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I couldn't find anyone on set so they must be in the prop house. I decided to go see who was there and to no surprise Nico and Grady was watching TV, Tawni wasn't there but she was probably crying about the loss of her beloved Coco Mocho Coco lipstick and Zora was sitting at the table which is unusual for her she would more than likely be in a vent or something. How am I going to tell them that I can't make it tonight? "Hey Sonny, how's you?" Nico said.

"Are you excited for tonight?" Grady asked.

It's like they can read my mind. "Erm yeah about that, you see my mum being her bought 500 beach balls online and can't cancel the order so she needs me home tonight to help with that, sorry guys"

"It's alright, I guess it will be me, Grady, Zora and Tawni tonight" Nico replied.

I know I promised them already but Chad asked me out and knowing him he could change his mind at any point, these guys will always be here for me. That's why I consider them family but if they ever found out I was going on a date with Chad Dylan Cooper then they would not be impressed. I know, what if tonight goes really great and then I will have to tell them but we'll just have to see how tonight goes.

"Chad Dylan Cooper's show Mackenzie Falls is planned to be renewed for another season." The TV can read my mind too.

"Really, drama pants over there gets another season and we don't get a decent lunch typical."

"I know Nico, you would think a guy who runs like a girl would have trouble getting another season. But he gets what he wants." Grady replied.

"Yeah his drama show isn't much drama, a monkey could act better." I know I shouldn't be saying these things but I have to keep the act up otherwise they would catch on and Chad says I couldn't act. Who's the fool now? "And how he has to have perfect hair but there is always one piece that is wrong, actually his hair is never right. How he treats girls is disgusting he thinks there like socks, if you lose one just get another."

"That was a bit harsh Sonny, we don't like him but he's not that bad." Grady said shocked.

"Oh c'mon like you don't make fun of him, whenever I say Chad Dylan Cooper you guys gasp."

"Yeah but we don't take it that far, that could really hurt a guy." Nico replied.

Wow, they can make fun of Chad for the past two years and then boom I say one bad thing and I'm in the wrong. Sometimes I don't get these two. "Really, you would think you're best friends the way you're defending him. What is there something you are not telling me? Do you secretly go out with him at night?" Oh wait that's me.

"No Sonny we don't, you know how I spend my nights playing on video games with Grady. Just chill."

Saying all this nasty stuff is making me feel sick, maybe I do like Chad. I know it was harsh to say the sock comment but it got them of my back and they didn't suspect a thing. Now I can focus on my date with Chad. What am I gonna wear? Does he want it fancy or casual? I'm kinda getting nervous, I bet he'll wear something really nice and then I will look at him and get lost in his blue eyes. His eyes. Why are his eyes so nice? They're the perfect colour of blue. Blonde hair and blue eyes is a great combination. The way he says my name every time we meet sends shivers down my shine. Each time we meet I feel that there is something special, I'm surprised people haven't caught on. I know I had to slap myself to stop staring at him one time. I mean the way he doesn't like people touching his hair is adorable and the crinkles around his mouth when he smiles. It's all what I love about him. I just said I love Chad, I haven't even had the date yet and I'm already head over heels for the guy. I wonder where he is taking me, what if there's stairs? What if I fall going up them? What if I fall going down them? He might laugh at me. Make me feel so stupid, then again he could show his sweet side and help me up. That's the thing with Chad you just don't know how he will be on the date. I remember the time he gave me the tickets for a basketball game, he didn't have to but he did well he also made me say he was the greatest actor of our generation but still it was sweet.