Setting- This is a reincarnation story, so the setting is in the Final Fantasy VII-verse, but there are some AU elements not present in canon. This is a Supernatural/Romance/Adventure.

Pairings- This fanic features a polyamorous relationship between Sephiroth, Angeal, Genesis, Zack and Cloud. This progresses over the course of the fanfic, but there are established relationships already, AngealxZack and RenoxRude being the two. I will try not to rush it too much. ^_^

Rating/Warnings- This fanfic contains Yaoi, AU, Supernatural Elements, Lemon/Lime, Violence, Language, Torture, among other things. It is not intended for minors.

Summary- Cloud Strife is an improverised commoner with a sheltered life. When Hojo's Army invades his hometown, he is thrust into a conflict where memories of a past life effect his outlook, relationships, and power. Will his decision he made with Sephiroth at the end of the world come back to haunt him? Or is this the history that Gaia intended for everyone?

Author's Note- After years of laying untouched, I have come back to Reawakening (formerly Fleeting Moon) and revamped the first three chapters. After that, everything is all new content. I hope that you enjoy the extended and revamped chapters and continue to follow the story as it progresses.

Chapter Three

The blonde had never felt so exhausted in his life but it had been a very long time since he had been so well fed. He and Zack were walking from the kitchens with Aerith when the black haired werewolf paused in his footing just as a wave of terror crashed through Cloud. The teenager cried out as Aerith gasped, watching as the small blonde collapsed back into Zack. Barely holding both of them up, Zack lowered his ears; mako blue eyes turning completely green.

"Angeal…" He gasped out to the girl and she nodded, running through the warehouse, her voice ringing off of the metal walls. Cloud hands found his head and he grasped it as if trying to hold himself together.

"Zuh…Zack…" He managed, his own gaze lost in a haze of green. The fear mounted and seemed to have no end. The werewolf whined and held Cloud closer to him, finally falling backwards just in time for his mate to save them both from an unpleasant trip to the floor.

"What's happening?! Zack?" Angeal asked sharply, ending the sentence a bit more gently when his puppy flinched and met his gaze. The winged SOLDIER's dark blue eyes widened and he looked down at Cloud to see the same expression of complete utter fear, the mako in their systems rising to some unknown threat. He heard Aerith hurry back to them, her speed not that of someone who had the Lifestream running through their veins.

"But they aren't even asleep," Angeal muttered in distress, trying to pick up his lover but Zack's arms tightened around Cloud, who nearly spasmed in response.

"They have a deep connection and both of them were so worn out…" Aerith muttered and blinked as Cloud's body tensed.

He let out a traumatized wail of fear and pain.

"I need you to let me be with them through this, Aerith." The taller man demanded. Emerald eyes locked on Angeal's and she shook her head no. This memory was between Zack and Cloud and the other could do nothing to help.

"I need to know why." There was a nearly hysterical edge to that voice and the Ancient sighed and placed her hand over the SOLDIER's brow, sending him into the vision alone. Aerith didn't need to see the vision, Gaia had gifted her with all of her memories. Genesis arrived and narrowed his eyes at the sight of his best friend crumpled on the floor next to two very awake and terrorized teenagers who refused to let go of each other.

"Don't try to move them. This is out of our hands." Aerith said sadly and Genesis nodded, both of them taking watch over the trio. Genesis eyed his best friend. Angeal had always been protective, even of him when they had grown up together in their other life. It was distressing to see Angeal in such a position. And from the look of things, Zack and this Cloud Strife were close, very close. He knew that if Cloud broke the puppy and Angeal's relationship that he wouldn't be able to forgive him, regardless of how his other life had went. He was curious to stay back and watch whatever happened develop. For now, he would be a bystander.

Angeal barely recognized the village of Nibelhiem through all the flames. If he didn't know any better, he had arrived in the current village, but the sight of the silver haired demi-god glaring piercingly through the hellish flames dashed any doubt. Disbelief coursed through him. Sephiroth? He saw Zack run after the General and a moment later, one of the prone military personnel shakily got to his feet and followed.

What was happening? Was this the mission his puppy had eluded to but couldn't remember? He ran after Sephiroth, Zack and the stranger. The trek up the Nibel Mountains was a long one and Angeal's mind was in a shocked daze. He had never seen that expression on Sephiroth's face, in this life and his other. What had happened to bring all of this? It was apparent that his silver haired friend had caused the fire. And that hatred and intensity... He didn't know how to feel.

Angeal found himself at what he recognized to be a Mako Reactor from his own past memories. A girl with long brown hair was sobbing at an elderly man's side, Masumune buried into the ground next to the man.

"Father?" She inquired tearfully. She wiped her face.

"Was it Sephiroth that did this?" The girl wearing a cowboy outfit stood slowly and yanked the long sword from the ground, only just barely wielding it in her anger.

"Shinra…Mako…SOLDIER…I hate them all!" She rushed into the reactor and Angeal sprinted after her. This young woman was foolish if she thought she could even hurt Sephiroth. She rushed up at the steps and clumsily struck at the silver haired man but her attack was stopped as the man yanked his sword from the woman and slashed her deeply, blood kissing the air as she fell down the stairs behind her. Angeal's eyes widened when Zack entered the reactor, his face a mixture of fury and confusion.

"Sephiroth!" Zack yelled, reaching out to the young woman as the General he called to ignored him and entered the door that opened for him. Above it was marked "JENOVA".

"Tifa…" He muttered, reaching out to help her, but she closed her eyes and turned her head away.

"I hate them all… Even you!" She whispered in grief and pain. Zack pulled his hand back and slumped, shaking his head regretfully as he drew his Buster Sword and rushed up the steps, followed by his mentor. The recent memory of passing that sword to his puppy was fresh and the taller SOLDIER felt his anxiety building. Zack wasn't going to try to fight the silver haired General was he? They entered a circular room, where Sephiroth was standing before a metal stature, his arms reached out before him.

"Sephiroth!" Zack screamed again, anger and confusion in his cry. The General reached out and yanked the huge metal stature, throwing it aside to reveal the abomination within.

"Mother…I am finally here…" He whispered, exaltation in his tone. Angeal recoiled and recalled that Sephiroth had said Jenova was a lie before he had sealed himself away in his present life. But this… That worshipping tone… He hadn't expected this.

"Sephiroth! Why did you hurt the townspeople? Why did you hurt Tifa?" Zack demanded and when he received silence he approached the man and held the Buster Sword to his throat.

"Answer me, Sephiroth!" He ordered sharply. The silver haired man tilted his head a millimeter and Zack was thrown back as Masumune deflected off of the large sword.

"Traitor." The General spat, relentlessly striking the younger SOLDIER with his blade. Zack shook his head in denial but he was too busy deflecting the attacks to speak.

"You will pay!" Sephiroth growled and laughed darkly as he sliced at Zack and launched magic at him. The dark haired youth cried out and flew backwards through the door, smashing into a pod-like machine, breaking it with the force of impact. The Buster Sword planted itself into the floor.

-Zack!- Angeal cried, helplessly watching as his lover struggled to gain his breath back, blood seeping down his chin. Turning back to the figure touching the glass in reverence, the dark haired mentor strode up to the man and growled angrily when his fist went through the form of his best friend.

-All of this, because you thought you were a god? Why?!- Angeal spat even though it was now true that Sephiroth had obtained the status of a deit. He had to keep reminding himself that he had been forewarned of Seph's insanity, but seeing it was so much harder.

Angeal started in surprise when the glass of the cylinder holding Jenova split and Sephiroth lurched, leaning against it. Angeal blinked and looked back, seeing the helmeted personnel that had followed them up here.

"What the…" Sephiroth gasped out, the Buster Sword buried into his stomach, impaling him to the glass.

"My town…my mother…Tifa…Give them back!" A soft muted voice demanded through the helmet. Sephiroth's gloved fingers curled against the glass as the broad sword was yanked from his body.

"Damn you…" The man hissed as he fell to his knees. The uniformed male wasted no time running back down the stairs, so the winged 1st followed curiously. The helmet crashed down the stairs as it was flung aside, revealing familiar golden spikes.

-Cloud?- Angeal gasped in disbelief. The boy was only a child and not even a SOLDIER. Cloud hurried down the steps and to the young woman's side.

"Cloud…I knew you would come for me when I was…in a pinch…" Tifa stated happily but weakly before closing her brown eyes. Cloud's eyes widened when Sephiroth staggered out of the door, holding the alien's head and grasping Masumune.

"How dare you…" The silver haired snarled.

"Cloud…" Both Angeal and the blonde's eyes went to the shattered black haired SOLDIER , "finish Sephiroth…off." The blonde nodded and grasped the blade, leaping into the air.

"Sephiroth!" Cloud yelled, enraged as he swung the sword. Sephiroth narrowed his eyes and speared the boy through with his long blade, harshly whipping it around to toss the boy into the lower room. Angeal didn't want to leave Zack but he followed after the limping General. There was nothing he could do but watch…and he needed to see this.

Cloud screamed as the General skewered his body once again and held him over the glowing pool of mako far below.

"Thinking you could defeat me…" The silver haired man snarled. There was a pause and Angeal honestly thought he was about to witness Cloud's death.

"Now you've done it…" The soft voice whispered, blood leaking from his mouth. Sephiroth paused, watching Cloud reach up and grasp the blade, blood blossoming over the flawless steel. Cloud wrenched the blade deeper and screamed as his feet found purchase on the floor, lifting Sephiroth from the ground.

"Im…Impossible…" The General stuttered before he was tossed hard against the opposite wall, falling into the mako below with Jenova's head in his grasp. Cloud gasped wetly as he dislodged Masumune and he staggered back to the taller man's lover. Angeal reached out to catch the injured blonde on instinct but Cloud fell through his grasp and was just beyond Zack's reach. Zack smiled painfully and reached out to the nearest hand.

"Cloud…you…did it…" They never touched as the older boy's arm fell limp. Angeal knelt down beside them, eyes wide as he looked at their young features. His puppy couldn't be more then eighteen and the blonde…he looked only sixteen. So young.

-And I made you kill me…only more pain… I'm sorry, pup.- The 1st Class whispered before hearing a commotion at the door. Two Turks and a hated figure appeared far too soon for this to have been an accident. Angeal's lip curled from his teeth and he glared, mako entering his gaze.

-You BASTARD!- He screamed as Hojo examined the two shattered figures, adjusting his glasses. Angeal's eyes widened. No…this couldn't be…

"How is the cleanup going?" Hojo questioned boredly to the nearest Turk, who straightened and nodded.

"It's going as planned." He answered curtly. Hojo's eyes roamed over Zack and a sadistic sneer pulled at his sunken features.

"Take this one to the lab." He ordered.

-NO!- Angeal roared, charging the man and trying to beat him bare handed. Nothing happened and he pulled back helplessly as his puppy was carried out on a stretcher, gasping shallowly for life. Hojo's smirk became downright devilish as his eyes critically accessed Cloud. Feeling a rush of protectiveness, Angeal shook his head and glared at the man.

-No! You can't!- He growled just as the scientist nodded.

"So this is the one that defeated Sephiroth… Interesting! How interesting! Bring him as well. He'll make a fine specimen." Hojo stood and they moved to pick the bloody figure up.

Angeal felt a tug and his surroundings shifted into what looked like a lab and he whipped around when a blood curdling scream rent the air.

-ZACK!- He roared and rushed to the table the SOLDIER was strapped to, eyes flaring green at the scalpel in Hojo's hand.

-I'm going to kill you.- Angeal hissed menacingly before kneeling down besides the thrashing youth, tears biting his vision. Zack wailed as something black was injected into him.

-It's alright, pup. I'm here. You don't know it, but I'm right here…- There were soft thumping noises and the winged SOLDIER glanced to the side to see Cloud beating at the glass of the mako chamber encasing him, desperation in those eyes that now had a glow. The scalpel was lowered and Zack's abdomen was sliced open, wrenching a cry from the spiky haired SOLDIER before the mako began knitting him up. Angeal's hands clenched into fists. Why was this happening?

Hojo frowned and wrote on his chart.

"Specimen Z has amazing healing abilities but is not reacting to the J-cells at all. I shall use him as a base for this experiment and begin on Specimen C immediately." Hojo muttered. Angeal jumped as his puppy wailed.

"No! Not Cloud!" Zack pleaded and he was un-strapped from the table but since he was weak he was tossed easily into the empty chamber that began filling with mako as soon as the airlock closed. Cloud stopped beating on the glass and cringed away from Hojo's attendants as they drained the mako and he was pulled out to take Zack's place. Angeal winced. He had thought Cloud a threat, someone that would take away his happiness with Zack, but seeing him like this...

Angeal cringed as the blonde screamed into the manor as both mako and the J-cells were injected into his veins. His small body thrashed and his eyes flared mako green as an interested Hojo watched, a slow creepy smile tugging at his thin lips.

As the vision stretched on, and time became meaningless, Angeal felt like he was going to break. Sympathy, rage and a myraid of emotions assaulted him constantly as he watched the torture that Cloud had to endure, his puppy forced to watch. His lover would cry and beg and rage whenever the blond was taken out of his mako prison. After hours of experimentation, Cloud would be thrown back into the glass cylinder, mako encasing his form. Zack would speak with him, but over time, the blond became less and less aware of his surroundings. And over time, his puppy's expression morphed into something tender and recongizable to Angeal. Angeal's heart lurched.

How long have I been in this vision? Angeal thought mournfully. I'm…I'm going crazy.

Cloud was strapped to the examination table, glowing blue eyes nearly devoid of all awareness. Hojo was writing in his report again and Zack was nearly frantic in his chamber, trying to break the glass. Hojo barely touched Zack anymore and Angeal was grateful. But Cloud… The 1st Class felt a growing need to hide him somewhere safe. Anything to stop the torture. No one deserved this... His resentment of Cloud was slowly disolving.

"Why?! Why not me?! Cloud…" Zack moaned from the mako chamber. Hojo frowned at the prone boy on the table.

"A failure." He murmured distastefully, as if looking down at the most horrible filth. Angeal growled weakly and then froze. Failure? What…?

"Let us go, then! We're no good to you," The black haired teen begged, "Cloud is so sick." Hojo snickered and looked at the defeated SOLDIER.

"Not sick, boy. Dying. But I don't let go of my experiments, I may yet find a way to turn him into the next Sephiroth." Hojo left the room in a swoosh and one of the attendants started unstrapping Cloud.

"Wait! Please, if you have any heart at all…let me be with him. Let me comfort him!" Zack begged feverishly, tears flowing into the mako surrounding him. The attendant paused and then looked out the door. He knew Hojo was leaving for Midgar immediately, so what was the harm?

"Don't try anything."

-This is your chance! Escape!- Angeal cried desperately. He couldn't take this anymore. The screams, his puppy being in distress…and Cloud. The winged man could probably never forget every single detail of the blonde's prolonged torture.

Zack stumbled out of the mako tube and yanked the frail boy into his arms before falling to the floor on his bottom.

"Oh Gaia…Cloud…Cloud…" He whispered into the boy's blood flicked hair. The black haired SOLDIER pulled back and cupped the other boy's face.

"Cloud… Can you hear me? Do you remember me?" He urged, staring into those blank eyes. Recognition flickered into them.

"Z…z…a…" Was all the boy managed but Zack nodded vigorously in agreement.

"That's right, Spiky. It's Zack. I'm Zack." Cloud moaned painfully, his glowing blue eyes rolling up to reveal the whites, "no, baby. Stay with me."

"…" Cloud moaned. Zack frowned and shook his head, sadness in his eyes.

"No, don't listen to her. She's bad. Focus on me, Cloud. Spike?" The black haired 1st ordered firmly. Angeal frowned at this. Who was her...? His mako eyes widened. Surely it wasn't...Jenova. Those blue eyes lowered into their proper place and Angeal winced at the pain in them. Surely Cloud would die… He was so far gone.

"H..urt…" Cloud whimpered and Zack's eyes were moist, but he was smiling for the sake of the other. Trying to be strong.

"It's all right, baby. I've got you. He's not here, he's gone…" Zack said firmly and Cloud focused hazily on the other spiky haired boy.


"Yes." Zack promised, looking like he was about to break.

"W..hy?" Cloud questioned mournfully. Zack paused and then he smiled.

"Because I love you." He returned gently, stroking Cloud's cheek. Angeal waited for the jealousy to surge up and engulf him, but it never occurred. Zack had been right. After all of this, there just wasn't a reason to be jealous. He may not like that his lover had fallen in love again after his death. But after he had forced the other to kill him and caused him pain, Zack was allowed to love again. Cloud's unfocused eyes widened.

"Love…?" He gasped out, disbelief in his voice. Zack nodded, his eyes brimming with the emotion but also so heartbreakingly sad.

"Yes, Cloud. I love you." He murmured softly, frowning as Cloud's eyes became blank again. Something flickered in them a moment later and tears rolled down the broken boy's face. Zack made a distressed noise, eyes flicking over the blond's face.

"Y…es…" Cloud whispered. Zack froze.


" …Z…a…" Cloud broke off, obviously loosing strength but the fragmented confession was clear to the older boy, who smiled warmly though tears had escaped his eyes.

"Oh, Spike…" He breathed and kissed the blonde's lips oh so gently. He was fully intent to try to erase that pain, make Cloud forget about the torture, Hojo and that malicious female voice in his head.

But he never got the chance.

As Zack deepened the kiss, Cloud reached up and shakily touched the other boy's face. The ebony haired SOLDIER's heart leapt in joy. Maybe the smaller blonde would be okay? But a pained whimper made him release those lips.

"Spike…?" He questioned, mako eyes widening at the distress in those glowing baby blue eyes. Cloud's breath came in pained wheezes and his body seized up.

"Za…ck!" He cried in agony before falling utterly still. The SOLDIER's breath hitched and he gently shook the boy he had fallen for and loved as much as he had his dead mentor. Unaware that his mentor was in the room, the young 1st shook the boy a little harder.

"Cloud!" Zack cried, desperately looking into those eyes for some flicker of recognition. Angeal circled the room and knelt by his puppy, his heart aching for both of them. Those soft blue eyes were dead besides the shine of mako in them.

"CLOUD!" Zack screamed, thinking the increase in volume would startle the younger boy and there would at least be something there. Anything…


-Oh Zack…- Angeal whispered, pained that he had been jealous of the two. Three attendant's rushed into the room and pried them apart with difficulty. Zack was struggling like a mad man, eyes trained on the limp form on the floor.

"Cloud!? Spike! What did you do?! What did you give him?!" The thick glass slid closed and Zack's fists made the sturdy tube shake in his frenzy. He glared accusingly at the attendant who stayed in front of the glass, aware that they were putting the small blonde back into the other tube.

"What did he do?" Zack hissed menacingly and Angeal frowned. This wasn't his cheerful puppy, this was a man that would kill mercilessly to protect Cloud. Man…? No, the long haired SOLDIER looked his pup over. He didn't look any older than when he had been brought in, so they couldn't have been here that long…right?

"The usual." The attendant replied, nonplussed. Zack snarled.

"You're lying!" He yelled through the thick glass. The man in the lab coat shook his head.

"Hojo said he was a failure, he couldn't take the J-cells. Today must have been too much." The man shrugged and left as if nothing were wrong. As if Zack's life wasn't crashing down around him. The young 1st Class SOLDIER pressed against the glass closest to Cloud and as soon as the other's left, he began speaking.

"I won't give up on you, Cloud. I know you're still in there. I'll find a way to escape." Zack insisted, frowning sadly at the boy floating lifelessly in the tube next to him. No, not lifeless, never lifeless. Zack could hear the other's heartbeat with his enhanced senses. Weak but steady.

"Hey, Cloud. We'll go to Midgar and start a new life. You would like that, right?" He questioned. No answer… Zack pressed his forehead against the glass and there was silence all around them. Angeal stood between them, watching sadly.

"Hey, Spike…remember when you asked me where I got this scar?"

-Oh, Zack. No.- Angeal whispered mournfully.

"I got it from my mentor. His name was Angeal. You never got to meet him formally, but he was a good man. He valued honor and dreams. But he was really sick, like you are right now but different. Angeal was degrading and you probably only just remember him pushing you down in Modeohiem, right?"


"Well, he was past saving. He thought he was a monster, just like Sephiroth did. He…went crazy and wouldn't let me help him. At Modeohiem, I came back alone and with his sword. Angeal was lucid in his last moments and he said never to forget my honor… That's where this scar came from. I killed…I killed him." Zack whispered. Angeal touched the glass of his tube, lowering his head.

When would this nightmare end?

"I loved him, Cloud. I loved him as much as I love you now. I want to protect you. We'll get out…" Zack murmured, his head falling against the glass as he succumbed to sleep. This went on for a few days. Whenever his puppy was awake, he would be talking to the non-responsive boy next to him.

On the third day, Zack's eyes opened and he stared through the glass in shock.


Angeal frowned, knowing that Zack couldn't see him. He glanced behind him, discovering a clone of himself entering the room. His puppy was banging on the glass, eyes on his real mentor.

"Angeal, no wait!" He pleaded and then hung his head, eyes blanking.

"Those wings…" He whispered. The clone picked up the Buster Sword and raised it, "I want them too…" Zack finished just as the glass shattered, freeing him from the tube. The clone laid the sword in reach and disappeared quickly.

Moments later, Zack groaned and tightened his grip on the sword. An attendant rushed into the room in time to be taken down, killed quickly. Mako seeped off of Zack as he ignored the corpse and reached for Cloud's test tube, hitting the release button. He caught the limp figure and hugged him protectively.

"Cloud…" He whispered, helping the boy over to the table, leaning him against it. He took the keys from the attendant and knelt down before the boy after glaring at Hojo's report disgusted. He rubbed his hand through those soft blonde spikes and smiled.

"Let's get out of here." He declared, taking one of the boy's slim arms and placing it around his shoulders. They made a slow progression through the manor before Zack paused at one of the bedrooms. He assisted Cloud onto the bed and opened the cabinet, discovering a spare first class SOLDIER uniform.

"I know these stink a little but this is the best we can do." Zack stated, some of his old self seeping into his tone. He turned back to the bed and laid the uniform down. As he unbuckled and lifted the military personnel uniform from Cloud and bared the other boy's torso, the older boy paused and placed a hand over Cloud's heart.

"I'll protect you. I love you." Zack whispered before working the blonde's fatiques open. Angeal couldn't help but watch and his dark blue eyes roved over the boy once he was nude. It felt wrong to just look at Cloud when he was vulnerable, but it was hard not to. Zack had paused to look at him too.

Cloud Strife was simply…breathtaking. Angeal shook that thought off in shock. What the hell was he thinking?! Angeal frowned at himself as Zack worked the lithe body into the black uniform. Once done, Zack pulled away and smiled sadly.

"It looks good on you." He stated sadly before helping the lost teen back to his feet. It seemed like he was on some sort of autopilot, responding to Zack's touch and nothing else. Those blue eyes were half closed and blank, unmoving. Occasionally, a pained noise would escape from the boy and Zack would hush him, pressing a kiss to his golden spikes.

"Shhh. Let's get out of here."

Angeal followed both of them as they staggered out of the Shinra manor.

"It's been three days…" Genesis sighed, returning with a cup of coffee for Aerith. She sighed and nodded, taking the cup gratefully. Throughout their constant vigil, they had taken turns on watching the trio. Occasionally, one of the others would approach the gentle woman to reveal a new memory.

I sent an email to Zack, they said he was killed in action but I couldn't believe it.

I was woken from my slumber by Cloud.

I went on an adventure with Cloud.

Cloud is a tortured soul.

They were all remembering up until the Northern Crater but couldn't for the life of them remember why. That was good. She would need all three of them aware and conscious once they remembered Sephiroth. The silver haired man may have killed her and the planet. But…

What happened on that last day? The day the world ended. Only Cloud could tell them and he would be like this for who knows how long? Reliving his nightmare, his painful past life. Shockingly, both Cloud and Zack's bodies were changing in reaction to the memories. Emerald eyes trailed to the blond, who was being held tightly by Zack. They had moved Angeal and the 1st arms had eventually wrapped around both of the boys. He was most likely unaware of it, as Angeal was never one to rush things, especially when dealing with matters of the heart. Extreme amounts of mako were flaring into their bodies and most alarmingly…

The Jenova cells in Cloud had stirred awake.

"You have no place in this new world. Your lies will not be heard by either of them." Aerith whispered with conviction. Sephiroth would not fall prey to Jenova again. She wasn't present when Gaia had died and been reborn, she didn't think anyone remembered it save the blond savior and Sephiroth. Something had to have happened though to change the man so drastically that he went from wanting the planet's death to ruling over it with a sudden respect. So many secrets, there was still so much she didn't know. Her eyes softened and she sent a prayer to Gaia that Cloud would find peace and resolution in this history.

"Cloud..." She whispered with a soft, sad smile.

To be continued…

Author's Note: I could've made the lab scene a lot worse, but I didn't. Poor Zack and Cloud… Yes, I used a combination from the game, Last Order and Crisis Core. Sorry for the spoilers if you haven't played or seen them. I hope you liked this chapter. It came out amazingly easy (probably because I've known the story since 1997). Reviews help me write faster! : )

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