So, I'm sorry for those who wait for an update of 'Bloody Secrets', it's currently on haitus.

So as a little apology I present a one shot of Kuroko no Basket/Basuke.

The pairing is: Aomine x Kise

Warning: Rated M for Kise's mouth (jealous Kise is scary) and this contains yaoi (boy x boy)

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So, at first it's Kise's POV but when -Aomine x Kise- appears it changes to Aomine's POV and if it's -Kise x Aomine-than it's again Kise's POV.


Curvy. Cute. Busty. Soft skin.


That was everything that Aomine Daiki liked.

Tall. Lean. Muscled. Flat.


Everything that described Kise Ryouta.

He was the opposite of what Aomine liked, the blond knew that well.

Yes, cheerful, somewhat hyper, kind, sociable and popular Kise Ryouta was in love with the anti-social, lazy, cocky jackass by the name of Aomine Daiki.

If you asked him since when he felt that way, he wouldn't have an answer for you.
He himself didn't know when his respect and adoration for the other teen had developed into a crush, and with time, into honest love.

Even though Aomine was, as mentioned before, behaving like a total jackass most of the time.

So of course Kise wasn't surprised to find the bluenett flirting with some busty chick with blond hair* and tons of make-up. For christ's sake, she practically screamed whore!

Couldn't he see that girls like her didn't really like him? They just wanted to be seen with the famous basketball player, the ace of the Generation of Miracles.
Wasn't he tired of playing around?

Couldn't he see that Kise truly loved him, just for being himself?

Well, apparently not.

The young model scowled, obviously displeased because he had witnessed how Aomine flirted with some random girl. Kise was sure in a weeks' time the lazy teenager wouldn't even be able to remember her name.

The blond's scowl deepened as he made his way back to his classroom. He had a gloomy aura around him that made the other students stay away from the handsome model. Even his fans were wise enough to leave him alone in his currently bad mood.

Opening the door to his classroom he steps inside, dragging his feet until he reached his seat. With a thump he sat down and ignored the questioning stares of his fellow classmates.

He could still hear them whisper among them in wonder, though that immediately stopped once the bell rang, signaling that lessons were starting.

Aomine x Kise

He tried to feign interest, as if he was actually really listening to the mindless blabbering of the female in front of him.

Yeah, right.

Her girly giggles and high-pitched voice as she was trying to flirt with him gave him a headache.
His gaze wandered discreetly (as discreet as Aomine Daikis could be) around the hallway and the masses of people filling it and he occasionally nodded at something the girl was saying.

There was an enormous queue at the kiosk which was selling that special bread. Seriously, this was like Japanese lunchtime rush.

He snickered under his breath at the thought.

He continued to look around and spotted a familiar blond-haired and topaz eyed teammate of his walking in the direction of his classroom.

'Kise. Did he see…?' Aomine scowled and excused himself to get some fresh air on the rooftop.
He would bang his head against the nearest wall if he had to listen to her rambling even one more minute.
Really, couldn't girls talk about other things then clothes, make-up and themselves…?

Why not just about normal stuff like school or basketball or even food**?

That's what Kise and he talked about. Well, admittedly Kise did most of the talking, but Aomine liked listening to him. He liked his voice and how he would happily call him by this ridiculous nickname and-

'Ah, damn it. I shouldn't be thinking about him.'

Climbing up the stairs to the rooftop he opened the door and breathed in the refreshing air. He closed the metal door behind him and lay down on the floor, closing his eyes to try and sleep. His plans were ruined by the smiling face of a model popping up in his mind over and over again.

'Seems like I'll be going to practice today.' Aomine thought dejectedly.

'To get my mind off things.'

Actually it was just an excuse to see the blond getting sweaty and flushed while training (and deep down Aomine knew it as well).

333333333333333-Aomine x Kise - 333333333333333

"Come on, Tetsu!" the blue-haired ace yelled at his shadow, though he wasn't into training today as much as he pretended to be. He was waiting for the blond model to arrive for practice and have a one-on-one against him.

Yes, seeing Kise sweaty, passion burning in his eyes and biting his lip (sexily) whenever he couldn't keep up with Aomine's movements was a more than appealing thought.

'Ah, fuck.'

Blushing he ran in the direction of the bathroom, while he shouted out to Kuroko:

"Tetsu, I'm back in a sec. Gotta use the bathroom."

The sixth man simply nodded, face as expressionless as always and continued training with Akashi instead.

-Kise x Aomine -

His mood hadn't improved, not at all. He couldn't stop thinking about Aomine and it vexed him to no end.

Stepping into the gym he stopped to stare in disbelief at a training Aomine.

Of course, of all the days Aomine decided to attend training it had to be today.

Just his luck.

'He almost never comes to practice! Why todaaayyy?' he whined exasperated in his head.
Kise did what any adult would do in such a situation, he started sulking.
He still made his way to the locker rooms to change into suitable clothes for training though. (He didn't dare to ditch practice like Aomine, he didn't even want to imagine what Akashi would do to him if he did.)

When he came back the bluenett was nowhere to be seen.

'Where's Aomine-cchi…? Well, not that I'm complaining. At least I don't have to face him yet.'

His string of thought was interrupted; however, by a shrill yell of the female he had seen with Aomine earlier this day.

"Aaoooooooooommmmmmmmiiiiiiin nnnnneeee-kuuuuuunnnn~!"

Kise winced at the high-pitched voice. Looking around, Aomine's latest plaything searched for her 'darling'.

She wasn't able to find him, as expected, but noticed the handsome model and approached him with a flirty smile on her face.

Big mistake.

"Ne, you're Kise Ryouta-kun, aren't you…?" She asked in a sickly sweet voice. As if she didn't know already.

She did choose the wrong day to talk to Kise, though.

The normally sociable and nice boy threw a withering glare in her direction. He knew from experience that whatever the relationship between her and his blue haired teammate was, it would not last long.

It was a given.

'That's right. He is going to forget you, but I'm going to be with him even if it's just as friends. I'm more important to him than any of those girls.'

It was the only thing he could take comfort in.

But even knowing that, jealousy and anger still got the better of him.

"What do you want…?"

Taken aback by the hostility in his voice she hesitated. Too bad for her, really, Kise was beyond the point of caring.

"You are aware that you're disrupting the basketball team's practice, right?"

His voice was ice-cold and sent shivers down her spine. She had never seen the popular teen act like that before.

The model himself knew he was acting very out of character right now, but he didn't give a damn. Jealousy and frustration clouded his mind at the moment, his mouth just formed the words without having consulted his brain first.

The girl took a cautious step back. So she wasn't a complete dimwit. (Though Kise wouldn't ever hit a girl, mind you.)

"W-well, I wanted to see Aomine-kun…" she trailed off unsurely.

…That's her reason?! Couldn't she be reasonable and wait until practice was over? His hate for her just increased even more.

"Just go back; Aomine-cchi doesn't care either way." He said emotionless.

"What?!" She sounded shocked and a tad bit offended at Kise's statement.

"You're just one of his flings. Believe me, he won't know your name in a week's time." He smirked lightly.


The sound of skin hitting skin resonated throughout the whole gym and a tense silence fell over the occupants.

No one dared to break it.

No one but the tanned basketball player by the name of Aomine Daiki.

"What the hell do you think you're doing, huh?!" He yelled and jogged over to a now in place frozen Kise Ryouta who held his injured cheek.

"Aomine-cchi…" he whispered almost inaudible.

Kise instantly panicked, thinking Aomine was angry at him. Blondie McBlond instantly brightened and a smug expression made it's way onto her face, only to look dumbfounded when her 'Aomine-kun' stood protectively in front of Kise, throwing a glare in her direction. She visibly stiffened, paling.

"Who do you think you are? Get out of here now." His eyes promised there was hell to pay if she didn't immediately comply.

She flushed in embarrassment and anger, but didn't dare to object and ran out of the gym.

Again, complete silence.

"…Aomine-cchi…" Kise said quietly again.

It seemed as if it was the only thing he could think of saying.

Before the blond had a chance to organize his thoughts, a hand grabbed his wrist and he was dragged out of the gym by Aomine.

-Kise x Aomine -

"S-slow down, Aomine-ch,-" but Kises complaint was cut short by the irritated reply of the other male. "Shut up." Kise remained silent after that and just followed the taller teen the best he could.

Suddenly Aomine stopped and opened a white door.

'The infirmary…' Kise thought surprised.

"Sit down." Commended Aomine as he casually pointed towards the bed.

Kise followed the instructions and sat down with a small frown, his gaze cast downwards. He was confused as hell.

'Why would Aomine-cchi do that? Could he…? No. Impossible. It's probably because I'm his teammate and nothing else. I shouldn't get my hopes up like that.'

He snapped out of his thoughts when Aomine sat down in front of him with a first aid kit.

"Turn your head a bit." Kise complied and winced shortly after when the male opposite him cleaned the small wound on his cheek.

That bitch had actually scratched him with her fake finger nails. Great.

But surprisingly Aomine's movements were very gentle and he was careful as to not hurt the blond any further. Kise blushed slightly and was glad his head was turned away from the other.

When Aomine was done he placed a band aid on the scratch, but didn't move his hand away. He slowly, lovingly caressed Kise's cheek, making the other look at him.

Warm topaz eyes met captivating sapphire orbs and time seemed to stop.

Kise could feel himself blush, despite his best efforts not to. He saw Aomine's eyes widen in surprise before softening. Slowly, Aomine leaned towards him, their lips almost touching.

"…Ryouta, can I?" the usually so confident basketball player hesitantly asks.

Kises breath hitched at the use of his first name but then he smiles, affection swirling in his eyes as he looked at Aomine.

How did Aomine never notice it before...?

"Since when do you ask for permission?"

And Aomine promptly closed the space between them with a small smirk.

At the beginning of the kiss Kise was rather reluctant and unsure of what to do. Despite being so popular he had never kissed before.

Sensing his insecurity Aomine grabbed the other boys hand gently and gave it a reassuring squeeze. Kise instantly calmed down and let Aomine take control.

'Aomine-chii's lips are so soft...' he thought dreamily and let out a small moan as a daring tongue licked his bottom lip before gently nibbling on it.

Kise slowly opened his mouth to give Aomine access and an eager tongue slipped past his lips and enthusiasticly explores the foreign territory.

Leaning forward even more Kise fell on his back, breaking the kiss. Seconds later Aomine hovered above him, in-between Kise's spread legs.
He kissed his neck, going down lower and he occasionally stopped to suck, nibble and bite at the soft, pale skin. He wanted more of the arousing noises to escape the boy under him, wanted him to moan his name in pleasure and desire.

'T-this is bad…!' Kise thought dazed. 'I'm getting way too aroused from just being kissed, but it feels so good.'

Aomine seemingly felt the same and decided to do something about it.

Kise gasped when the boy on top of him bucked his hips, rubbing their clothed erections against each other and moaned throatily at the contact while Aomine let out a low groan.

"Aomine-cchi! More~!" And with an animalistic growl said teen immediately complied. Needing more friction Kise began to grind against Aomine as well, moaning the others name again and again.

Their pace increases the closer they get to their climax and Kise is the first to come with a shout of his lovers name.

"Ahn~! Daiki!"

The sound of his first name called by such a husky and lust-filled voice sent Aomine over the edge as well and he too came with a cry of his loves name.

They lay there for a while panting heavily before Kise's muffled voice breaks the comfortable silence.

"You're heavy, Aomine-cchi." Chuckling the bluenett rolled off the other and pulls him closer from behind in a loving embrace.

"Aomine-chii…" Kise trailed off a little unsure as to what to say.

Aomine lazily kissed his neck to encourage the other to continue and Kise shuddered with pleasure.

He turns around in Aomine's arms and shyly looks at him.

"A-are we…you know- togeth,-" "Yes."

Aomine cut him off without a second thought and one of his rare, gentle and loving smiles showed on his face. Kise blushed at that smile-he realized it was for him alone- and started grinning.

"I love you, Aomine-cchi!" he exclaimed happily and hugged the other male tightly.

Now it was Aomines turn to blush at the sudden, but not unwelcome, confession.

"Geez, saying embarrassing stuff like that." He buried his face in the blond locks and murmured softly:

"I love you, too."

Extended Ending:

Kise: *looks at their clothes* So...how are we supposed to go home like that?

Aomine: …..

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