Remembering Kirsty Cotton

Pinhead stood in the cargo bay staring ahead at the observation room in the Minos. They year was 2017. He was ironically thinking of Kirsty Cotton. The woman was long dead and as far as he knew she didn't have any ancestors to carry on her legacy. She was the ONLY one he considered a worthy opponent. Truth be known he always did fancy her. He remembered back to when they first met. Technically she didn't even solve the puzzle in honest truth the first time. She just happened to be there at the wrong time. Pity. Because as law of Leviathan a soul had to be taken back into hell once they were summoned. And Kirsty was the only one there at that time. Trying to bargin for her "father" (who was in fact Frank in her father's skin). She lead them to Frank as per the part of the deal and for his part Pinhead had told her to "leave, this isn't for your eyes." Fully intending to let her go.

But Female Cenobite who had not known about the deal between Pinhead and Kirsty still thought she was evading them and went after her accordingly. Kirsty made it though. Afterwords Pinhead had thought about it and realized his mistake. Kirsty would have made an excellent addition to their little "family" and it was decreed that she would join them one way or another unless her life was forfeit. He stood there still remembering the other various times he encountered the stubborn woman. How she came back and thought her father was still in Hell (even though he was in fact in Heaven.) how the box had been opened by Tiffany but the desire was not hers so she could not be harmed. And how she ventured forth to try and save her father.

Again she had escaped their clutches. In a way he was glad. This meant more future encounters with Kirsty. The last one was when she had married that insipid husband Trevor Gooden. How she had opened the box hoping that he would be taken as well. He had encountered her alone this time and she made a bargin. 5 souls in exchange for hers. In reality he would have let her go in the first place being as he enjoyed their meetings and the "games" they had played. After gathering the souls and handing them over to Pinhead's assistant Stitch her deal was done. For his part he assumed the form of an investigator and handed her the box for safekeeping (as it was found on Trevor Gooden's body) as he was handing it over to her his finger gently traced Kirsty's hand. Oh, yes, she knew it was him and yet she did not pull away this time from his touch.

He stood still in that cargo bay and much to his surprise felt a slight tear form in his eyes. She had such potential. Her death came as a surprise to him he had to admit. Killed in a car accident. Where her soul rested he was not entirely sure. If she were in Hell surely he would have known about it and had her transformed immediately. A low sensual voice broke him from his thoughts. "What about the others. Merchant?" Angelique (now a cenobite) had asked. Pinhead turned his head her direction. "Kill. Them. All!" he hissed through clenched teeth.

Yes he would always remember Kirsty and never again would he allow himself to become so foolishly involved and in love with a human again.