New story here. It's an NCIS and Harry Potter crossover, but it has mentions of a lot of other stuff.

Harry is the little kid.

12/5/13 - The chapters 1-10 have been revised, hopefully fixing any mistakes made first time round, and I'm writing it here so that I don't have to write it in any other chapters.

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Chapter 1

Leroy Jethro Gibbs stared down at the tiny five-year old boy in front of him. He looked around three, was way too skinny and his skin was too pale. He had black hair, that had natural blue highlights in it, that curled around his ears and brushed his shoulders. When he brushed his bangs away from his eyes, Jethro could see a small lightning bolt-shaped scar at the edge of his forehead. He had curious emerald eyes, and Gibbs couldn't help but feel drawn into them.

Shannon Gibbs watched the interaction between her husband and the little child in front of them, and couldn't help but grin.

"You wanted to adopt, right?" A kind looking woman in her early fifties questioned as she bustled into the room.

She paused when the male Gibbs and the nameless child staring at one another.

"Hm? Oh, yes we do. Who's this little on here?" Shannon replied.

The woman looks at the boy and smile's sadly.

"We don't know his first name, but his last name is Potter, so that's what we've called him until his birthday, which is when we decided he could choose his name, or he is adopted. His birthday is the 1st of August and he is turning six this year. That's all we know about him I'm afraid. Oh! He and his - " She sneered, obviously not liking what she was about to say " - relatives moved here last year."

"Why is he here?"

The woman jumped, having forgotten that Gibbs was there.

"He was brought here last month, when the neighbours reported . . . disturbances. The police found the little one here in a pile of his own blood with his uncle standing over him." She shook her head, obviously disgusted.

Shannon turned to the little guy, who was now looking at her in confusion. She smiled at him gently and crouched down as her husband turned to the woman and started questioning her.

"Hello, hon. I'm Shannon, and this is my husband Leroy Jethro." She pointed to herself and then her husband, not sure if he'd understand her.

He nodded slightly and smiled. Her own smile grew as she saw it. It was such a small, gentle smile, and seemed to suit the little boy perfectly - small and gentle.

She continued talking to him, telling him about herself and asking him questions, but he never talked, only used his hands or shook or nodded his head.

. . .

After about an hour, the woman sent the Potter boy of to lunch, telling him to come back once he had finished and done everything her needed to do .

The woman then turned to the couple.

"What do you think?"

Shannon and Jethro looked at each other for a moment before nodding.

"We have wanted another child for a while now. My husband here is a Marine, and I work quite a bit, and we've always wanted someone for our daughter to play with, and love. She is nearly eight, so we believe he will be perfect.

We'll take him."

. . .

It was a week later that they were able to take the boy home. He had already met Kelly, and they got along brilliantly. The only problem was, he still had yet to talk. Whilst it was not a problem at present, it might in the future. So, the older Gibbs' had decided that next week, after he had gotten settled in, they were going to take him to the doctors. Then they were all going to decide his name.

But right now, they were walking up to the Gibbs' house, a rather big building with an average sized front yard, and welcoming flowers dotted around the place. It was a warm brown colour, and had a large red door.

Jethro led the way up the path, and unlocked the door when he got to it. He then stepped inside, held open the door for the others, and stepped up behind them after closing the door when they were all in.

They were greeted by a large, open and airy hallway, with three doors and two sets of stairs. One of the sets led upstairs, and was closest to them, whilst the other was at the end of the hall, and could be seen through an open door leading down towards what everyone knew was a basement.

One of the three doors led to a kitchen, which was rather big itself, with a connected dining room. The dining room had a set of french doors leading out into an enormous garden with a trampoline and a swing set. Another door led to a living room. It was large, with dark red carpets and cream walls, with a TV at one end, and a big picture of the ocean opposite it. There were three light red sofa's - one in front of the TV, and one on either side, with a coffee table in the middle.

They then went upstairs. There was a wide, short hallway, with five doors. One of the rooms was the master bedroom, which had dark green carpets and light green walls, with a large bed dominating the room and a few bookcases up against the walls. It also had an en suite bathroom.

The door opposite led to what looked to be a study/library. It was filled with bookcases, books filling nearly all the shelves, and a fireplace in the only available space on the wall, with a desk standing sideways in front of it.

The third door led to another bedroom. This one had walls the colour of sunset - red, yellow and orange. The floor was dark green. A single bed was pushed up near the window, and had dark pink covering. There were some bookshelves on the wall, and underneath that was a toy chest.

The fourth door also led to a bedroom. This one had a dark blue carpet and light blue walls. The bed was also single, and was also pushed up against the wall near the window. There was a book shelf pushed up against one wall, and a toy chest was sitting next to it. There was blue bedding on the bed.

The Gibbs' looked over at the small boy, wondering at his reaction.

"This is your room, Little one. Do you like it?" Shannon asked.

He just turned and smiled at them.

. . .

Jethro secured the boy on his hip as they walked out of the Hospital. They had done a number of tests, and apart from making a face at some of them, the newest Gibbs had taken it all pretty well.

But he was not healthy. He still had a number of horrible scars on his body from his time with his relatives. He was still suffering from malnutrition, and he was way under the average height and weight for his age group, barely reaching 3', and weighing only 20.4 lbs. The Gibbs' were worried, but were assured by the doctor that they could bring his weight back to normal, but that the boy would probably always be short.

The doctor also said that there was minimal scaring on the throat, so that was a possibility as to why he wasn't talking, although there wasn't enough damage to be permanent. The doctor had said that it was most likely trauma that stopped him from talking, though.

The Gibbs' had decided that when he was ready, he would talk.

. . .

It was a week later that they chose a name for the new Gibbs. It had taken a lot of thinking, and quite a few arguments, but in the end it was Kelly who thought of the name, and Potter who chose to use it.

Jasper Ryann Gibbs.