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Annabelle rose shakily to her feet. Blood was still leaking out of her mouth. She wiped the reddish liquid off as her eyes followed up the empty road. There was some burnt tire marks on it - the man who car-napped KITT clearly didn't care for the Black Trans Am. The girl looked behind her. In the distance she could see the traffic lights shining red, turning yellow and finally green.

"I should go back," Anna muttered, her hair swaying in the cold breeze.

"But I promised to help him," she continued turning around.

She could feel the fear creep up her spine, its icy claws sending shivers with every scrape.

"I… I can do both," she reasoned, her rational side kicking in. "Yes, that's what I'll do."

She did not dare to think more and sprinting straight, towards the dark woods, Annabelle, in her subconscious, begged KITT to take her away.

The roar of the Trans Am's engine echoed on the road and in the woods surrounding it.

Strong hands steered the jet-like wheel with ease. The car had stopped spitting insults and threats to the unwanted driver and had quietly fallen into compunction.

The tall, muscular man took one of his hands off of the wheel and slipped it to his back pocket pulling a cell phone out. It beeped once. Flipping the lid open the driver, eyes fixed on the screen, continued on his course unaware of the shadow appearing on the road, just out of the headlights' range.

Annabelle took a few running steps and jumped -agile as she was- and was able to land on the car's hood; apparently KITT's programming had taken over, slowing down and steering past the girl.

Exhaling deeply Anna tried balancing herself. Her legs slipped slightly on the smooth surface and, digging her fingers in the small slit between the hood and the windshield, she managed to hang on. The sleek black car was accelerating fast and the wind howled in Anna's ears.

The vehicle skipped right suddenly. The girl emitted a small shriek gaining a worried cry from KITT: "Anna, are you alright? What are you doing?"

Tightening her grip the light haired girl flashed a smile.

"Filling my promise."

Annabelle glanced at the driver; bright blue eyes filled with cold determination stared back. Deep gashes ran along both of the man's cheeks and -having a chance to study him in detail- Anna realized to have seen him before.

"KITT, get ready" she muttered and, anticipating the next large curve to the right, slid forward towards the passenger's side door.

Pulling it open - and hitting a few branches along the way- the girl struggled in and immediately kicked the man in the chest. The blond haired man growled. Annabelle closed the door behind her and leaning on it for more strength she kicked again. The tall man grabbed her ankle swiftly and twisted it getting a painful gasp from the teen. Bending her knees Anna hit the driver with the side of her calf and grabbed the wheel.

"KITT, open his door!" She cried.

The lock clicked open as the curve came into view. The girl hit the speed pedal and, turning right, lunged her body against the man throwing him out of the car. A loud splash was heard.

Quickly closing the door and, after straightening the car, Annabelle dared to glance at the rear view mirror.

The tall man, just a dark figure now, had climbed up from the ditch and was scrabbling for something.

"What is he looking for?"

"Presumably for his cell phone," KITT answered, "which is on the floor beneath the seat."

"Huh?" Anna mumbled stretching her hand and slipping it under the leather seat to find a small clam-shell phone with its lid open. She pulled it up and looked at the screen.

Bear Pawn Inn,
Mars Hill

"Interesting," the teen breathed her heart still pounding in her chest.

She closed the cell and put it on the passenger's seat.

"Anna," the black Trans Am started.


"We have passed Caribou's town line."

"I know."

The car was silent.

"Thank you for helping me."

"No, thank you," Annabelle said and pat the wheel gently.

"I believe Bear Pawn Inn is our next stop?" KITT inquired softly.

"Uh, well… It's along the way…"

"You were not thinking about finding out what connection that brute has with whoever is in Mars Hill?" The car sounded baffled.

"Nope, the thing my father has taught me is to never stick my nose in other people's businesses."

"You're sticking your nose in my business."

"Don't flatter yourself, you're not a person. Which is why," Anna stated arching her eyebrow, "I don't feel bad helping you."

A deep chuckle echoed in the cabin.

"If we continue this speed, we'll be in Mars Hill in 10 minutes." KITT said voice a bit more official.

"Glad to have you on the same page, KITT."

"Glad to have you out of that house. FLAG can help you, trust me."

The teen suppressed a sigh.

"I wish I could," she thought.

The Trans Am, closing its headlights, rolled behind the motel its engine grumbling quietly. Annabelle glanced up at an open window overhead.

"That's the room?"

"Yes, there's one person inside; a man in his 40s, smoking a cigar."

Anna looked at the dashboard. "Don't tell me, your sensors?"

KITT chuckled and a small smile crept on the teen's face.

"I'll be right back," she mumbled pulling her black jacket on and exiting the car.

"Anna," the black vehicle started, "how are you going to get in?"

The girl didn't answer, but with a couple of jumps she was climbing the rainwater pipe up.

"That thing shouldn't hold her weight," the car reasoned to itself.

The light haired girl reached the open window and was met with a thick cloud of smoke pouring out.

"Tsk! That must be a Caribbean cigar, no other stinks like that," Anna mumbled and fanned the smell away while peering in through the window.

"Women truly know how to multitask," KITT thought keeping a sensor on his friend's progress.

The room was small. The TV was on and the man dressed in expensive suit, most likely Italian, was pacing in front of it cigar clenched between his teeth. The floor creaked with his steps.

Anna slipped inside and hid behind the closest furniture, a big red armchair, careful not to make a sound. The slightly tanned man's back was towards the teen. The light haired girl took the opportunity and looked around.

There was a black suitcase open on the bed, its dozens of luxury clothes visible. The day cover was still on with no wrinkle on it; clearly the man hadn't been in the motel long. Continuing her search, Annabelle noticed a brown leather briefcase squeezed between the night table and the side of the bed with a corner of a paper sticking out.

She glanced at the other occupant to see him open a door and enter a room. The man's expensive footwear clanged against the tile floor telling Anna he was in the bathroom. The girl sneaked to the briefcase and pulled it from its hiding place. Examining the top she gritted her teeth.

"A combination of a key lock and number code, just my luck," Annabelle thought and turned the case on its side.

She took a hold of the paper and tugged on it gently. It ripped off neatly.

"Not exactly what I wanted."

The teen, her eyes fixed on the open bathroom door, pushed the case back to its place and made her way to the window climbing out quickly. She slid down and pushed away from the wall to avoid hitting some trash cans. She landed skillfully by KITT's door and stepped in.

"Well?" The black car inquired.

"Not much. The man hasn't been in there for long and clearly doesn't plan to be. The only interesting thing was his briefcase which, sadly, was locked with double safety measures. Only this was peeking out," Annabelle said and took out the small piece of paper from her pocket.

"Interesting, it seems to be a part of a car dealing document. I'll analyze it," KITT said and opened a compartment in his dashboard.

Anna put the paper in and looked at the screen as KITT scanned the document.

"Yes, it is a piece of a document handling cars. I'm afraid there's no name or address to indicate who the man, or men, are."

The girl sighed and leaned against the seat. "I think I know who the other man is, the one who car-napped you."

"You do? Who?" The sleek Trans Am asked surprised.

"I'm not quite sure, but he looked like the ex-wrestler Dawkins," Annabelle muttered and turned the engine on, "we better get to a safer place."


The black car rolled out of the motel area and turned to a road leading out of the town.

"I take it we are heading to Los Angeles?" KITT said after they had been driving along the empty road passing farms and sleeping towns for an hour or so.

The girl nodded.

"Then maybe some music to pass the time?" KITT asked softly.

"Sure," the teen muttered, "as long as it's not California from O.C."

A deep chuckle filled the silence of the coming dawn accompanied with a light giggle.

"Thank you for helping me, Anna."

"My pleasure, KITT. My pleasure."

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