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"Foreign Language"




Chapter 6: Meetings

JUNE 23, 1996


After breakfast this morning Harry had sent a note that was charmed only to be read by Albus off with Hedwig. The note had the password to the Floo there at the manor, and he had explained that it would be available to anyone that Albus deemed it was safe to admit within reason.

From there Harry's morning was taken up by sitting down with Cissa and going through marriage and betrothal contracts that had been pouring in over the last two days. "What poor witches am I going to have to leave heartbroken today Aunt Cissa?"

Smirking gently, Cissa giggled. "In actuality, I think that there are two here that you should consider, Harry. One is from House Greengrass for House Ravenclaw, and the other is for House Black with House Davis. At least that is the way that I would arrange the matches, Harry."

Harry leaned forward slightly, frowning in thought as he accepted the two contracts from his aunt to look over. "Daphne Greengrass and Tracy Davis, hmmm? Both are attractive, intelligent, yet they are both excessively cold and distant. What are your thoughts on the matter?"

Taking a sip from her cuppa, Cissa cocked her head to one side as she marshaled her thoughts on this particular topic. "Yes Harry, I do agree with you on all points. They are quite lovely ladies and would produce strong, healthy, and handsome heirs. They are both in the top ten students in Hogwarts, so yes they are extremely intelligent women as well."

She stopped to take another drink, and then continued. "There is a reason that they are so cold and aloof, and that I'm afraid is because the Wizarding World is well behind the times as far as equality between the sexes. They have more than likely been raised to ignore the desires of their hearts, and taught that their place is to be submissive, loyal wives who will provide an heir for their future husbands. The other thing is that they have no hope for a career for themselves, as their place is to be seen and not to express their opinion, to raise their children properly and run the home."

As Harry took all this in, he looked up to the ceiling and sighed. "There are so many things that need to change, Aunt Cissa. The thing that worries me is that so many of the proposals we have received are all about selling their daughters to me like they were cattle, or land. That to me is unacceptable!"

As he spoke, a thought crossed his mind. "Didn't Draco say something about a younger sister of Daphne's that he had thought was rather attractive? Astoria, wasn't it?"

Smirking, Cissa nodded. "Yes Harry, he did indeed. What did you have in mind? The reason I ask is that smirk you have, that was the same smirk Siri used to get right before he played a prank on somebody."

Chuckling Harry nodded. "I was thinking about it, and this is what I would like from you Aunt Cissa. I would like you to invite the Davis and Greengrass families to dine with us. I will make two portkeys to Avalon Manor. Please do not tell them where the portkeys go, and tell them that they are one time only portkeys. They will be time activated at exactly 6 pm, and the dress code for the evening will be formal. Also allow them to know that after dinner there will be discussion about the joining of their houses to ours, both for myself and Cousin Draco."

Cissa giggled for a moment, and then smiled at Harry. "That is a most ingenious plan, Lord Black. One truly worthy of a Slytherin. First you throw them off balance by inviting them to a legendary home, then dinner, and finally you sly little man, you throw them all a kilter by drawing up a betrothal contract for Astoria before getting around to your own! Sheer genius, Milord, brilliant indeed."

Grinning, Harry bowed his head in acknowledgement. "Set the date for the dinner for a week from today, the 30th of June if you would please. Also send a letter to Minister Bones to come to dinner at Avalon Manor as well on the 28th of June to discuss terms for a Marriage Contract between House Emrys and House Bones, if you would please Aunt Cissa."

Nodding her agreement as she summoned parchment and quill, she started to pen the required letters as a thought struck her. "My Lord, when are you planning on consummating your marriage to Oriana?"

Smiling sadly at her, he sighed as he answered. "When it feels right, Cissy, when it feels right. It will be soon, to be honest. I have found that I do care for her deeply; I just wish I knew what love feels like so that I could know that I love her and don't just like her. Does that make any sense?"

She nodded her head as she finished up the letter to the Bones' family. "Can I ask you a couple of questions Harry?"

He nodded once, leaning forward as he did so.

"Is she one of the last things you think about before going to sleep and one of the first things you think about when you awake?" Nod.

"Do you desire to make her happy and keep her safe?" Nod.

"When you kiss her does it make your heart feel like you could fly, no broom involved?" Nod.

"Then I'd say you're starting to fall in love with her, as those are some of the usual signs. All I can say is to treasure each of the women in your life. Cherish them, hold them close, and never let them go."

Standing up, Harry walked over to her and gave her a hand up. As soon as she was standing, he wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her gently. "Thank you Aunt Cissy. I needed to hear that, and I am grateful for your presence in my life." She smiled as she returned the hug.

At this point in time Dobby popped in. "Master Harry, Headmaster Longbeard has Flooed in and is waiting for yous in the study."

Grinning at the appellation that Dobby had given Albus, Harry nodded at Dobby. "Thank you Dobby. Would you be so kind as to go and let Oriana know that she is needed down in the drawing room, as quickly as possible please?"

Bowing, Dobby popped out of the room as both Harry and Narcissa left for the study. Shortly after they left, Oriana came from upstairs and greeted them both. Looking at Cissa, Harry raised his eyebrows and tilted his head towards the study.

She smiled and nodded as she picked up the pace, gathering what his intentions were almost immediately.

As soon as she had turned the corner ahead, Harry offered his arm to his wife and then slowed the pace a bit. Oriana looked at her husband, just a bit confused. "Harry, is something wrong?"

Shaking his head, Harry smiled and kissed her forehead. "No, for once in my life things are going quite well. I actually wanted to talk to you about something that struck me earlier when I was talking with Aunt Cissa."

Here he stopped her and turned towards her, while wrapping his arms around her waist. Harry gazed deep into her eyes and took a deep breath. "I came to the realization earlier that I don't just like you or care for you, Ori. I am slowly falling in love with you, and have been ever since I laid eyes on you. I have seen how kind and caring you are, how compassionate and sweet you have been towards me, and how intelligent and sly you can be as well. Yes, my dear, you are beautiful, but in you I find that your beauty isn't only skin deep. I find that you are beautiful inside and out, and the simple fact that you care for me as much as you do basically blows me away. I love you, Iolanthe Oriana Potter, and I will continue to love you more as time goes by."

Stunned by his admission, Oriana stood there as tears filled her eyes, completely speechless as his words echoed in her mind and heart. She then reached up and circled her arms around his neck and kissed him as deeply as she could.

As the couple separated, they simply considered each other for a moment longer before turning and walking towards the study, their arms wrapped around each other.

Once the walked into the study, they found Narcissa and Albus making small talk. Once they had been seen, Albus stood and bowed his head to the couple. "Your Grace, Milady, thank you for sparing the time to meet with me today."

Returning the gesture, Harry smiled. "Lord Dumbledore, I'm sure that I speak for both my Lady wife and I when I say that it is an honor to meet with you. What exactly did you have in mind for the topic of discussion?"

Albus smiled slightly as he chuckled. "Before we begin, might I trouble you for some refreshment? Oh, and please call me Albus. I do believe that you have earned that."

Harry shook his head as he laughed at himself. "Of course, Albus, but only if you call me Hadrian. Also I humbly apologize for my lack of manners in not offering refreshment." He turned and called for Dotty.

"Yes, Master Hadrian?"

"Would you bring us in some tea please Dotty, as well as some of those delightful new limon biscuits that you just recently started making?"

She nodded and popped out to attend to the work she was tasked with, and popped back in very shortly afterward.

Nodding at the biscuits, Harry took a cuppa from the tray. "I think you might actually enjoy these Albus. They are flavored similarly to those lemon drops you so enjoy."

Taking one, Albus bit into it and took his time savoring the taste. "These are quite good, Hadrian. I might have to have one or two of the elves from school learn how to make them."

He then popped the rest of it into his mouth, and then went fishing in his robes for something. Once he had found it, he pulled out an envelope and handed it over to Harry. "I took the liberty of gathering your O level scores from the Ministry earlier this morning as they had gone ahead and graded them. Keep in mind that everyone else will receive their scores in the next couple of weeks, as well as the fact that I'm quite sure there will be a few people who will be most upset with the way that you have managed to excel this year with your test scores. Go ahead and open them, take a look Hadrian." Now slightly nervous, Harry cracked the seal and began to read.

O.W.L. Scores for Hadrian James Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Emrys

Passing Grades -

O – Outstanding

EE – Exceeds Expectations

A – Acceptable

Failing Grades –

P – Poor

D – Dreadful

T – Troll

Ancient Runes –

Written – O+

Practical – N/A

Overall – O+*

Arithmancy –

Written – O+

Practical – N/A

Overall – O+*

Astronomy –

Written – O

Practical – O

Overall – O


Written – O

Practical – O

Overall – O

Charms –

Written – O

Practical – O+

Overall – O


Written – O+

Practical – O+

Overall – O++**

Herbology –

Written – O

Practical – EE

Overall – O

History of Magic –

Written – EE

Practical – N/A

Overall – EE

Potions –

Written – O

Practical – O

Overall – O

Transfiguration –

Written – O+

Practical – O+

Overall – O+*

TOTAL O.W.L.s – 19

*Highest recorded scores in over 200 years

**Highest score ever recorded

Top Ten Students in your year –

1st – Harry Potter, Gryffindor

2nd – Daphne Greengrass, Slytherin

3rd – Hermione Granger, Gryffindor

4th – Padma Patil, Ravenclaw

5th – Lisa Turpin, Ravenclaw

6th – Susan Bones, Hufflepuff

7th – Su Li, Ravenclaw

8th – Tracy Davis, Slytherin

9th – Terry Boot, Ravenclaw

10th – Hannah Abbott, Hufflepuff

Congratulations, Your Grace on your success in passing. You are eligible for the following NEWT level classes: Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, COMC, Charms, DADA, Herbology, History of Magic, Potions, and Transfiguration. You may choose any six of these and four advanced electives to study for your remaining years at Hogwarts. The advanced electives are the following: Spellcrafting, Law and Politics, Warding and Curse Breaking, Estate Management and Investments, Wandless Magic, Healing and First Aid, Dueling, and Animagus Transformation.

Once again Your Grace, congratulations and good luck in your future endeavors,

Dowager Lady Marchbanks,

Chief Examiner, Department of Magical Education

Sighing in relief, Harry passed the scores over to his wife and looked at Albus. "I will be taking NEWT level Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Charms, DADA, Potions and Transfiguration. The electives that I will be taking are Spellcrafting, Estate Management, Warding, and Dueling."

With a little confusion on his face, Albus nodded. "Just out of curiosity, why would you not want to take the Animagus course? I would have thought that it would have given you a connection to your parents and Sirius?"

Grinning widely at Albus, Harry stood and approached the man. "Why would I go through the class when I have already achieved the course's aims?" With that said he shifted into his phoenix form and flew over to his wife, where he landed on her shoulder and trilled a warm happy tune.

Shifting back, Harry took a bow. "So tell me Albus, what do you think?"

Chuckling, Albus shook his head. "I'm guessing Sirius was at work with this. I must say Harry that I am very much impressed. It has been nearly a thousand years since there has been an Animagus capable of reaching a magical form. Are you registered?"

Smirking at him, Harry nodded. "Just not in Britain, since the records they keep are public domain. I am registered with the ICW, as they keep the information restricted on a need to know basis. You haven't seen the best part though, as I am also the first Multi-Animagus in almost 500 years as well."

He then showed Albus his other two forms, and then after changing back to normal, took a bow to the older man's applause.

"Thank you for sharing this with me Harry. I would like for you to continue with the DA, only in a more professional status. I would like for it to include any and all who wish to take it from fourth year on up. You would be the primary instructor, with the powers of any other Professor in regards to the class. Also you would have Filius as a sponsor for this class, which we have decided to rename Practical Defense."

Nodding his head, for a moment Harry thought about the offer. "I'm willing to accept the offer with a couple of conditions. First, I will not accept any children of Death Eaters. End of Statement. Second, I would like to receive additional instruction in transfiguration, namely in conjuration and the application of transfiguration in combat and dueling from you. Twice a month for a couple of hours would be most appreciated."

Frowning, Albus thought it over. After about five minutes, he looked up at Harry. "Agreed Harry, I would meet with you for three hours once a week, Saturday evenings would be preferable."

Taking a moment to seek his wife's approval, at Ori's smile and nod Harry turned back to Albus. "We have an accord, and I do thank you for any and all assistance that you give me."

Smiling at the younger man, Albus stood and bowed his head to Harry. "It is the least I can do to start repaying you the wrongs I have done you, Harry. I will do anything I can to prepare you for the eventual confrontation with Tom, this I swear to you."

Nodding his head in thanks, Harry escorted Albus to the Floo. Once he was gone, Harry gathered his thoughts for a moment, generally pleased with how the meeting had gone.


Harry stood with his wife in the apparition/portkey reception area waiting for the arrival of Madam Amelia Bones and Lady Susan Bones.

Having spent the better part of the last week in getting the customs and courtesies drilled into his head by both Narcissa and Charlotte, so that he was well-prepared for any eventuality and Harry felt that his preparation was at least adequate for the time being. Charlotte had focused primarily on his duties and customs that he would need to follow, while Narcissa had focused more on the Wizengamot and dealings with contracts, as well as setting him up with a solicitor to help him ensure that the contracts that he negotiated were fair for both parties.

He was shortly drawn out of his thoughts by the two guests that he was expecting. With his wife firmly at his side he greeted the two ladies. "Greetings to you both, Minister Bones and Lady Bones and welcome to Avalon Manor."

Holding in his chuckle at the looks of shock that graced their faces, Harry and Oriana approached the two ladies to greet them properly. "Ladies, may I introduce my wife and first among equals, Lady Iolanthe Oriana Potter."

Making a slight turn towards his wife he then introduced both the other Ladies. "Milady, may I present the Minister of Magic, Minister Amelia Bones, as well as her niece Lady Susan Demetra Bones."

Rather quickly getting over their initial shock the two guests followed their host and hostess through the entry hall, getting a miniature tour of the Manor. They arrived in the less formal dining area a few minutes later, where they found Narcissa, Draco, and Charlotte waiting for them.

Ladies, allow me to introduce the members of my family. First up is my Godmother and mother to my lovely wife, Charlotte Malfoi. Next is my aunt Narcissa Black as well as her son, my cousin, Draco Procyon Black."


Shortly after dinner they all retired to the lounge and were seated. Harry sighed as he interlaced his fingers in front of his face and then opened the discussion. "My Lady Susan, before we begin this evening I have a couple of questions for you. First and foremost is this: do you desire a marriage between the two of us, knowing that you will have to share me with four other women besides yourself?"

Taking a moment to calm herself, Susan nodded. "Yes, Milord, I do indeed desire this. You are a humble, caring, and loving man who I know would always put us first in his life. Because of this I am not worried about having to share you, as that would more than likely have been the case for me regardless."

Nodding in turn, Harry grimaced mentally at the end of her response, and turned thoughtful for a moment. "In that case, what would you like to see included in the marriage contract?"

Taking a moment to breathe, Susan giggled and jumped for joy mentally. "I can only think of one thing, Your Grace, and that is if we were to have a second son, that he be the Heir of House Bones."

Smiling at her, Harry simply nodded. "I had already planned on that my dear. If there's nothing else, why don't you and Oriana go and get acquainted while your Aunt and I hammer out the rest of the contract?"

Gently blushing, the two ladies stood and curtsied, and then left the room arm in arm. Harry then turned back to Amelia and chuckled as they got to work on the Marriage Contract.


Tom Riddle had been weakened after the debacle that had happened in the Atrium. He was also quite furious about the whole ordeal, and made sure that his minions were aware of this fact.

Not only that, but Lucius had fallen over dead at the last meeting. There was no evidence of any foul play, no poison, no trace of magic, nothing. Since that eliminated the largest part of his funding, as there was no sign anywhere of his wife or heir, that only seemed to anger him even more.

Now he sat in his throne room, impatiently awaiting his Inner Circle. They had better have results or there was going to be pain and suffering before he was through this evening.

Approximately ten minutes before they were supposed to begin they started to arrive. Severus Snape, Alecto and Amycus Carrows, Rodolphus and Rastaban Lestrange along with Bellatrix were the first to arrive. They were followed shortly thereafter by Theodore Nott Sr., Walden Macnair, Thomas Avery, Walter Crabbe, Francis Goyle, Augustus Rookwood and Peter Pettigrew.

"Greetings, my friends. What news do you have for me this evening?"

They all knelt and bowed as he spoke; only raising their heads after he had finished. Macnair was the first to speak. "My Lord, I have received news that Amelia Bones is about to pass some laws that would possibly cripple our cause. To whatever end you desire, I have managed to acquire her home address."

Nodding in acceptance, Voldemort waved his hand at Macnair. "Thank you, Macnair. I am sure that that information will be invaluable in tonight's raid efforts. Rookwood, have you discovered any of the information that I asked of you?"

Raising his head ever so slightly, Augustus smirked evilly. "Yes, My Lord. I have acquired the addresses for the Mudblood friend of Potter's, as well as the Lovegood's, the Finch-Fletchely's, the Abbotts', and the McLaggen's."

"Well done Augustus, well done indeed." He then turned his attention to Snape. "Severus, I must admit myself to be a bit puzzled by something. When last we spoke, you told me that Potter was incapable of occluding his mind, and yet I find myself unable to enter his mind over the past few weeks. Why is that I ask myself?"

Here Voldemort stood and paced in front of his Inner Circle. "I find that there can only be a couple of answers. One possible answer is that Potter managed to outthink you Severus, and I find that to be intriguing as a possibility especially in light of the fact that he and five other students managed to duel twelve of you to a standstill."

Stopping in front of Severus, he continued. "One of the other two reasons I find to be rather disturbing, and that one is that you have been deceitful with me. The last, and the most unlikely, is that he has found an artifact of some sort that is keeping me out. Which one is it, Severus?"

Gulping quietly, Severus quietly answered. "I am unsure if the Potter brat is truly capable of outthinking anyone My Lord, but I offer my oath on my Magic and my Life that I have not been deceitful with you." A bright flash of light flared, sealing his oath, and as the light dimmed, he was still breathing and alive.

Grinning wickedly at his servants, the Dark Lord bade them rise. "Now then, Bellatrix and Rodolphus, you will lead a team to the Mudblood's house. Be sure and take Dolohov with you as I am sure that he will likely want a chance at unfinished business."

He then turned to Goyle. "Crabbe, Goyle, and Nott you will lead a team against the Finch-Fletchely's. Rookwood and Macnair, the Lovegood's. Avery and Rastaban, the McLaggen's. Amycus and Alecto, you shall take out the Abbotts'."

Here he turned back to Snape. "Snape, you shall accompany me to the Bones', where we shall express my deep disappointment in her policy changes."

Once he had finished, he turned his back to his followers and sat in his throne. "You have one hour to prepare your teams, now go."


Having finished the Marriage Contract and signing it, Harry, Susan, and Oriana were sitting and laughing with Amelia when Harry felt a burning heat in his pocket. He gasped as he pulled out his DA galleon and read what was on the edge. It heated up three more times as the message changed to different locations.

Summoning a piece of parchment and conjuring a quill, Harry spoke to Amelia as he wrote down a message. "Amelia, Voldemort is attacking in force tonight, can you get some Aurors to the Abbott's and the Finch-Fletchely's? I am sending a note to Albus via phoenix to get the Order to the Lovegood's and to send backup to the Granger's which is where I will be heading."

Nodding Amelia ran to the fireplace and got busy coordinating the Auror support.

Meanwhile, Susan and Ori both turned to Harry. "What can we do to help, Harry?"

Signing his name to the missive, Harry called for Mel, and once she had flamed in Harry quickly told her to take the letter to Albus and then return. Once he had finished and Mel had flamed away, Harry turned to his two wives. "Prepare for wounded, as I have instructed Albus to bring any wounded here from the Lovegood's and I will be sending any from the Granger's here as well."

Both of the women nodded, and started calling on the elves as Harry swapped out his robes for basilisk hide armor. Once he had swapped out and was ready, Mel flamed back in and carried him to the Granger's.


Appearing in the back yard of the Granger home, Harry had his wands out and at the ready as he walked around towards the front of the house where he could hear spellfire.

Peering out from behind the bushes he could see three Death Eaters that he was able to recognize right away, and those were Bellatrix, Rodolphus, and Dolohov. He counted another nine or so and quickly walked back to the back yard and waited for his backup to arrive.

Within minutes Fawkes had arrived with three people from the Order. Harry was pleasantly surprised to see Remus, Nym, and Hestia Jones. "Remus, Nym, Hestia I need you to take out the nine lower end Death Eaters. I will be apparating behind Dolohov, Bellatrix, and Rodolphus and as soon as I have done so I need you to put up anti-apparition and anti-portkey wards around the house, as the protective wards are about ready to fall. Don't argue, we don't have time, just do it please."

Once he had finished laying out the plan of attack, they heard the wards fall, followed by the sound of the front door caving in. Harry popped to the front of the house and appeared silently behind Dolohov who was the last one to go inside the house. He crept up behind the man, and as he heard the first crucio from the Death Eaters raised his wand and silently cast. 'Crenae et fervere.'

He watched as the orange crescent-shaped curse flew towards the neck of the man, and burned its way completely through both his neck and Rodolphus'. Quickly he cast a silencio at both of their bodies, ensuring that they dropped without a sound. "Greetings Bellatrix, how goes the groveling at the Half-blood Lord's feet?"

Whipping around Bellatrix started to cackle before noticing the two corpses at his feet. She instantly got angry and started to slowly walk towards him. "The rest of you peons, take care of the Mudblood and her family. Potty is mine."

Nodding at her as he slowly backed out the door and into the front yard, Harry shivered mentally as he felt the wards go up. He paused as he allowed Bella to position herself across from him and then smirked at her. "Bella, I do believe that your master has demanded the right of killing me, has he not?"

Her eyes smoldering with anger, Bella smiled wickedly at him. "I don't think he'll mind if you're bruised, bloody, and broken." She then whipped her wand forward and cast the boiling blood curse, an organ crushing curse, and then an entrail expelling curse in a spell chain.

Waving his wand Harry conjured several blocks of marble, levitating them in front of the incoming curses. As soon as he saw them start to shatter, he rapidly transfigured many of the pieces into steel blades and banished them back at Bellatrix.

She stood there for a second, momentarily stunned at the level of improvement that the young man had made in such a short period of time. Then as quickly as possible she cast a physical shield spell to take the brunt of them, vanishing what she could before it hit. She then cackled loudly, "Itty bitty Potty thinks he's learned how to duel!"


Nym, Hestia, and Remus all looked at each other before preparing to cast the wards. As soon as they cast the anti-traveling wards, they immediately headed for the back door, where they could hear Hermione valiantly trying to defend her parents. Remus cast a spell allowing them to see through the door, and they watched as Hermione fell to a curse as someone else tortured her mother under the Cruciatus curse.

Remus nodded to Hestia, who then unleashed a bombarda at the door, then banishing the shards at the Death Eaters. They quickly entered the house and within moments had four of them bound and stunned. Nym faced off against two as did Moony, leaving Hestia with one.

Hearing Bellatrix cackle got them all to hurry, as they didn't know that Harry was only facing her and they all thought that Harry was facing three of Voldemort's best duelers. Nym took down her two first, then turned to help Remus as one of the two he was dueling cast the silver spear curse at his back. She quickly shielded Moony and then took down the man who had cast against him. Once they had everyone secured Moony called for Mel. "Hermione, I need you to grab hold of your parents and then grasp onto Mel's tail feathers so that we can get your family taken care of."

Nodding as she allowed the tears to course down her face, Hermione did as instructed. Her family was flamed out of there in short order, leaving Moony, Nym, and Hestia en route for the front yard.

They paused just inside the doorway, looking down at the bodies of Dolohov and Rodolphus, stunned at the unknown curse that had taken them down. "What the hell kind of hex or curse cauterizes the wound as it cuts?"

Hestia and Moony simply shook their heads at Nym's question and they headed out the door. Taking in the scene in front of them, they saw bits and pieces of rubble all over the yard, and watched in awe as Harry and Bellatrix dueled back and forth.


As Harry and Bellatrix dueled, Bella decided to taunt the young man. She insulted his parents, his bloodline, his godfather, and yet nothing seemed to shake the young man. Quick as a wink as soon as she thought she saw an opening, she threw the first Unforgiveable of the night. "CRUCIO!"

Harry smirked as he cast the shield spell he had specifically created for the three unblockable spells. "AEGIS SPECULUM!"

He heard gasps as the Cruciatus was reflected back at Bellatrix, and then watched her scream before the curse was lifted and she collapsed to the ground. As soon as she started to fall, he immediately cast what he hoped would be his last spell for the evening. "ADLIGAMENTUM DORMIO."

As everyone watched, the pale blue beam struck Bellatrix, knocking her out and binding her with steel chains. Harry turned to the others and grinned. "I would be willing to guess that you have everyone else taken care of inside?"

Nodding as they approached the young man, Moony grinned through his tears. "You got her for Sirius, cub. Thank you."

"Anytime Moony. Nym, Hestia, can you two take over from here? Moony and I are going to go and see how everyone else is holding up."

Getting two nods from them, Harry mentally summoned Mel, and then turned to Moony. "Albus and Mad-Eye should be fine at the Lovegood's. We are going to the Abbott's, because I don't think Susan would ever forgive me if anything happened to Hannah and there was anything in my power that I could have done."

Once he had gotten Moony's agreement they both grabbed hold of Mel's tail feathers and then flashed to the Abbott's.


Amelia threw another handful of Floo powder into the fire and called out to Hogwarts Hospital wing. "Poppy! I am going to need your assistance in a short while. Grab your bag and any potions or medicines you would need for after a battle, then call for Dotty and she will bring you to where you are needed."

Poppy nodded and got busy, as Amelia cut the connection.

Turning around and thinking about what was going on, Amelia stopped for a moment. "Tessie!"

Hearing the little elf pop in, Amelia knelt and spoke to her. "Is our home under attack, Tessie?"

Seeing the elf nod, Amelia swore under her breath. "Gather the elves and get everything of value to our vault and then return here. As a matter of fact, Dobby!"

"Minister Bonesy calls Dobby?"

Amelia nodded. "Yes Dobby. I need you and a couple other elves to help my elves in salvaging anything you can from my home. I don't care if I have to rebuild Bones Manor, but there are many irreplaceable memories and mementos that will need to be saved. Will you help?"

Nodding fiercely, Dobby popped away with Tessie, leaving Amelia to sigh in relief. She quickly headed for the makeshift infirmary that Susan and Oriana were setting up. As she shot through the door, Poppy popped in with Dotty and she began to take charge.

Directing the three women, Poppy had a credible aid station set up in no time. She then had Oriana go to the Potions lab and start brewing various things that she knew that they would need.

Then everything hit the fan all at once.

First was the Lovegood family, of whom only one was injured seriously. With them came Bill Weasley and Auror Savage, both of whom were severely wounded.

Then came the Finch-Fletchely's, along with Aberforth and Albus Dumbledore, all of whom were slightly injured.

Albus got Susan's attention for a moment. "Ms. Bones, I need for you to go and get your Aunt. Quickly if you will."

Nodding, Susan quickly walked off and got her aunt. Within minutes they both approached the aging Headmaster. "What's wrong Albus?"

Frowning for a moment as he greeted the two Bones, Albus sighed. "I regret to inform you that Alastor Moody was killed repelling the attack from the Finch-Fletchely's. Also, have you received any word from the Abbott's yet? That was where Remus and Harry were headed to after the Granger's."

Shaking her head numbly, Susan hoped that everyone was ok there….


Reeling from the rapid transport, Moony quickly tossed a glance at the grounds and outer house, just to get an idea for just who they were facing off against here. Harry mirrored the older man, and motioned him onwards as they heard the sounds of screaming.

They took off at a quick pace, and came in the house cautiously. As they entered the building, they could see a few Death Eaters as well as a couple of Aurors lying dead here and there. Harry nodded towards the sounds of spellfire, motioning Remus in that direction, while he headed towards the screaming.

As Harry got closer to the screaming, it abruptly cut off, and turned into feminine whimpering. He rounded a corner and came upon one of the Death Eaters taking off his robes and chuckling. "Ain't nobody gonna come for ya, luv. No one here but you and I, and you're going to take the edge off an itch for me."

Standing there for a moment, Harry saw Hannah mostly clothed, lying on the floor at the feet of Amycus Carrows. Harry got her attention and mimed her closing her eyes as he readied his wands. Once he was sure that she had gotten the message, he slowly stood. "Amycus Carrows, are you ready to die?"

The man whirled and looked behind him, slowly grinning as he realized who it was standing there. "Well, well, well, who we have got here. It looks like someone wants to play the hero. I would have thought that you would have gone to the aid of your Mudblood, but here you are."

Smirking at the evil bastard in front of him, Harry chuckled. "I did show up there first, and poor old Rudy and Anton ended up dead. Bella? She's a little tied up at the moment."

As Harry spoke, the look on Amycus' face got darker and crueler. "Well it looks like it's up to me to capture you and take you to my Lord then." With that said, he flicked his wand at Harry sending a dark purple curse at Harry.

Casting a shield with one wand, Harry launched a burnt orange curse back at him. Dodging back and forth, they dueled for nearly fifteen minutes. Amycus taunted the young man at first, but soon grew quiet when he saw that they had no effect on Harry.

Somehow in the midst of the melee, they had exchanged positions and Amycus took note of that, sending a killing curse straight at Hannah. Harry spun to his left, transfigured a marble wall in front of her, and the called for his phoenix. Once Harry had ensured that Mel had taken care of Hannah, he transfigured the wall into a pair of wolves and compelled them to attack Amycus.

Right as he had done that, he watched the senior Death Eater attempt to portkey out and he chuckled as the older man attempted to escape. "Anti-traveling wards are a pain in the arse, huh?"

Growling at the young man, he started a spell chain and flung the curses at Harry. Dodging left and right, Harry launched his new binding curse in Parseltongue and watched as a dark forest green curse left his wand and shot towards the male Carrows sibling.

Taking a deep breath as he watched the curse hit him, Harry ran back down the hallway to check on Moony and see how he was holding up. He got there in time to see Remus and Lord Abbott take down the final couple of Death Eaters.

Slowing his pace down a bit, Harry smiled at Moony. "Well that makes four of his Inner Circle taken down today, not bad for a day's work huh Moony?"

Chuckling a bit at that comment, Moony nodded. "Yes cub that it is indeed. Lord Abbott, may I introduce Lord Harry James Potter-Black. Your Grace, Lord Matthew Allan Abbott."

Stretching out his hand, Harry shook the elder man's hand firmly. "It's an honor to meet you Lord Abbott."

Laughing quietly, Matthew smiled at the young man. "No, Your Grace, the honor is mine, especially in light of the fact that you came to our rescue along with the rest of these brave people."

Snorting in anger at the compliment paid to Harry, Auror Dawlish mumbled slightly under his breath, "Yeah, sure, just show up at the last minute and take all the credit for the work we've done…arrogant bastard…"

Holding up a hand to forestall Lord Abbott's outrage for the moment, Harry calmly walked up to the Auror, pulling out his wand and letting it shift into its natural form of a staff. "Auror John Dawlish, I find your lack of respect and common courtesy to be greatly insulting. I am Lord Harry James Potter-Black-Gryffindor-Ravenclaw-Emrys, and you would dare to impugn my honor with such slander? I will have you know that I alone have taken down four, FOUR, of Voldemort's Inner Circle today. Dolohov and Rodolphus Lestrange will not draw breath anymore, Bellatrix and Amycus Carrows shall both spill every last drop of knowledge they possess before being cast through the Veil. And yet you still seek to insult me? Think carefully on your response, Auror."

Paling at the fury in the young Lord's eyes, Auror Dawlish gulped. "I...I beg your pardon, Your Grace. I was in the wrong and humbly beg your forgiveness."

Nodding his head at the Auror, Harry spoke once more, still in the calm tone of voice that he had used previously. "I am not the only one you owe an apology to Auror Dawlish. I will leave it up to Lord Abbott to determine your penance, for it is House that you have offended as well as mine."

With that said he turned his back to the Auror and walked back over to Matthew and Remus. "My apologies, Lord Abbott, as I didn't intend to infringe upon your rights in your own home. My phoenix will take your family to the place where your daughter Hannah is being treated, as she was wounded and almost raped by Amycus Carrows. I was fortunate enough to get here in time to stop him, thankfully."

Matthew bowed his head in gratitude to Harry. "No apologies are necessary, Your Grace. You have acted nobly and my family and I are in your debt for your actions this day. We will be along shortly, and if you would be so kind, please inform Hannah that the rest of us are for the most part unhurt I would be forever grateful."

Nodding his head, Harry wrapped an arm around Moony as he called for Mel. As his beautiful familiar flamed in, he spoke to her through their mental link. 'Mel, if you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate it if you would stick around and bring the rest of the Abbott family to Avalon Manor once they have gotten themselves situated.'

'Of course Master Hadrian, it would be my pleasure to accompany them. If you wish it, I can help with healing some of the worse wounds.'

'That is up to you, Melpomene. Thank you.'

Turning back to Matthew, Harry quickly explained what Mel had said, and then portkeyed out with Moony. It was time to go home…

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