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Ichigo was excited. This was his first time to the world of the living. Ever. Ever since he became an adhujcha he never left Hueco Mundo. That had been years ago after he had dominated many hollows and slaughtered them. Ichigo guessed joining Aizen's cause was a good thing. Not really liking the leader but hey, Ichigo figured beggars cant be choosers. Being Stark's second fraccion was the only other reason Ichigo got to go on this mission. Pestering Stark since Ichigo really wanted to see the substitute soul reaper brat they were suppose to take care of. His name was Grimmjow Jeagerjaque and for some strange reason Aizen wanted this kids power. Why? Like Ichigo care. He planned on kicking the human's ass. A feral grin was plastered on his face as Ichigo moved forward.

Exiting out of the garganta. Following behind Yammy and Ulquiorra. All three of them landed on something soft. Yammy's weight caused a creator to form and bring attention to them. All three of them climbing out. Ulquiorra doing so the most dignifying way. Once they were leveled on what Ichigo guessed was dirt he noticed a bunch of humans gathering. Looking at the large massive whole that appeared out of nowhere. Ichigo could only sneer as he heard that dumb lug nut Yammy make a big fuss over it. Acting like the humans were staring at him when it was obvious they were nervous about the random hole in the sky. It's not like they screamed and pointed at Yammy and called him a monster.

It didn't help that Yammy was sucking out numerous souls in one go. What a glutton. Ichigo figured the man should represent gluttony not rage. The man just ate and ate. Human or hollow food. Disgusting really. Ichigo was starting to grow bored. Unaffected by the weak pathetic humans screams. If they were smart they would have run away instead of came closer. Idiots.

There was nothing to do. Ichigo could only sigh. When the hell was this Grimmjow guy suppose to appear anyway? Ichigo wanted to be the one to kick his ass. Though Ichigo did have to agree with Ulquiorra. Weak souls were disgusting now that they were more evolved creatures. Power is what hollows craved so of course powerful souls would be delicious.

"W-What the hell happened?" asked a voice.

Looking around Ichigo noticed a woman. Dark colored spiky hair like his own and she looked to be in some sort of uniform. Moving forward he glanced at the creature. Intrigued. This human survived Yammy's soul sucking. This creature must have higher spiritual pressure than most humans. Yet, not high enough since she looked as if she were weakened at the spiritual pressure he, Yammy and Ulquiorra possessed at the moment.

Following along side Ulquiorra both Ichigo and Yammy trekked forward. Yammy grinning widely at the new meal and Ichigo not really caring. Not like this human would taste any better than the others. Ichigo just wanted a good fight and he highly doubted this woman possessed any power to give him a good old fashion ass kicking.

"W-What the hell are you?" asked the girl.

Ichigo watched as she was paralyzed from Yammy's immense spiritual pressure. It didn't surprise him in the least. If Yammy where to get close to a child he probably would have killed it with his power by accident. Ichigo wanted to snort at Yammy's dense brain. Asking if this weak human girl was the one they were looking for. Thankfully Ulquiorra corrected Yammy before Ichigo tried. Saying how her soul was already about to shatter from the proximity. Of course none of that really mattered to him. Yammy deciding it would be best to roughen her up before making her a meal.

Ichigo just sat down and watched as Yammy was about to kill her in one blow. However, it never came. A man with dark brown skin and brown hair appeared. He seemed to have some weird thing on his arm. Being a dark shade of red with two white strips above the red with black. Ichigo blinked. Who was this human? Able to withstand the presence of an arrancar without even being harmed in the least? This was strange. Ichigo then noticed that there was not only one person there but two. A voluptuous ginger haired teen. From gauging her power Ichigo figured she wasn't that strong. She probably couldn't do as much as the giant could. Though, there was no reason to interfere. As Ulquiorra said. All of them were trash and were not Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.

It didn't shock Ichigo when he saw the giant holding his arm. He didn't look it but Ichigo could tell that he was in pain and that Yammy's kick did indeed hurt. Weakling. All of them. Pathetic weaklings. Ichigo didn't even bother to do anything. Looking at Ulquiorra and just laying on the ground while watching the stoic espada not give a damn. Ichigo liked Ulquiorra. Sure he didn't show much emotion but it was fun trying to bug him. He had no fraccion and Ichigo thought it'd be fun to accompany him just to piss him off.

While playing with the grass and ripping it out Ichigo saw a flash of light. Turning just in time he saw that some light blue force was coming from the giant's hand. The man ready to attack and shooting his first forward like he were going to punch Yammy. Ichigo muttered to himself how that was pointless. Watching as Yammy shot his hand out and with ease managed to take a good chunk out of the human's arm. Weak. Just like Ichigo predicted. Or trash as Ulquiorra had said. They had no spunk, therefore they were not worth Ichigo's time.

Though Ichigo did figure this would draw out that substitute soul reaper. Watching as the man fell to the ground only to see his annoying female friend come forward calling him name. Damn, that tramp pissed him off. What an annoying voice. It ruined the mood. Like fuck, couldn't she just shut up. Obviously that Sado guy was dying and wasn't coming back since he wasn't responding. What a ditz. Calling his name isn't going to bring him back. Ichigo just wanted to scream for her to shut the fuck up. The only thing preventing him was Ulquiorra saying she was trash, meaning Yammy would attack and dispose of her as well. Thank fucking god! Freedom of that annoying voice.

Watching as Yammy moved forward to dispose of the girl Ichigo stood up. Wanting to see as well. Look at the woman's despair as he very own life was taken from her as was her friends. It didn't take long. Now in front of the girl, Ichigo watched as Yammy only used his finger to attack. Moving it forward.

"Saten Kesshun," spoke the girl.

Ichigo rose his eyebrow at the word spoken. The sacred tri-linked shield. Just what was that? Ichigo's question was answered. A bright yellow shield appeared. Blocking the attack Yammy had given. Maybe this human girl wasn't as weak as Ichigo predicted. Maybe he could have a little fun with her as well after Yammy got bored of her.

his expectations of the woman faltered. Watching as the shield broke yet it rose again. The expectation of at least a little fun. That look in her eyes. That look of determination. It seemed as if she might have some fight in her even though she looked nothing but a weakling. That look in her eyes was good. It meant she was a ready to fight and that Ichigo could soon attack her.

"What is she?" asked Yammy.

There was no response from anyone. Ichigo didn't know but he figured that Ulquiorra and Lord Aizen knew who she was. All that Ichigo knew was that she was a friend of Grimmjow Jeagerjaques.

"Soten Kisshun," spoke the woman.

Ichigo watched as those flower pinks from her hair light up. Forming into something else. A bright shield like the one before moving over the giant's arm. This one was different. Ichigo could tell as the man's arm began to regenerate back to what it once was. A healing power? just who was this girl? Managing to deflect Yammy's attack and even heal the wounds of a seriously wounded man. Wasn't that man dead? Was she a witch? A god? a demon?

"You are strange, woman," spoke Ulquiorra.

Nothing else was said as that woman looked at them. That steel look of determination as she was faced against three. Ichigo was starting to find this boring once more. Why was she just looking at them? Why wasn't she attacking. Noticing her movements Ichigo saw as she bowed her head down as she raised her hands in front of her. Ichigo wondered what she was doing now. Was she planning on praying? Or was she going to attack? Ichigo watched. Eyes skeptical. She looked afraid as if she didn't want to harm the ones she was facing.

Watching cautiously Ichigo heard her speak again. Looking up again at with those gray eyes. The wind swirling around her as she called out the name of her next attack. Koten Zanshun. Sacred solitary cutting shield huh? To Ichigo it looked as if she was now taking the offensive rather than defense. Ichigo didn't know whether or not to congratulate her or insult her stupidity.

Spiritual pressure gathered around the girl and it made Ichigo wonder. Was it an attack that needed to charge like what showed with that other guy or was it one that was fired at will power and had a certain amount of strength each time. A light appeared in the girls hand and Ichigo watched as it shot forward. It appeared to have a tiny creature inside as it glided throughout the air effortlessly.

And just as that girl shot out that attack Yammy was able to deflect it with his hand. Stopping whatever the creature was dead in it's tracks. The light shattering once more not able to withstand the strength of an arrancars hierro. Hearing the shocked sound coming from the girl resulted in Ichigo snorting. Moron. If she were smart enough she would realize her strength could not compare to their's. the creature shattered with ease and was no more. That was most likely the last of her attacks and Ichigo knew that the fun was over now.

Hearing the name of the creature Ichigo new that Tsubaki meant camilia or something like that. Flowers were weak meaning that that thing was weak as well. Ichigo observed from the sidelines as Yammy now stood in front of her. Asking Ulquiorra what was next. If he could attack or not. Ichigo waited patiently for the answer already knowing what it was. A darker aura surrounding Ulquiorra as he spoke once more. Giving what could be the finally order.

"Kill her, Yammy," ordered Ulquiorra.

Looking at his nails and inspecting them to see if he could rip out and dirt Ichigo barely glanced up to see that Yammy already took the offensive. Attacking and ready to grab the girls head and twist it off with ease. However, Ichigo ws not expecting to see a sword and a man with blue hair appear. Blinking, Ichigo looked at him. Shocked. Was this Grimmjow Jeagerjaues? The spiritual pressure was much more higher than the other three weaklings that had appeared. Plus he had a scowl on his face and was able to stand up against Yammy without his soul threatening to break or even be affected in the slightest.

Ichigo noticed the shock in the girl and Yammy at the appearance of the soul reaper that appeared. It had to be him. Who else would be in a black shihaksho. Not many real soul reapers were placed in Karakura Town.

Hearing both of them apologize made Ichigo scoff. Worms. Hearing how the ginger haired girl was weak and could have stopped it if she were strong. Ha! What a riot. Stopping two espada and an arrancar. As if she could gain the power to do so. She was pathetic and soft. No way could she ever beat them. But since Ichigo figured that the soul reaper that appeared was Grimmjow Ichigo paid attention at him. Saying he would take care of the three hollows. Ha! Again another laugh. He probably had the highest chance of winning against Yammy but Ulquiorra was the cuarto. Way stronger than Yammy and something the blue haired man could never hold equal or more power to.

Watching as the guy put his hand over his blade Ichigo was confused. What was going on. Widening his eyes he watched as the man called out his bankai.

"Ban-kai!" shouted Grimmjow," Pantera!"

Dust was flowing from behind him since the power emitted from Grimmjow. Watching as Yammy faced him. Asking if it was Grimmjow. Ichigo wanted to smack him.

"Yes," agreed Ulquiorra," blue hair, the blue bankai. There is no doubt about it. This is our target."

"Que suerte!" hollered Yammy.

Ichigo watched as the blue haired man with ease jumped over Yammy. What was he doing? Chicken. Trying to use cheap tricks. However. Ichigo was shocked when he saw blood shoot out from Yammy's arm. The man shout as the limb fell off with ease and landed with a loud thud to the ground. Ichigo deemed the decima too weak to fight and came forward. Attacking the man with the bankai. Enjoying the feeling of such dark and dense spiritual pressure surrounding him. It sounded like fun. Feeling the percussion of their swords as Grimmjow managed to parry the blow. Attacking with his own only to have Ichigo as well block.

Ichigo grin was wide as can be. Managing with ease to grab the blue haired soul reaper with ease and throw him into the ground. Enjoying the sound of a painful gasp as his head bounced. Foot stomping on his back Ichigo could hear Yammy complaining that Ichigo was taking all the fun. Ichigo responded with firing a cero at Yammy in warning. Laughing as he picked up the blue haired man and threw him at a tree. Snapping the tree in half from the force of impact.

The man didn't quit though. Coming forward to attack Ichigo only to have Ichigo grab the sword with his bare hand. Punching the man with ease. A left and a good right hook. Hearing the sounds of pain only causing Ichigo to hit harder knowing that it was all the more fun. He was so distracted he never noticed that that ginger hair was coming forward until Grimmjow spoke up. Telling her to get back. Yammy coming forward and smacking her with ease. Ichigo watching as she rolled to the ground like a rag doll. Sneering, Ichigo continued to punch Grimmjow. Grabbing the back of Grimmjow's head since he stopped moving. What a bore. There was something off though. The power fluctuating for some reason. Getting as high as Ulquiorra's but going to as low as a human's odd. Ready to dispose of him Ichigo was going to blow the soul reaper to bits but a red flash appeared. Yammy taking advantage of the new arrivals and attacking in a fit of rage.

A dark skinned woman with ease flipping him. Ichigo watched as the man in green and woman exchanged conversation. Grimmjow was released and farther off. Blinking he recognized the description of them somewhere. Not remembering where though. Watching as the woman took down Yammy with ease. Only with a few hits and kicks. Yammy's eyes bugging out at the force of impact.

Ichigo figured she must be strong to make it through his hierro. Shocking. It was like she wasn't affected at all but Ichigo could tell in her movements. She was powerful but even the strength of an arrancars hierro was too much for her. Ichigo noticing that on the last attack with her leg.

Remembering that there was two Ichigo barely dodged the attack that the man gave off. It looked similar to Ichigo's getsuga tenshou. The stream of light coming forth. It was also like a cero if he analyzed it properly. The attack caused a gap in the dirt between the two. Ichigo blinked as Ulquiorra declared that there mission was over. Standing beside him as he opened the garganta. Hearing that the woman asking if they were running away even though she was still trying to guard the humans.

"Are you trying to gode me into a fight?" asked Ulquiorra with something that looked like a smirk.

Ichigo could sense the amusement in Ulquiorra's voice at that. See it through his expression. And Aizen thought he represented nothingness. as if.

"You know very well what would happen if you tried to fight me while protecting those pieces of trash," stated Ulquiorra, "even you must realize that the odds are stacked against you. Normally I'd be happy to oblige but we've completed out mission here. It's time we deliver our report to Lord Aizen. I'll tell him the soul reaper he's interested in has no value whatsoever. He's not even worth killing."