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It was a normal day in her town. Annabelle walked the bend of Aroostook River eyeing the rushing water. It was late in spring already -almost summer- but the melted snow still flowed through the stream raising the water level.

The light haired girl skipped from the path and went closer to the edge glancing down at a pool of still water meeting the gaze of her reflection. Brushing a strand of loose hair behind her ear she kicked a pebble which shattered her image.

A bit childish, she knew, but it was the only joy she had, besides fixing things, of course.

Being a mechanic was something of a passion to her, something that the small town she lived in could offer to a quiet spirit like herself.

Sighing she got up back on the road and resumed walking home. The sky was clear and sun's rays made the water glister. It had poured the previous night and the visibility back then had been close to zero –according to the radio, that was.

Enjoying the warmth of the weather Annabelle took of her black jacket and shuddered as the north wind swept over her bare skin.

"What a bright idea to wear a tank top," she chuckled and avoided a couple of muddy puddles.

To be honest, she didn't mind the cold at all; it told her she was still alive.

Lost in thought she made a misstep and stumbled from the road. Sliding down the wet, muddy grass she regained her posture a foot before the cold, shining water.

"That was close," she mumbled and leaned backwards towards the safety of the river bend.

Annabelle looked around to find a way to get back up when a flash caught her attention. She focused her gray-blue eyes on it thinking her mind was playing a trick on her when the sun reflected of the smooth surface again.

Struggling to get closer to the thing covered with mud, sticks and leaves, the girl saw better what the thing actually was.

Jumping over the last tricky part she got smacked against the cool, smooth frame of a car half submerged in the roaring river. Though of the evidently deep fall off of the road above, the car showed no signs of scrapes or bent metal.

"Interesting," Annabelle muttered and climbed over the roof to the driver's side. No one was inside.

"Very interesting." She said and began scaling the river bend, "I'll be right back, don't you worry."

On the road she left her jacket in the side of the curve before sprinting towards her house.

She returned quickly with the family's four-wheel pickup. The girl attached the metal chain to the frame of the pickup and slid down to the other car. She placed the hook on the back axel and climbed back up.

Annabelle pulled the black Trans Am onto the road and she could have sworn to have heard a satisfied sigh. She glanced at the rear view mirror but alas, the road was empty. The blonde girl shrugged and towed the car home.

"Finally a project…!" She mused.

Annabelle's house was just like everybody else's; a blue detached house with a garage, a large yard and a black tile roof slightly covered in moss. Some of the window frames were peeling off paint -one more thing for her to do before her father got home from his assignment.

Gently pushing the black sports car the last few feet into the garage Annabelle pondered how the vehicle had ended up into a town like this. No one she knew could afford something like this and she knew all of the townsfolk, to be frank.

The teen closed the garage door and turned on the lights. Now she was able to examine the car in more detail.

Running her fingertips on its frame Annabelle admired the smooth basic black-paint job, the sleek aerodynamic frame and the care the car had been given. The license plate said KNIGHT and CALIFORNIA on it.

"Well, you are a long way from home, my friend."

"Where exactly am I?" came a soft male voice.

The girl jolted up right and stared at the vehicle. She tilted her head slightly to the left walking to the door and looking inside. No one. She furrowed and opened the driver's door sitting on the seat.

"Uh… Come again?" She asked looking at nothing particularly.

"Yes, what is my current location?" The same voice asked.

Annabelle's eyes fixed on the dashboard. "5th house on the River Street. Who are you and where are you?"

There was a silence, as if the person had mystically disappeared.

"I am Knight Industries Two Thousand, or KITT, and you are currently sitting behind my wheel."

The girl's eyes widened and she held back a gasp.

Clearing her throat she said: "So, you are the car, mr. KITT."

"Yes, and please, just KITT. And you are?" The car inquired.

"Annabelle Evens."

"Pleasure to meet you, Annabelle. May I still hear where exactly I am?"

The girl nodded to this.

"Welcome to Caribou, Maine, KITT. The most Northeastern city of the US where nothing ever happens."

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