mind as the ring resized to fit his finger.

The next ring he selected was the Black ring. It was similar in design to the Potter Family's, with a gem set in a platinum band. The only difference besides the scrollwork was in the gem itself. This stone was a brilliant black opal, and the scroll above it read Prosapia Supremus Totus, Family Above All. He slid that ring on his finger next and watched as it merged with the Potter Family ring.

The third one he went for was the Gryffindor ring. This one was a gold band with a fire opal as the stone in the center. On either side of the stone were two griffins rampant, appearing to hold the stone in place. The scrollwork on this ring held the words Virtus, Veneratio, Prosapia, or in English, Courage, Honor, Family.

After watching that ring and merging the knowledge held within it with the previous two rings, he then went for the fourth and final ring, the ring of Ravenclaw. He held it reverently, savoring the link to his mother. Even though she had never claimed the ring as the Heir to Ravenclaw, somehow just holding it in his hand made him feel closer to her. The ring was made of platinum, with a brilliant blue star sapphire. Above it inscribed in the scrollwork was Scientia Potestas est, or Knowledge is Power. Once this final ring was merged with the others, he gained not only the Family knowledge, but also a basis in Arithmancy and Ancient Runes.

He sat back, momentarily winded, and then smirked up at everyone for a minute. "Well that was entertaining. Shall we depart from here and get my clothes attended to now?"

And here is Chapter one. I am going to make this story either Harry/Multi or Harry/Harem, just kinda undecided at the moment. I would appreciate any PM's with names of girls that you all would like to see involved with Harry. This is not going to be a Dumble-bash story, Dumbledore has just made some rather vast mistakes, thinking that he knows best, and will be set down and corrected in the coming chapters.

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