It was a relatively quiet night in Gravity Falls. There were the usual sounds of wind in the trees, the scuffling of animals, the creaking of the shabby buildings that littered the area, and in the case of the Mystery Shack residents, the loud snoring of Stan Pines. It took some time at first, but the twins had learned how to sleep through the obnoxious sound. Mabel was softly muttering something in her sleep, her hand resting gently on her pet pig, and Dipper lay perfectly still, with only the book numbered 3 on his chest rising and falling with each breath. The sleepy scene was broken however, when without warning, Dipper shot up in his bed with a gasp, flinging the maroon journal to the floor with a loud whack. Mabel twitched, and then lay still again, but Dipper sat up in his bed, panting slightly, and staring at nothing in particular. He broke his stare and glanced all around the room, his eyes finally resting on the book, which had flipped open and landed funny on the floor beside him. At that moment, Dipper knew something was very wrong.

That morning at breakfast, Dipper didn t even bother to pour a bowl of cereal, which his sister eagerly devoured.

"Sparkly cereal treats rot your teeth, but are fun to eat"! she sang as she helped herself to another bowl.

"Grunkle Stan, do you feel funny at all today?" Dipper asked slowly.

"If you want me to tell you a joke, I know a good one but don't feel like telling it," the older man replied, barley looking up from his newspaper.

"No, I meant like, do you feel like something strange is about to happen?" Dipper said, playing casually with his vest.

"Not really, unless you count finding out that the swallow on Duck-tective is really an alien, but we all saw that coming," Stan replied, shrugging.

"Not even, you know, like an apocalypse or an earthquake or something?" Dipper said, sounding less and less casual as he went on.

"If there were to be an unplanned natural disaster that was going to happen today, it would be in the papers," Stan said, slapping his newspaper, "Why are you so paranoid?"

"I'm not paranoid," Dipper said defensively.

"Yes you are!" Mabel put in, "This morning you were all like, hey Mabel, do you think we re all going to die sometime soon?" Mabel squished her cheeks and crossed her eyes as she spoke, along with an exaggerated impression of Dipper s voice.

"Fine, fine," Dipper said, waving it off, "But if something really weird happens sometime soon, expect an I-told-you-so."

Later in the morning, it began to rain hard, and eventually thunder. Grunkle Stan closed the Mystery Shack for the day because it was clear that there would be no visitors in that weather. Dipper and Mabel invited Soos and Wendy to stay anyway so they could hang out . Wendy left because she had plans to watch her family do the manly-man rain dance, but Soos stayed at the Shack with the Pines family. The four of them had seated around the table and were playing Cookies , a tasty variation of Spoons .

"Mine!" Mabel shouted, snatching the closest peanut butter confection and shoving it in her mouth. The boys all dove for the remaining cookies, but Grunkle Stan took both and ate them.

"What? You can't do that!" Dipper said with a laugh.

"Oh, yeah? Just did," Stan said, pointing both thumbs at his full mouth. Everyone at the table broke into laughter.

"Okay Soos, you re turn to deal," Mabel said, shoving the cards in his direction.

"Y'know, the person who deals the cards has the better chance of winning, because they have less time spent looking at the cards," Soos observed, using fancy motions to shuffle, and then deal the cards.

"I always have the better chance, because I'm always watching those cookies", Stan argued, placing the round prizes more or less at the center of the table. Mabel reached into the box and helped herself to a cookie.

"Hey, hey!" Stan said quickly, "That box of cookies cost me a whole ten cents at a garage sale!"

"Mmm, they disappear in your mouth!" Mabel observed.

Soos took up the first card and passed it on to Dipper, who looked at it, and passed it to Mabel. The game went on in silence, minus the sound of rain and the rhythmic thumping of the cards on the table.
However, the cards lost their flow, and everyone looked up to see almost the entire deck of cards in Dipper s draw pile, and Dipper staring, unmoving at his cards.

"What, Dipper? Forget how to play?" Stan asked, less than sincerely.

"Dipper, you okay?" Soos asked.

"Dipper?" Mabel touched her brother's shoulder. Dipper started and dropped his cards.

"What? Wait, what just happened?" Dipper asked, looking around.

"You delayed a perfectly good game of Cookies," Grunkle Stan suggested.

"You kinda blanked out there," Soos said, "You okay, man?"

"Yeah I m fine," Dipper said slowly, still glancing around. "Why am I at the dinner table?"

Grunkle Stan burst into laughter, but Mabel and Soos stared at Dipper with looks of confusion on their faces.

"Oh, wait, that wasn't a joke?" Stan said, seeing Dipper's befuddled expression.

"We were playing Cookies, silly," Mabel offered.

"I don't remember that," Dipper said, eying the cards on the table in front of him. "I don't remember getting here, or playing anything or..." Dipper paused and touched his hand to his vest, "I gotta go," and with that, he turned and ran up the stairs.

"Wait, Dipper!" Mabel called, coming after him.

"Let him go," Mabel, Stan said, putting the cookies back in the box, "when you ve gotta go, you ve gotta..." But Mabel was already gone.

Dipper gently closed the attic trapdoor behind him and sat on his bed, reaching into the left side of his vest, he pulled out the book. The six-fingered hand shone in the light of his lamp. Dipper examined the book, flipping it over and turning through the pages.

"Dipper?" Mabel poked her head through the trapdoor and crawled through it, letting it slam behind her. Dipper didn t even look up.

"Mabel, do you know if I put this book in my vest today?" he asked, closing the book and looking at the cover again.

"Don t think so, do you do that often?" Mabel asked, sitting beside him on his bed.

"Only when I m going out..." Dipper said, his voice drifting off.

"Dipper, what happened back there?" Mabel asked, scooting closer to her brother.

"I swear, I don't know," Dipper replied, looking Mabel in the eye, "I don't remember so much as getting downstairs. One minute I'm looking at the sunrise, and the next, I m sitting at a table on a rainy day."

"You really don t remember anything?" Mabel asked.

"No... Is this some kind of joke or something? Did I fall asleep and you guys decided to trick me?"

"Dipper, we would never do that!" Mabel said, crossing her arms, "If anyone s joking, it s you! C mon, Dipper, tell me you don't remember playing that one round of cookies where Grunkle Stan and Soos broke the last cookie and tried to gather the most crumbs! You laughed so hard you almost cried."

"I promise Mabel, I m not joking when I say I don t remember any of that!" Dipper said rubbing his head, "And you know I wouldn t lie to you."

"I know," Mabel said softly, "But it doesn t make any sense! How could you forget a whole day just like that?"

"I dunno," Dipper said, hanging his head, but he paused, "But I think it has to do with the book."

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