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It had been 3 months, 20 days, 13 hours and 20 seconds since he and Aomine started dating. Not that Kise kept track or anything…

After that day in the infirmary when he and the blue haired male kissed (among other things, Kise thought blushing) their daily routines greatly changed.

Aomine would walk him to school every morning (after a sweet good morning kiss), they would eat lunch together, with Aomine occasionally glaring at his fangirls to keep them away…and their fanclub that had formed after their relationship became public.

After school they would head to the gym for training (not without a make-out session in the locker rooms first if no one was around) and after their horribly tiring practice they would go around town visiting all kinds of places. Kise called them happily their daily dates. It was his favorite part of the day.

When the other Generation of Miracles members had found out about them…well.

Their fellow teammates reactions ranged from a spluttering and blushing tsund,- I mean Midorima Shintarou, a squealing fangir,-Momoi Satsuki, a slightly shocked Kuroko Tetsuya (he got over it pretty quickly), an apathetic Murasakibara Atsushi and a smirking red haired captain with a face that was screaming: 'Just as expected.'

'He probably knew from the beginning, god knows how…' and Kise shivered at the thought of the heterochromatic eyed devil.

Still, he was happy their love was accepted by them, he was glad to have such great teammates and friends.


He soon realized that, surprisingly, Aomine was a very gentle person despite his appearance and arrogant behaviour. He always made sure Kise had fun on their little dates; he held his hand even in crowded places ("So we don't get separated" and he blushed while saying that) he kissed him whenever he had the chance (and Kise found he loved that very much) and whispered sweet nothings in his ear when Kise was stressed.

Kise himself found his eyes always drawn to Aomines enticing dark blue eyes. He couldn't bring himself to look away at times and almost lost himself in the depth of those eyes.

Aomine would look at him then, in his eyes shining mischievous suddenly. He would comment on him for staring and start teasing Kise, causing the latter to turn scarlet.

"You're so cute, Ryouta." And a large grin would appear on his face.

And said male could only whine his name in response, too embarrassed to look him in the eyes again.

"Daiki~!" And the other male just kisses his forehead lovingly.

Yes, Kise was very happy.

But as much as he loved and treasured those unforgettable moments with his lover, there was something he loved even more.


"Ah~!" Kise moaned as Aomine littered his neck with love bites. He was sucking on the tender flesh of his neck, occasionally gliding his tongue over the abused skin.

Both their breathing was labored and their cheeks colored a faint pink.

Aomine was rubbing against him while continuing his very pleasing ministrations on his neck.

Kise wraps his arms around Aomines shoulders bucking against the male above him, who lets out a low groan in response.

"Daiki…" Kise whispers, a needy edge in his voice and Aomine leaned down to catch his lovers lips in a deep kiss. Kise's lips parted willingly to let him explore his wet cavern, trying to coax the other to join in on a passionate dance. Soon they were fighting for dominance, neither of them willing to lose.

Distracted by the heated kiss, Kise didn't notice Aomines hand had wandered under his jeans and shorts and he lets out a loud moan which breaks their kiss. Aomine gently grabbed his erection and a small smirk formed on his lips as he started pumping it slowly.

So agonizingly slow.

"Daiki..ahn..!" Kise struggled to form words but couldn't stop his moans. He was beginning to feel lightheaded.

It felt so good.

"S-stop teasing me, Daiki..Ahh!" Aomine had rubbed his thumb against the tip of Ryoutas cock and pre-cum was already leaking out.

The sight before him was breathtaking Aomine had decided.

Addicting even.

Kise lay sprawled in front of him with his face flushed a beautiful scarlet. He was trying to keep those heavenly moans from leaving those plump and kissable lips that were slightly swollen from their previous activities.

'I want to devour him. Mark him. He's mine.'

Kise shuddered in excitement at the sudden hunger, lust and want that clouded those sapphire eyes staring down at him.

But he was also overwhelmed by the love and fondness mixed with possessiveness that wasn't there before. It made his breath hitch in his throat.

"Ryouta." The tanned male above him calls out with a husky voice.

Aomine trails hot kisses down from the blonde's collarbone, with a wet tongue licking here and there and continues down his well-defined stomach. He shortly pauses to lick and suck at his bellybutton, making Kise shudder at the foreign feeling.

He pulls down Kises jeans, together with his boxers and frees his dripping erection from its confinements.

Before Kise has time to react he is already fully engulfed in Aomines hot and wet mouth.

"Oh GOD! Daiki~!" Kise shouts out in ecstasy almost coming from just that.

Catching his breath he looks down and his lust glazed eyes meet dark blue ones. He holds his lover's gaze, unable to look away as the bluenett sucked him sensually.

Aomine bobbed his head up and down slowly, licking along the shaft, teeth barely grazing the skin. Sucking on the tip he slides his tongue over the slit of the erection before enveloping it in his warm mouth once again.

'F-feels soo good~!"

Kises hands entangle in soft blue locks when Aomine started sucking fiercely and Kise wasn't able to control his voice any longer.

"Daaikii~! Oh my god, please!" Kise begs in such a desperate voice Aomine can't help but to intensify his ministrations, taking him in even deeper while Kises cries of pleasure become louder.

'No…this is..' Kise realizes.

"D-daiki, wait a-hah..second." Aomine stops slowly and pulls away, licking his lips in the process. At the sight Kise blushes and struggles to regain his breath. The male opposite him just raises an eyebrow.

"It…it's unfair." Kise starts slowly as Aomine looks at him confused. He was about to ask what the his boyfriend meant but was cut off as the other continued.

"It's unfair that I'm the only one feeling good." Kise says with more confidence now as he comes closer to palm Aomines clothed erection through his trousers.

Aomine moans lowly at the unexpected touch.

Kise doesn't waste a minute, unzipping the other's pants and pulling out Aomines throbbing cock.

'…He's bigger than I expected.'

Carefully Kise leans down and Aomine watches as he hesitantly licks the tip of his erection. He involuntary closes his eyes at the feeling.

Kises tongue felt amazing.

Shyly he licked Aomines member from the base to the tip. Remembering what Aomine had done to him he tried to copy those movements. He sucks at the tip before taking Aomine in slowly, running his tongue up and down the shaft.

He starts to moving his head up and down, getting faster each time and is rewarded by a beautiful deep moan of the tanned teen. It's music to Kises ears and he takes in even more of Aomine, wanting to taste him and above else make him scream for him.

"Ah! Shit...hah..Ryouta-h…t-turn around." Aomine whispers as he grabs his hips, pulling Kise on top of him with his behind facing Aomine.

Kise stops sucking only to splutter and let out an embarrassed squea,-a manly shriek.

"Kyah! D-daiki! What the hell are you doing?! This position is totally embarrassing!"

Aomine doesn't respond. Instead he licks Kises erection and the blond instantly forgets any complains he might have had as he groaned.

"Ryouta, you too." Aomines husky voice commands and Kise readily complies.

Moans and groans filled the room as the two sucked and licked at each other. Aomine decided to try and take things a step further.

He stops sucking Kises member and instead moves to his entrance, kissing his soft thighs on the way there.

Kise shudders in anticipation and slight curiosity. They hadn't gone this far yet, so this was something knew for the both of them.

Kise hums pleasantly around Aomines cock as the other lapped at his entrance.

Aomines talented tongue circles his hole and he mewled at the feeling.

Slowly Amines tongue pushes past the ring of muscles, entering him and Kise pushes against it. It feels so good; he wants it to go in deeper and deeper. Aomine starts to suck and lick him and Kise can feel the pre-cum leaking out.

He was so close.

Kise picks up his pace and starts sucking Aomine aggressively. He wanted to make his lover feel as good and amazing as him. Suddenly a hand is on his cock again and starts stroking him in time of the bluenettes licks.

Aomine must be close as well, Kise realized.

It didn't take long before they reached their limits. Aomine came in Kises mouth with a strangled cry. Kise drank his cum without hesitance, only pulling away when he himself came with a load moan.

Before Kise collapsed on top of his lover he rolled himself off to lay beside him. Both panted heavily.

"…Wow." Kise couldn't find another word.

"Yeah." Aomine agreed sill a bit dazed.

They decided to do that more often.


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