A/N This story was set before Callum was hanged, and Callie Rose was born, etc. So here we go. Hope you like it, even though I know it will turn out suckish...

Chapter One


"Yes! I love you, alright?" I weeped, throwing my head into my hands. "You finally got it out of me. Now you can leave me alone!" Turning my back on him, I spoke, my voice barely above a whisper. "Just go, Callum. I swear I can't believe you are acting like this." I pointed towards the door, not daring to look back as I did so. I could hear footsteps, but to my surprise they were coming closer to me, not further away.

Go away, Callum...

"Sephy, please. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pressure you into telling me, but I just...I...forget it."

Callum, I mean it, go away...I thought. Must it have to be this way? We never argue. And now he knows...it blows up.

"Callum. I'm sorry, too. But..." My speech was cut off by the many tears spilling from my eyes, I turned around. "Sorry." Callum stepped closer to me, our lips centimetres apart.

"Please, Sephy, don't cry." He placed the palms of his hands on my cheeks and slowly began to wipe the tears from underneath my eyelids. "There's something I haven't told you, Persephone." Oh sugar. He always used my full name when he had bad news for me, what was it now? I scrunched my eyes closed, trying not to let another tear slip.


I'd had enough. I'd had the worst week I could've ever had and this just topped it all off. I knew deep down inside that Sephy loved me, and truth be told, I loved her back, but how could I tell her. I don't know how to say so without making a fool out of myself. Maybe that was the only way.

Try it, Callum. What've you got to lose?

Sephy. If I lose her, that'll practically end my life for me.

You've got to tell her, she deserves to know.

I guess so. Here goes...

"Sephy, I love you," ," She looked up from her hands. "I have since our first trip to the beach, and that kiss just made me love you more. Then, you agreed to tutor me, and all the business with Heathcroft got in the way. I love you, Persephone. Please, just listen to me."

"I-I love you." Then suddenly, her lips crashed against mine and I automatically pulled her closer to me, my mouth began to open and close and hers did the same, but I stepped away.

"Sephy, I can't do this. I can't. I just..."

"What's wrong? We're both old enough now."
"I know, but you're not like the other girls. With you, I care, and once we...you know, you'll be surprised how quickly you run. I'm sorry." She wrapped her arms around me, enclosing me in an envelope of love, but I didn't mind, I wasn't claustrophobic. I opened my mouth, about to speak, but thought otherwise as I kissed her on the cheek instead.


Later that night...

Cautiously, I lay down on my bed as it was getting late. The door burst open, I sat up, trying to disguise the fact that my ignorant sister, Minerva, had just nearly given me a heartattack.

"Sephy, you have to tell someone."
"About?" She raised an eyebrow.

"You're kidding right?" And that's when she told me exactly what I had to tell. She knew. And I was screwed.