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This is my first foray into a differing perspective. I plan to use third person perspective. It is also my first foray into a Jasper Bella story. Alice will also be involved. I'm not sure what she is doing. But I like Ashley Greene so…yeah. I guess we will find out. I have tended to stay away from popular pairings like this because I honestly haven't been able to think of something that hasn't been done before. But damn near everything has been done before. So I figure I will put my own twist on this romance. This story will be darker than and not as lighthearted as some of my previous stories. It may be. I don't know for sure because like all my stories I start out with a general idea and see where the characters take me. But I'm pretty sure this will be dark. And Bella and Jasper are going to have to go a ways before they are together. Last warning. There will be sex and violence. This is not going to be a story for kids. So if you are a teen stop reading now. It's rated mature for a reason. Hope you enjoy;)

Chapter 1- The death of Bella Swan

The truck had crashed into a ditch on the side of the dusty road into a thick wooden post. Crashed to avoid the red head standing in the middle of the road. The young lady in the driver's seat had not been wearing a seat belt. She had gotten into her truck to quickly to worry about such things. And now her head had splintered the glass. Blood poured down her face. The redhead slowly walked to the old red truck and ripped the door off.

"I do hope you didn't kill yourself. That would ruin my fun."

The small brunette looked at the vampire. Her mouth was dry but she had apparently bitten her tongue. Blood filled her mouth and looking the vampire in the eye she spit blood in her face.

"Fuck you Victoria." She gasped out watching with satisfaction as the bloody spittle hit Victoria in the face.

"Now Bella that is rude. What would your father say about your manners? Or your happy, energetic mother? Of course they wouldn't say anything. They are dead. They didn't say much to me either when I met them for the first and only time. Do you want to hear how your mother begged for her life? Or how she begged me to kill her near the end? Your father was much more of a fighter. He only screamed when I cut him open. He didn't say a word when I reached into his chest and pulled out his still beating heart. I have to admit, drinking blood directly from a heart was a new experience for me. It was delicious. I plan to do it to all my victims from this point on. Starting with yours. I have to thank you. This chase has been fun. I never dreamed you would have made it all the way to Texas. Just so you know I plan to go back and kill all the dogs that protected you. The friends you had, not that you had many. Angela, I believe her name was. I will start with her."

"No! You leave her alone! She is not involved with this!" Bella whispered. She didn't have enough breath to speak loudly. Her chest had hit the steering wheel. She felt broken inside.

"No, but she was involved with you. I was outside your window listening when you two comforted each other night after night, after her boyfriend broke her heart. Very kinky Bella. What would your precious Edward think? His sweet Bella having sex with another girl."

"Leave her alone."

"You brought this on her when you began fucking her. Or was she fucking you? In those relationships it is hard to tell. And a preacher's daughter no less. I was impressed Bella."

"Just kill me and end this." Bella hurt all over. But the pain was beginning to go away. A feeling of numbness was coming over her.

"Oh you are dying already. But I still plan to have a little fun before I ship your head to Edward Cullen with a card from James."

Bella felt herself lifted out of the cab of the truck. She was placed on her feet. She was having trouble breathing but standing up helped. She felt Victoria's hand caressing her ribs. And then squeeze.


"Hurts like a bitch doesn't it? You are such a delicate creature. Hardly worth my time. But vampires have a lot of time to spare."

She hit Bella in the belly. What little air she had left was knocked from her.

"I want to play a game. Tag. About 400 yards ahead is a bar on the side of the road. If you can make it there with your injuries, I will spare Angela."

"And if I don't?"

"I will skin you where you fall, drink your blood from your heart and then head back to Forks to say hello to the preacher's daughter. Want to guess what I am going to do to her? I may mutilate some of your favorite body parts before I drink the blood from her heart. I want to see if she tastes as good as I heard you say she did. I estimate you have about 10 maybe 15 minutes of life in you. Once you get to the bar, I will drag you out and still skin you and drink the blood from your heart. I'm actually thinking of making a purse from your skin so try not to fall too much. But Angela will be safe from me."

Bella looked down the road. Now that she was standing breathing was easier but the pain was excruciating. She had to do this though. She didn't know if Victoria would hold to her word. She doubted it. But she had to try. And there was really no other way to go. In a worse case scenario she would die on the road and be spared the torture Victoria had planned for her. Maybe Jake could protect Angela.

Without another word she began walking down the road. She tried to jog but the pain from her ribs stopped her. She could feel the broken pieces of her ribs moving inside her. They would probably puncture a lung. Not that it mattered with her internal injuries. Her head hurt and she felt dizzy. She was stumbling down the road. But she had to make it. To give Angela a chance. Her only friend who had grown into her lover. They comforted each other. They loved each other. The only lover she had in her short life. At this moment she hated Edward Cullen with everything in her soul. She didn't want to die with hate in her heart but she had no choice. And she knew she was dying. She could feel the blood filling her abdomen. She wanted to stop. She wanted to curl up and die. But she continued on. She could hear Victoria laughing behind her. Encouraging her to keep going. After what felt like an eternity she reached the bar. It was night time. The small parking lot was half full of cars. If she could get inside she could die on the floor. Victoria surely wouldn't drag her out in front of a room full of people. Would she? With what strength she had remaining she ran to the door, opened it and fell on the floor.

All around people were looking at her. There weren't many. She guessed it was still early for a bar crowd. She could see the boots on the ground. They did not know what to make of the woman covered in blood that had just crashed into the bar and was now currently laid out on the floor. Bella heard the music stop. There weren't many people here now that she looked at the feet on the ground. She was lying on the sawdust floor. Blood was pouring from her mouth. With nowhere else to go, the blood in her body was traveling through her throat, choking what little air, she had left. She could die here. It was as good a place as any.

The door slammed open and Victoria walked in. The red head looked at the assembled crowd and smiled.

"I seem to have lost my child, but now I have found her. You may all go back to what you were doing. I will take her. She has been very naughty." Victoria reached down to pick Bella up in her arms. She could still hear Bella's heartbeat. Excellent.

"I'm afraid you can't take her ma'am."

Victoria turned around stunned. Who would talk to her like that? Normally her otherworldliness scared the hell out of humans despite her beauty.

A slim tall man dressed in a cowboy hat and old torn jeans walked up to her. He was attractive. Men and women were standing behind him. Beautiful women. Men looking like typical Texans. Country idiots. The slim man up front had longish hair that went slightly past his shoulders. Sandy blonde. Despite being thin he had a wiry muscle tone that made him attractive. Perhaps he was too stupid to be afraid.

"I'm afraid you don't get a say in the matter, Cowboy. She is mine. And unless anyone here wants to join her I would suggest you back off, mop up her blood and forget this ever happened." Victoria stared at him, her red eyes boring into his.

To her surprise the man smiled. The people behind him were suddenly surrounding her and her prey.

The thin man walked up to her inches away from her face. Victoria suddenly felt something she hadn't felt since she was turned. She felt fear.

He ran his fingers through her hair. She couldn't move. She looked in his eyes and saw that they had turned black. Not just the irises. Both his eyes were solid black. She glanced around and saw that those with him were the same. Victoria had been impervious to temperature. But she felt cold.

All she could focus on was his hands. Both his hands were on her cheeks. Caressing her gently. How was she feeling this?

"You poor thing. You have no idea how fucked you are sweetie. You sure are a pretty little girl. For a blood sucking undead bitch." He leaned forward and kissed her. She couldn't move. To her surprise she found herself kissing him back. His lips were hot. Too hot. But she couldn't stop. It made the chill go away.

"There. A kiss before dying darlin. Your time has come."

His eyes were now red. His hands on her cheeks were burning.

"What…what are you doing to me?"

"Sending you home. To Hell where you belong." The men and women surrounding her walked up and placed their hands on her shoulders and waist. She was trapped. She couldn't move. How could this happen to her?

It was so hot. She screamed. She felt pain!

Bella opened her eyes. She couldn't see in the middle of the crowd of people. They were all chanting. It sounded so soothing. Why wasn't she dead yet? Why weren't they? They backed away when flames burst out in the middle of the gathered throng. The long haired man in front of Victoria was still holding her face. Her hair was on fire. She was burning. Her body was burning. Victoria was still screaming.

Bella hoped that she wasn't imagining this. She would be dead but Angela and Jake would be safe.

The people around Victoria backed up. She was ash. A smoldering pile of ash on the floor surrounded by the still burning clothing she had been wearing. All Bella could smell was her own blood and the smell of…sulfur?

The man who had been in front of Victoria walked over and knelt beside her. He ran his hand over her bloody forehead.

"You are dying."

"Yes." Bella whispered. "It's okay. I don't care."

"Do you want to die?"

Bella hadn't given much thought to the question. She had accepted death already. She could feel her pulse getting slower. She was so cold.

"You have a choice. You can die here and we will make sure you get home and are buried. Or you can join us."

"What are you?"

"Do you want to die? Or do you want vengeance?"

"On who? Victoria is dead. Right?" Bella whispered.

"Oh yeah. They don't get much deader than that bitch, although you are giving her a run for her money darlin. I mean vengeance on vampires. Do you want to live and destroy vampires? The ones who have overstepped their bounds and became too evil for this world to accept. Or do you want to die? The choice is yours, but you must make it quickly. You don't have much time."

Bella didn't know if she thought of it or not. Looking back she wondered if she really had a choice. But she felt her lips move. And the words coming out of her mouth sealed her fate.

"I want to live. I want revenge."

"What is your name girl?"

"Bella Swan."

"Bo, draw the circle."

Bella felt herself picked up by two girls. Pretty blondes. Thin. Wearing cutoff shorts, tank tops and cowboy boots.

"C'mon sweetie. We got you." One whispered.

The two blondes walked Bella over and laid her in the middle of the chalk circle Bo had just drawn. A pentagram.

"Remove her clothes." The thin man commanded.

The two blondes took out pocket knives and cut her clothes off. She lay there spread out, covered in blood. Barely breathing. Bella felt so cold.

The thin man leaned over her. His hair falling around his face. He smiled.

"My name is Abaddon. You can call me Abe." He kissed Bella on her bloody forehead and laid a hand between her breasts. He began chanting. The others joined in. Bella felt her chest get warm where his hand was. She was slowly coming around. Her bones were moving in her chest. She felt her ribs moving back and becoming more solid. Abe was smiling at her. "You are going to be a consort with your sisters. You will be immortal. And you are perfect."

Abe stood back and grabbed hands with the others. They continued to chant. Bella was becoming more aware. And then she saw it. A shade. A shade in the shape of a man. He was becoming clearer. She saw him clearly. His skin was solid black. As smooth as deep ebony. His face, his eyes. His eyes were the same shade of black as his skin. If she wouldn't have been so close she would not have believed he had eyes. His hands were like silk. Were those horns on top of his head? Yes, they were growing. Bella felt his lips on hers and she kissed him back.

The circle began chanting louder, at a more frenzied pace. Abe was smiling. Six females and Six males stood in a circle and watched as the shade gently parted Bella's legs wide and entered her. She screamed out at first in pain. She was technically a virgin. Nothing larger than a couple of Angela's fingers had been inside of her. He was so large. She wasn't prepared. He continued moving on top of her, fucking her faster. Her screams soon turned to pleasure as she tried to push herself into him. The shade raised his head with a roar as he came and melted into her body. He literally melted into her body. Bella was lying in the circle on the floor. The chanting had stopped. Abe grabbed her hand and pulled her up.

Bella was shocked to feel no pain. All the pain in her body was gone. She was sore, so she knew the shade was real. She should have been horrified. But she wasn't. She could still feel him. Inside her. His seed was still hot. Abe kissed her gently on the mouth and she opened hers. It seemed like the natural thing to do. One by one the others came, male and female and kissed her deeply. She was dazed. The tongues of the others told her this was real. When they were done and circled around her she realized she was standing naked being gazed at by the assembly. And it didn't bother her in the least. Abe smiled at her.

"We have our 13th brothers and sisters. We are now complete. We have waited a hundred years. Searching everywhere for the one who would bring us to complete power. Who could be a vessel for the last demon. And our ancient enemy has brought her to us. To our doorstep."

"Your name was Bella Swan. Bella Swan is dead. Now you are named Lillith. We will call you Lilly. We have a lot to talk about. How do you feel? Do you need to sleep?"

"No." Bella actually felt better than she ever had.

"Then let's start your education. First you need to meet your new family. Your brothers, your sisters, your lovers. Then we will take you to the ranch."

"What did you do to me? What am I?"

"You are immortal Bella. You cannot die. Nothing can kill you. You are not all powerful. But with all of us together. Well, hell darlin, there ain't a force on earth that can stop us."

"Am I…I'm not a vampire right?"

Laughter filled the room.

"No you are definitely not a vampire. We are collectors. We are demons who hunt demons. We collect the souls of the devil's abominations and send them to hell where they belong. You are still human. Mostly. I didn't lie to you Bella. We kill vampires. We fight evil. We do what the Angels cannot. What they are too pure to do. But we are evil as well. At least parts of us are. Are you ready to hear what we got to say girl?" He winked at her.

Bella smiled. Her body, dying moments ago was buzzing with electricity. She was loving the Texas accents. And Abe had a deep one. "Yes, tell me everything."

Abe smiled at her. "Perfect. But first, Shelli, could you get our new sister some clothes. I believe we are all too distracted by her nakedness to have a grown up talk. There will be plenty of time for that later." Abe smiled. Bella should have been appalled. Was he suggesting that all of…yes he was. And she was surprised to find the idea didn't bother her in the least.

Upstate New York

"It is time Jasper. He isn't coming back. He has given up his claim to her. She can be ours finally."

"Do you still see her as a vampire Alice?" He asked. He wanted her. He had wanted her since he first laid eyes on her. He knew Alice wanted her as well. But Bella was his. He didn't mind sharing her with Alice. But Bella Swan was his mate. A fact that Edward Cullen seemed to not agree with. Jasper had already tried to change her once. Taking advantage of a paper cut to turn her. Once she was turned she would know who she belonged to. And Edward knew it. That is why he wanted her human. Too keep her as his pet. But Edward was quicker than he expected. He and Emmett stopped Jasper from taking his mate. He could have killed them all. But Carlisle did not deserve that. Unlike Jasper, he was a good man. Alice understood. She knew the minute she saw Bella Swan for the first time in school that she wanted Bella and that Bella was Jasper's mate.

Edward thought leaving would protect her. He was convinced Carlisle could stop Jasper and Alice from going after Bella. As if anyone could stop the God of War. It sure as hell wouldn't be a pacifist like Carlisle Cullen.

"I have Jasper. But I haven't gotten any visions of her lately. I don't know why. I search but they don't come. I am worried. We can't wait any longer."

Jasper knew she was right. They had probably waited too long. But if Bella didn't agree to become a vampire, he would take her. He had watched her. He had fallen in love with her. He fantasized about he, Bella and Alice being one. About the things he wanted to do to Bella. The smiles she gave him. The efforts she made to talk to him. She wasn't afraid of him in the least. That is what first made him realize Alice was right. She felt a pull towards him, the most dangerous being in a house full of vampires. And he felt it was well. She wasn't frightened of him. Carlisle, Emmett, Edward. They took one look at his scars and could barely look at him. His scars were a warning to other vampires. Basically a big neon sign saying do not fuck with this man.

"She should be graduating soon Jasper. It's time to go."

Jasper nodded his head. "Let's get packed. Say nothing to the family. We may not be back. If we are it will be a long time from now."

Alice squealed. "Thank you Jasper!"

"She is mine Alice. If you want her you have to play by my rules. You answer to me. Understand?" Jasper asked her smiling.

"Don't I always answer to you, lover?" Alice smiled and winked.

"No jealousy. Between any of us. If there is, you are gone."

"I promise Jasper. I would never be jealous of Bella. But Jasper what if she doesn't forgive us for leaving? What if she doesn't want to become a vampire?"

"That doesn't matter. She belongs to me. And it is time I took what is mine."