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Chapter 27

Dumbledore was sweating by the time Tony emerged from the back room and t was immediately obvious why. Although Gibbs had turned his full attention to his son, Abby had not removed her gaze from the old headmaster. Tony smirked.

"They are sending a group of Aurors, as well as the famous Amelia Bones - I have heard such lovely things about her. I hear her niece is a student here?"

Dumbledore's eyes widened at that. He wasn't particularly fond of the Head of the DMLE, one Amelia Bones, although his respect for her was high. She didn't like him at all, and hadn't since her school days. She stood up to him and didn't bow down, and he thought her stubborn and too intelligent for her own good. He gulped.

Tony's smirk grew.

When Amelia Bones stepped through the floo into Hogwarts Infirmary, she didn't wait for the team of seven Aurors to step out of the fireplace before she strode through the slightly ajar door and into the main room, where she could just see the back of who she knew to be Severus Snape. Walking through the door, she instantly catalogued all who was in the room.

Severus Snape, Poppy Pomfrey, both of who she expected to be there, if only for the young man lying on her bed. Susan had told her about Jasper Gibbs, and she had heard the gossip about the missing Potter boy. He was as he had described to be, slender with long dark hair. Stood next to him, hovering almost protectively, was the man she supposed was his father. He was tall, with short greying hair and piercing blue eyes she was sure could be seen from across the room. There was a woman standing next to her, rather peculiar looking. She had pitch black hair in two braids lying across each shoulder, with dark green eyes and wearing an outfit Amelia had never seen before - a red and black chequered mini skirt with a white formal shirt and a black vest over the top, with a long trench coat shrugged on over it, and an umbrella hanging from her arm. Amelia felt almost alarmed at the studded dog collar around the girl's neck.

A little ways away from the trio was the headmaster, and Amelia took a moment to glare at him. She noticed his beard was even longer then the last time she had seen him, and his light blue eyes were twinkling manipulatively (if anyone could manage that look, then he could).

The last person in the room was the person she was most glad to see. She hadn't seen him in years, but he seemed hardly to have changed.

"Tony." She greeted, walking over to him to offer a quick hug. He squeezed her around the shoulders briefly before letting go, and she took notice of his almost smug smirk at the gaping headmaster.

"Careful, Albus, you wouldn't want to catch flies." She quipped, unable not to.

He snapped his mouth shut.

She turned to look at the seven Aurors she had assembled - Hodge, Jinx, Kall, Jones, Olsen, Thomas and Lee. They were all trained Aurors she had worked with for years, and none of them were under the Headmasters spell. Jinx, Olsen and Lee had not even gone to Hogwarts, and she knew that they would have no remorse arresting the Headmaster.

"What is going on here?"

Dumbledore sat in his office much later that night, cradling his head in his hands and a colossal headache beating behind his eyes. He hadn't had such a trying day since he first became headmaster, and went through all those trials to keep his secrets exactly that - secret.

Amelia Bones had sent her Aurors on a search of the school, one of them, a young Miss Jinx he knew he didn't teach, had found the multiple wards he had set up around the school as soon as the accident had happened, as well as the older ones he had incorporated into the school wards he knew shouldn't be there, but he was - or at least, used to be - sure that no one would bother to check, and if they did, that they were too weak to notice. But apparently, the young woman was a powerful Caster, and he knew even his magic couldn't be concealed from that.

And if that wasn't bad enough, the Potter's just had to go and show up, putting themselves in trouble, and troubling him even further.

- - - Flashback - - -

He had just watched the Aurors leave, a bad feeling settling itself in his stomach, when the doors to the Infirmary banged open. Dumbledore didn't even have time to gulp before James and Lily Potter stormed through the doors, Sirius Black strolling leisurely in behind them a minute later. Dumbledore felt the bad feeling spread from his stomach to his throat. The Potter's, he could just about deal with, but Sirius Black thrived on chaos and mayhem, and would not spare his best friend if he got the chance to create it.

"Albus, what is going on in here?" Lily Potter screamed, and inside his head, Dumbledore could not help but compare her to a Banshee.

"Amelia!" James exclaimed, shocked, once he caught sight of the DMLE head. Lily turned her head, shocked at the woman's presence. Sirius just smirked, strolling up to the woman and shaking her hand enthusiastically, causing what Dumbledore was sure was a reluctant smile to break out on the woman's face. Dumbledore knew that Sirius was high up in the Auror department, higher up than James, and second only to Amelia Bones now that Alastor Moody had retired.

"Hello Sirius, Mr and Mrs Potter." Amelia greeted.

Sirius ignored everyone as the Potters returned the greeting, although rather shakily, and Dumbledore berates them silently, remembering telling them many times over the years to never show weakness in front of Amelia Bones.

Dumbledore took notice as Sirius sized up the young man who he only knew as Tony. Tony returned the gaze, both of them silently analysing each other.

"Haven't seen you in a while." Sirius suddenly remarked.

"Well, obviously. Haven't been over here in years."

"I saw you here last Christmas." Sirius said, raising an amused eyebrow.

"Well. That doesn't count."

They both laughed at each other, reaching out to shake hands firmly.

"You know the squirt?" Tony sad, jerking his head to the young Gibbs.

"I am - was, his Godfather."


Dumbledore could feel his eyes widening as his metaphorical castle of plans crumbled around him. If Sirius knew this man, then that meant that there was even a less of a chance of getting his help on acquiring the youngest Potter - although, Dumbledore knew it was already a long shot, as much as he hated to admit it, because Black's were not manipulated, and their latent Mind Magik was only one of the powerful Magiks that protected the Black and his remaining family.

He withheld from whimpering as the two young men walked off to have a more private conversation.

That, however, wasn't the only thing that blew up in face that day.

The Potters had walked up to the bed, and Lily had reached out a hand to run over the dark hair, and Dumbledore heard her mumbling 'My poor baby'. Dumbledore could have face-palmed.

He heard the red-head shriek as a black finger nailed hand grabbed her around the wrist, the long nail digging into pale skin.

"Ok, Lady. For one, he is not 'your baby'. He has not been your baby for 12 years and he never will be again. And two, you gave up the right to touch him when you gave him up - willingly. I mean, if he ever wants you to touch him, then sure, but I know that he hates you even more than I do, and that's a lot. And if you do touch him without his permission, i know how to kill you and dispose of your body whilst leaving no evidence!"

Lily had turned pale throughout the rant, and had managed to slip her hand through the loosening grip on her hand to scurry behind her husband. James stood there, gob-smacked, and Dumbledore couldn't believe he'd ever let such a useful pawn end up with these people.

- - - Flashback - - -

He needed to get the Gibbs boy under his control, he had to control Sirius Black, and he needed to get rid of these infernal charges against him and two members of his staff!

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