Ichigo had done what he was told but only for the safety of their children. When he entered Las Noches, Ichigo sat on his bed while the triplets asked why they left their father behind. Ichigo didn't know what to tell them. In the end Ichigo could only say it was to protect them so that they could have a chance to live. Ichigo so desperately wanted to break down and cry because right now life just wasn't fair. Everything was ruined because of that no good, stupid soul reaper. Ichigo was silent most of the time and refused to speak unless spoken to. Shiro said more and Ichigo tried to be his very best but the triplets saw through his facade. It wasn't until he was positive that the cubs were asleep that Ichigo sobbed himself to sleep. After a week had passed Ichigo thought Grimmjow lied to him since he hadn't come back for him and neither had Aizen. Grimmjow must have been strong enough to defeat him but Ichigo didn't get why his favorite soul reaper hadn't come for him? Did Grimmjow not love him? Shiro was the only one there to hug and hold him as he so desperately wished to have Grimmjow with him.

All Ichigo did was cry at night and when it was the day he'd go on autopilot but the cubs saw behind his false smile and it was always the three of them who woulld hold him and stroke his hair. The cubs tried their best not to upset Ichigo but when Ichigo saw how blue Mercer or Zero's hair was he couldn't help but be near tears. They had the same hair as their father but luckily none of their eyes were blue or Ichigo wouldn't be able to look at them.

Life was harder and harder and after the second week of not being with Grimmjow, Ichigo saw the slight bump in his stomach and immediately went to the bathroom to vomit. Tears stung on the corners of his eyes as he held his stomach and sobbed. Grimmjow did it again; he was pregnant but this time there was no one for him. Ichigo couldn't believe it but it was possible. It had been over a year and the cubs were old enough to fend for themselves meaning Ichigo could be impregnated again. The cubs didn't rally understand but when Zero had crawled under Ichigo and lightly bumped his head into Ichigo's stomach he realized that he was bigger. In shock, Zero had placed his hand on Ichigo's stomach only to feel power swirl within it and he was confused until he saw that Ichigo was crying. Zero and the cubs began to console Ichigo by telling him not to cry and all Ichigo could do was hold them tightly. Shiro had materialized only to be pulled into the group hug.

"You won't leave me, will you, Shi?" asked Ichigo.

"No," was Shiro's firm reply," I will always be with you."

Ichigo hadn't liked that he was left alone and that Grimmjow didn't really love him. Szayel had found out about Ichigo's condition due to Shiro and they had gotten an ultrasound only to be disappointing in seeing one cub rather than two or three. Ichigo was informed the child would be another male but he was having problems seeing if it was a vizard or a soul reaper. Szayel said if he was a vizard then his powers might unlock when he was older like Grimmjow's had. Szayel had regretted saying Grimmojw's name because when he did all Ichigo did was being another sobbing fit. Trying to cheer Ichigo up wasn't easy either and the only effective way was to say the cub might be harmed if Ichigo wasn't careful with his emotions. Offspring in the womb could feel what the mothering parent was and Szayel had asked Ichigo if he wanted a happy baby and if he did he'd have to try and send positive emotions towards the cub.

Ichigo knew he would only have another eight weeks like last time and he wasn't enjoying much. None of the espada could really provide comfort for him because Nnoitra liked to fight, Ulquiorra was dense when it came to human emotions and Szayel was just nuts. The man cooed over the other cubs and performed harmless tests to see how they grew. Ichigo was glad that Ulquiorra had dropped that stupid wench off in the world of the living. Apparently they had mated but it hurt Ichigo thinking that the bitch had made her move and that was why Ichigo wasn't with Grimmjow.

"I'm gonna kill her!" Ichigo decided while sitting in the living quarters.

"Whoa, kill who?" asked Nnoitra with a grin.

"Inoue Orihime," growled Ichigo with venom in his voice.

"I'd advise you not harm her since she is my mate," ordered Ulquiorra monotonously.

"She's nothing but a skank who stole my mate!" Ichigo accused.

"Do not make such accusations!" Ulquiorra replied sharply.

Ichigo cringed and moved closer to Shiro while his posture remained completely submissive. Ulquiorra had apologized but Ichigo was still clinging to Shiro in fear of getting Ulquiorra angry which was a really hard task in itself; Ichigo had tried before and failed. The slight slip up didn't appear in Ulquiorra's eyes but Ichigo could see the regret in emerald orbs but when Ulquiorra tried to advance towards Ichigo he whimpered in fear and Shiro had disappeared and reappeared in front of Ichigo snarling in rage. Sometimes pregnancy hormones didn't just affect Ichigo but Shiro as well. There was nothing that could stop it but the love for the cubs would never change.

When the fifth week came, Ichigo had felt a kick fro his cub and he ended up crying in happiness. Of course, his cubs didn't know the difference until Ichigo put their little hands on his stomach only to have them gasp at the feeling of something hitting their hand. At least he liked his siblings. Ichigo had already picked out a name for his son and decided his unborn cub would be named Leon or Leo for short. Even if he wasn't a feline hollow like Grimmjow, it didn't matter because like al their other cubs he would be strong just like his father. It made Ichigo wonder what it would have been like if Ichigo had mated Grimmjow in that form he had see him in before heading back home to Las Noches.

There hadn't been much Ichigo had done but he had been with his cubs and they sometimes went into Hueco Mundo and played in the sands. They had found a hollow lizard and they had played a game of predator and prey with it and in the end Zero had been pushed by Mercer and they squished it to death. Ichigo had to change their clothes which was harder without a tailor around. The hollow had left Las Noches as did the lesser arrancars but the cook stayed because he liked to cook.

Ichigo was somewhat glad but he wished the man knew how to be a tailor as well because it would help the cubs. Ichigo didn't know what to do because he was suppose to stay in Las Noches until Grimmjow came for him and the cubs clothes were starting to get too tight for them. Ichigo had kept Mercer and Zero's infant clothes but what if the child was underdeveloped like Aria? It would be right putting him in girls clothes but if he had to then he would just so his cub wasn't too cold. Ichigo didn't have infant blankets since the cubs slept in the large bed with him and they used body warmth and blankets to keep themselves warm.

When Ichigo got to the six week he made his decision; he was going to the world of the living. Fuck what Grimmjow said. Ichigo wanted to see his mate and if he was with that skank she would be no more but he needed to have Grimmjow know he had at least sired another cub. Taking the cubs, Ichigo opened a garganta and walked through the portal. He was still able to hold a steady path and portal so when he and Shiro got to the exit he was surprised once more how bright it was in the world of the living even with clouds. Ichigo went o how Grimmjow smelt since for the first time in his life, Ichigo couldn't feel Grimmjow's reitsu. Ichigo continued to walk and the cubs were silent and not touching anything because they couldn't be seen by people. On the way down a rural area, Ichigo saw that woman he had been punched by.

"Hey you!" Ichigo shouted.

The woman turned and her eyes widened in shock to see a group of arrancars.

"What do you want?" she asked.

"I need to find Grimmjow's house," replied Ichigo.

"Why?" asked the girl suspiciously.

"Because he's fathered another cub from me so I wanted him to know."

The girl seemed to have a look of sadness in her eyes but told Ichigo to follow her. Ichigo did as he was told and walked in the direction he was told. It wasn't too long afterwards that they made it to a small house. Apparently Grimmjow's father was a at home mechanic but the place didn't look like it was booming. Thanking the woman, Ichigo went towards the house. No point in knocking since Grimmjow would be the only one to see him. Ichigo followed Grimmjow's scent and was lead to the living room. Grimmjow was looking at a box with flashing colors but he didn't seem to see Ichigo.

"I'm back!" announced Ichigo with glee"...Aren't you gonna get mad at me?"

"Daddy!" cried out the triplets.

Before Ichigo could say anything the triplets got out of his hold and ran to Grimmjow but Grimmjow didn't seem to hear them. He noticed Grimmjow frown but he didn't acknowledge his cubs. Instead, Grimmjow was focused on what was on the television but he squirmed a little probably because the cubs were tugging on his arm and it crept Grimmjow out not knowing it was his cubs. At least he hadn't lashed out or anything.

"Papa what's wrong with Daddy?" asked Aria.

"...I don't know," answered a hurt Ichigo.

"I can tell you," said a watery voice.

It was then that Sangre materialized into the world of the living and the cubs were confused since there were two of their father's now. Ichigo went up to Sangre who was standing beside Grimmjow. Mercer had headbutt Sangre making him yelp in pain but chuckle at the cubs boldness. Sangre rustled Mercer's hair but moved back to Ichigo to tell him what happened to Grimmjow.

"Grimmjow lost his powers," informed Sangre," he used a desagarron strong enough to defeat Aizen but it had its cost. He lost his powers protecting the world and you, Ichigo. I was kicked out of his inner world and I can't get back in until he regains his powers."

"Why do you look like Daddy?" asked Zero suspiciously.

"Why does your uncle Shiro look like your Papa?" asked Sangre," it's because I am your father's inner hollow. That's why I look like him but I guess I'm not really inner am I. My names Sangre...So I'm kinda like your dad but I'm more like your uncle."

"We want our real Daddy," pouted Mercer.

Ichigo could feel the hot wet tear fall from his right eye and he couldn't stop it. When Sangre had kissed the tear away Ichigo didn't do anything not even when Sangre had kissed him on the lips. Not until Sangre pulled back then Ichigo punched him in the face making him step a few feet away.

"I told you you're not my mate!" Ichigo snapped with salt water tears flowing down his eyes.

Ichigo shooed the cubs to the side so he could sit by Grimmjow. He felt how tense Grimmjow got when he hugged him and the fact he was able to move Grimmjow's hand so it rubbed against his very prominent belly was another factor. Hearing more footsteps, Ichigo turned to see a man who looked like Grimmjow but was older. This man was in a soul reaper uniform.

"So you're the one my son is so love struck over," said the man," My name is Jeagerjaques Arturo."

"You're a soul reaper," said Ichigo.

"Yeah," replied Arturo," he gave up everything to keep you safe. Told me he had triplets from a man named Kurosaki Ichigo, I presume that's you."

Ichigo nodded his head." And I'm pregnant with his litter once more. We are to have a son. I named him Leon."

The man nodded his head and turned to see his son. Grimmjow was so confused and didn't know who was touching him but he had an inkling that it was Ichigo touching him. Grimmjow didn't even know his own father was in his soul form.

"I thought I told you to stay in Las Noches," Grimmjow poke hoarsely with his throat constricting.

"I could never do that," whispered Ichigo even though Grimmjow couldn't hear him.

Ichigo concentrated his spiritual pressure into a condensed ball. Aria, Zero and Mercer followed to what Ichigo was doing but it was similar to what one would do a cero or even kido for them. Ichigo pressed his lips to Grimmjow's while Mercer jabbed his father with his horns, Zero slammed his fist into Grimmjow's chest while Aria touched Grimmjow's arms softly. Spiritual pressure ran through Grimmjow's body causing him to gasp at the amount of power entering his body. His own spiritual pressure deep within unraveled and expanded like a sponge in water. Ichigo payed that it worked or else he didn't know what to do. Mercer had caused Grimmjow to bleed but when Arturo came forward and put forth his own spiritual pressure to his son, a man who held captain's level reitsu, Ichigo knew it would work. The sexta, the three offspring they had from a man who defeated the thirteen court guard squads and the man who held a captains level of power would definitely resurrect Grimmjow's lost spiritual pressure. Ichigo wouldn't give up though, even if he had to continually expose Grimmjow to his spiritual pressure he would continue to until Grimmjow could see him. Ichigo had gone too long without Grimmjow and they were destined to be together whether they liked it or not and nothing would stop Ichigo from seeing his Grimmjow. Cubs needed a father and Ichigo refused to raise their cubs alone.

"Come back to me!" Ichigo whispered.

A tear slid down his cheek but what surprised him was when his head was tilted up by familiar callous hands.

"I am back," whispered Grimmjow with a warm smile."

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