a/n Sorry I haven't updated in like a month or so, but it was Christmas and my birthday so...i have an okay excuse :). Here's Chapter Ten...the FINAL CHAPTER.


Four weeks later.

My head hurts. My back hurts. My chest hurts. My everything hurts. But I have Callum, his eyes made of crystal, puddles I jump into and can't find a way out, his hands soft and smooth, endless and hot to the touch. What would've happened if I 'hadn't of made it'? Would he have gone towards another girl straight away? I know I'm not his first, but will I be his last so to speak? I hope so, but in a way, I don't.

"Sephy, are you even listening to me?" Minerva bursted into a fit of rage, screaming like a bansee. Her hair was perfectly curled, corkscrews hanging from her perfectly proportioned head. "If you're not listening, Sephy, God help us all."

"I was listening, I prefer listening and observing to speaking that's all," Smile, Sephy, smile. She'll be gone in a while, then Callum will be back.

"So, how are you then? Got any pain anywhere?" She turned to look at me, leaving a path of destruction as her hair flipped around the room.

"What do you expect? I got hit on the head with a blunt object of some description, I'm not going to be perfect just yet." The corners of her lips began to tug upwards but stopped suddenly halfway, as if something was stopping them from going any further, a barrier perhaps.

"You've changed, Sephy. You're not the little kid who pulled my hair and cheated in the board games we used to play. You've grown up," I could tell she wasn't finished even though she had paused, so I sat in silence, waiting for her next sentence, "This whole experience has changed you into a wonderful young woman. I'm so proud of you Persephone. I'm proud to call you my little sister." I hugged her and I wouldn't let go until I decided it was time. This is the Minnie I remember, not the one behind the arguments and the torment, the beautiful-minded girl, whose sensitivity never gets the better of her. If that makes sense. I lay back, my head hitting the comfort of the pillow.

"Where's Callum?" Minnie shrugged, sighing slightly. As if on cue, the door bursts open; Callum appears.

"Callum." I breathe, my voice quiet and fray. He steps towards me, but he doesn't speak a word, he just points behind him to where three policemen are perched, guns pointing towards him. My hands form a clasp and they launch towards my face, my knees threaten to cave in, but I stand strong.

"What's the problem, officer? Explain this." Minnie booms, her voice echoing around the room. "I'm Minerva Hadley, daughter of Kamal Hadley and I demand that you release him right this instant!"

"I'm sorry, Ma'am, but that is impossible. Your father instructed the orders."


"Because Jude McGreggor turned this one in saying he was the one who hurt Persephone, your sister, and your Father said he was to be punished severely, by death." Tears flushed my cheeks as I stood in shock, there was nothing I could do, Callum was going to die, right infront of me.

"Now officers, as you can see Persephone is highly distressed by this, having known her all my life, I can tell she loves Callum McGreggor dearly and to kill him, to her that would be murder."

"Ma'am, we do not write the rules, we just inforce them. We highly recommend you say your goodbyes quickly as we were instructed to kill him at 4 o'clock." I glanced at the clock, 3:30.

"Can we be alone?" The officers looked at me, coldly, stubborn and empty. "Please?"

"Ten minutes then we must go." They left the room, silently, leaving us alone and I knew this would be the last time I saw Callum.

"I love you, Callum. Never forget that." He nodded, wrapping his arms around me, hugging me tightly. Leaning away slightly, I pressed our lips together. It wasn't like any other kiss, it was supernatural. I knew it would be our last, and as our cheeks flooded with tears, I thought over all of our memories. The day on the beach, Heathcroft High, and so much more. Finally, I pulled away, hugging him, yet again.

"I love you, Sephy. I only wish I could've been made so happy as to have been your husband." I sighed, sadly.

"I agree." The officers burst in, commanding for Callum to get onto his knees, take off anything worth any value and say his last prayer.

"I love you, Sephy..." he whispered.

And that's when the bullet went through his temple.