Chapter 3: Battle competition pt. 1

After the feud with the Dez family the pack decides to take a vacation away from their home, Andrew, Casper, Justin, Jojo, Mana, along with Cyrus, Cody, Mike, Vienna, and Pam and Aurora decide to take a trip to California to visit the many places they have to offer such as Disneyland.

"Heck yeah guys this is going to be sick, it's going to be a blast I never been to Disneyland ever" Andrew says as he checks his luggage into the airport.

"I know this is going to be wicked" Justin says putting his earphones into his ears turning on his W-pod and changing it to a hard style song dancing in the airport.

"Freaking Justin just has to dance doesn't he" Casper says laughing as he puts his bag on the belt and walks through the metal detector.

On the plane they couldn't sit still they were all ecstatic about the trip, not having to worry about the stress about the work or having to do homework, nope all they get to do is have fun and relax, but who would have guessed that it was going to be a trip that changes their point of views.

They finally get off the plane and hop into their rental cars and head out to a nearby restaurant for some lunch since they didn't want to spend the money for the plane food. They decide that they are all craving burgers so they find a burger place and are quick to take their seats.

"Hi I'm Morgan, and I will be your waiter" She says with a smile

But before the pack can order the door busts open as a group of teenagers are all cheering and being really loud as a waiter takes them to a booth.

"So what is that all about?" Andrew asks

"Oh that's the gleam team, they are a dance crew that won the yearly Warlords dance battle competition 3 years in a row, they are the best of the best that Cali has to offer"

"Hmm interesting" Andrew says

"Haha you want to join don't you Andrew" Casper says, Andrew just smiles and sticks his tongue out.

"Haha oh no we have 2 pop stars and Andrew, there is nothing good that can come from this" Jojo says interlocking his fingers with Mana at the table.

After they order their food they begin talking about where they want to go visit first, Andrew on the other hand is just listening very hard trying to hear what the gleam team says.

"hell ya Gordon there isn't anyone who can beat us, we the best there is" Penny says

"Yeah man we the best crew in the whole state of Cali, no matter what we got the trophy this year" Nick says. Gordon feeling like someone is watching him turns his head and notices that Andrew is staring at them. Gordon being a cocky dick he is, gets up along with Penny and Nick and walks over to Andrew and the pack.

"What the hell you looking at stranger?" Gordon barks at Andrew

"Nothing I just was listening to your conversation, you are the gleam team right" Andrew says.

"Yeah name is Gordon, this is my right and left hand mates Penny and nick, and we the best in the state of California and we are going to win this year like we do every year" Gordon says.

"Would you like to bet your six cents on that sir" Casper says in a serious tone which causes the pack to laugh, Casper oblivious to the fact that he made a joke.

"You know what, Outside right now and lets have a little battle so we can show you what we got" Gordon barks. Gordon goes back to his table and gathers his crew, as they head out the door Gordon calling them out. The pack finishes their meal as they pay for it and begins to head towards the door, once they are outside Gordon and his crew are all standing in line.

"Oh good you guys finally came out, well let's do this" Gordon says but the pack members just walk past them and hop into their cars, Gordon being furious, walks up towards Andrew's window, and knocks on the window, Andrew just rolls it down.

"So what's up Gordon" Andrew says with a smile on his face.

"Yo, we will show you who owns this turf ok"

"Gotcha we will schedule your ass kicking a day from tomorrow ok"

"Get out of the car now so we can kick your guys' ass" Gordon shouts, this angers the pack as they all get out and surround the group.

"Ok let us do this then" Andrew says taking off his shirt and raising his fists.

"Wait wait wait, what are you doing"

"You said you were going to kick our asses so let's see you kick it" Andrew says.

"We meant in dancing?! Where are you guys from?" Gordon asks getting kind of scared

"Whoville" Casper says getting back into the car.

"Well tomorrow then we will have our dance battle, we can even have it at Disneyland, they have a big open area where people go to perform, and we will show you we are the best" Gordon says as he backs away and the pack all jump into their cars and drive off to their hotels. Back at the restaurant Nick is talking to Gordon.

"Yo you ok man?"

"I was scared" Gordon admits

"You were scared? Of what?" Penny asks

"I thought they were gonna kick our asses literally" Gordon says