Ichigo was woken up by the sound of Aizen's voice ringing around Las Noches. Groggily Ichigo opened his eyes and he could barely make out what was being said. When he did he caught words like there would be a meeting but that was it. Ichigo was still in his release form so he used his tail to remove the blankets and nudge Grimmjow. The soul reaper hybrid occupying his bed was already awake though and didn't need prompting to get out of bed. Grimmjow helped Ichigo out and made sure he held Ichigo so that he wouldn't fall or trip. Shiro faded into the room and he too was in his own resurreccion form which was strange seeing him like that but Grimmjow ignored it and the two walked out to the meeting room.

Grimmjow guessed Shiro was in his release state because Ichigo was as well and they were the same body but the soul was split into two different entities. Grimmjow wasn't wrong though, what ever changes Ichigo went, Shiro would as well besides pregnancy and illness. If Ichigo used his second resurreccion form so would Shiro. They had the same amount of power and nothing would change that unless something messed with their reitsu.

Everyone looked at the group of three as they entered and it was Szayel who told them Ichigo was struggling with movements with his large belly and the tail helped. At the mention of his weight gain due to the cubs, Ichigo growled dangerously at Szayel. The scientist wasn't needed for when he birthed the cubs and Aizen could make a new espada and one smarter no doubt.

"I apologize," sighed Szayel," you have three cubs, if anything you should be more proud and be flaunting the rarity."

"Shut up!" snapped Ichigo who was clearly vexed," I won't even bat an eyelash when I cero you into the wall."

The coldness mixed with the dark threat in Ichigo's voice made a few in the room shudder. It was the door opening and revealing the only three soul reapers that stopped Ichigo from fulfilling his threat. Grimmjow had a good hold on Ichigo but even he knew that Ichigo would kill Szayel once more if the need arose. Looked like both he and Shiro would be playing a game of watch dog for the next couples days until Ichigo cooled down.

"Welcome," greeted Aizen as he sat down," today rather than discussing the winter war, we will be speaking of Ichigo and the upcoming birth of his cubs. It won't be long before they are born as I was informed. Under a month I presume."

Ichigo nodded his head while clutching onto Grimmjow in a display of ownership. Aizen ignored the feral behavior his sexta was presenting since he still has the power and hostility from before that had him represent destruction. Mind you, Ichigo's behavior was sliding more into the insanity sector that had a few worried. Very few information was given about Shiro and everyone believed that he still had no name and those that heard it said nothing about it. Gin was on Ichigo's side about certain subjects and even edited some clips when Shiro's name was mentioned.

Ichigo didn't know it but that didn't matter to him because at the moment he ha a meeting directly all about him and though he was prone to mood swings; he was scared.

"Don't make me repeat myself," Aizen spoke in a cool tone.

"I would think so," answered Ichigo," b-but it might go e-early depending on the cubs or even later."

Azien nodded his head before thinking hard about something. It was Ulquiorra who cleared his throat which was his polite way of interrupting encase someone wanted to say something. It wasn't important to Ichigo though because what he deemed important was something to eat but Aizen would have a bitch fit if Ichigo started gnawing on some hollow. Ichigo wished there was cookies or something to go with the meetings because he was starving.

"Yes?" Azien asked.

"I would like to ask you something Aizen-sama and it pertains the substitute soul reaper Grimmjow Jeagerjaques," informed Ulquiorra.

"Continue," said Aizen.

"It would seem that my future mate, Orihime Inoue wishes to meet with him but I told her it had to be approved by you," continued Ulquiorra.

There was a small chuckle that came from Aizen. "I do not know much of hollow customs but I believe you are asking the wrong person. You are asking me to grant permission for Grimmjow to see another beta which has been unclaimed, however, it should be Ichigo you ask for permission since he wears the pants in the relationship until the cubs are born."

Ichigo had been glaring daggers at Ulquiorra ever since he had asked Aizen for permission and not him. There was no way in h-e-double hockey sticks that Ichigo would allow his mate to see that annoying ginger haired girl without being present. If she even tried something, Ulquiorra's future mate or not, Ichigo would rip her to shreds.

It was Ulquiorra who ended up apologizing and turning to face Ichigo, those emotionless orbs gazed at him. Ichigo knew what he wanted but waited until the other espada spoke to ask for Orihime to meet with Grimmjow. Ichigo didn't really say much and only went so far as to nod his head then told Ulquiorra he would be there was well. With Ulquiorra's question answered it was Aizen's turn to speak again. Ichigo didn't pay much attention to Aizen unless his name was heard. Most of the questions were directed towards Grimmjow, Szayel or Shiro even though Aizen just called him hollow most of the time or White Arrancar. It was close to Shiro's real name and it made Ichigo nervous.

When Aizen asked Grimmjow questions it was more so what his plans where once they were born and the answer was simple; stay with Ichigo. It touched Ichigo that Grimmjow wouldn't be taking the cubs with him to the world of the living. Ichigo never had a litter before but he knew they breast fed and if Grimmjow left his cubs would die unless there was a hollow how just gave birth or even a simple human with spiritual pressure. Being told that he would continue to be a part of the cubs life made Ichigo and Shiro excited. Their first litter and they'd get to see them until they were fully grown and off to find their own mates.

"Ichigo?" questioned a voice.

Looking up, Ichigo noticed that the espada were looking at him expecting an answer to something Ichigo didn't know. It took a few seconds before Ichigo decided to ask for the question to be repeated.

"I asked if you have felt any movement from the cubs," replied Szayel.

Ichigo shook his head and began to worry. Ichigo was halfway through his pregnancy yet he hadn't felt any movement. The ultrasound had proven there was something inside his belly but the fact he hadn't felt any of them quick made him scared. Ichigo didn't want to be a failure and be excited only to find that his cubs were stillborn or even miscarry.

Feeling the soothing spiritual pressure run over his body, Ichigo felt his worry lesson when Grimmjow held him and said that everything was fine. At least Grimmjow was pleased but Ichigo still didn't want to be a failure.

"It's fine," reassured Grimmjow," they're probably shy or something."

"I highly doubt it since both of your spiritual pressures are raging and you don't conceal it," scoffed Nnoitra.

"Shut up!" snarled Grimmjow.

"Pussy like you don't got no right talking to me like that," sneered Nnoitra.

"Screw you!" growled Ichigo.

"Now, now calm down I refuse to have fighting among each other in a meeting," said Aizen.

"He started it," grumbled Ichigo to himself with his arms crossed.

To the others Ichigo looked like a sulking child but Ichigo didn't care what he looked like because he was annoyed at Nnoitra for what he had said. Ichigo could conceal his reitsu but he chose not to most of the time because it was a tedious chore and required effort. Why not show people how strong he was and then watch them disintegrate if their soul was too weak to handle them. Call Ichigo cruel but he was raised in Hueco Mundo and in Hueco Mundo only the strong survived...And the pregnancy hormones were getting to his head.

It wasn't long before the meeting was over and Ichigo was thankful he didn't have to drink the shitty watered down tea after throwing it up once. Aizen wasn't pleased but it was Gin who had to clean it up since he thought it was a riot. Grimmjow had been smart enough to keep his mouth shut but in the end he was envious of Ichigo since he got out of drinking tea. Ichigo was glad since the tea was nasty.

All the other espada were allowed to leave, however, Ichigo and Grimmjow were asked to stay. Shiro would stay no matter what but being told to stay longer than the others had Ichigo worried. The trio had not acted up during the meeting and Ichigo believed that even for someone with a god complex, they behaved very well.

Sweat gathered on Ichigo's neck an a droplet slid down the side of his face. The silence in the room could be cut with a butter knife. Aizen had turned towards the others and Ichigo could see he was as calm as ever. Shiro sat close by encase Aizen tried to bring his spiritual pressure down on his other half and no one knew what he was planning.

"You may calm down," Aizen reassured," I have no plans on exterminating you. Gin has changed my mind and we have decided that the hybrids will do great. Depending on how quickly they age, we have decided they would make great assets in this war."

Ichigo wanted to say his cubs were not for war but kept his mouth shut because whatever Aizen wanted, Aizen got. To see his cub's fate chosen already was unfortunate because being in the front of the battlefield meant they would die sooner than later. Ichigo didn't know how long this war would go on either but he knew hollow cubs aged quicker than most but since his cubs were hybrids of three races it might not work. The war could continue going on for some time and even so, Ichigo might get only three or four years with his cubs before they were faced with war, bloodshed and murder.

Trying to remain passive, Ichigo nodded his head at Aizen's idea." Yes, they would be fine soldiers with the training Grimmjow and I give them."

Ichigo was scared that Aizen would say that not even Ichigo would be training them but in the end Aizen agreed that their swordsmanship would suffice for the children until they went to war. The answer made Ichigo less tense but even so, if his cubs were not at the standards Aizen wanted then some other espada would be training them.

Ichigo wished he had never become an arrancar because he could have been an arrancar on his own rather than from Aizen. Ichigo owed Aizen so much because of that damn hogyoku and now his children would have to pay as well. Life just wasn't fair and Ichigo wished he could just disappear into the sands of Hueco Mundo and live like he had been before. Living a life ot make sure he survived but that stupid hogyoku was what made sure Ichigo would never regress again.

"Is there anything else you need Aizen-sama?" asked Ichigo.

"I was wonder if your hollow would be up for mating anytime soon?" asked Aizen.

Ichigo looked at Shiro who nodded his head and before Aizen could get displeased Shiro explained that his sole purpose was to protec his king until the offspring were old enough to defend himself. Cubs were not an important matter to him at the moment and if he were to mate with anyone it would be Grimmjow if he proved to provide decent cubs and if not his own inner hollow. The answer seemed to intrigued Aizen since he was curious as to what power two hollows who resided in one's mind could create. Shiro was a one of a kind hollow with no hole as was Sangre but Aizen didn't know what Sangre looked like.

"And when would you mate?" asked Aizen.

"When the need arises," answered Shiro with shrug," within six months to a year after the cubs are born but Ichigo might want to mate again setting me back and I'm fine with that as long as I got cubs to spoil and train."

"That seems logical since the first batch might not make it through the war," replied Aizen.

Ichigo tried his best not to tear off Aizen's head as he so casually talked about his cubs dying in war. These were children and they were innocent; children were pure and not meant for war. The fact that Aizen was forcing his cubs to participate was putrid. At least Grimmjow was a volunteer and not forced unlike their cubs.

"They got strong blood and will live," stated Shiro," they won't die because I'll protect them just like I do their papa; Ichigo is my king and I his ever faithful horse."

"Interesting," mused Aizen," you are dismissed now."

The trio nodded their heads and bowed. Ichigo tried to bow but it was a little hard and he apologized for not being able to but Ichigo wasn't really sorry because it was hard work trying to move around with such a large belly.

Just as they reached the door Aizen spoke once more having them turn.

"I hope you don't betray me because the consequences will be dire Shiro," warned Aizen.

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