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This is what happens when Raven is in a mischievious mood.

Cyborg walked into the common room and saw Robin sitting on the couch staring off

into space. "Hmm..." A light bulb appeared over Cyborg's head. He pulled out a tape recorder, snuck up behind

Robin, and pushed the play button. "Robin!" Robin nearly jumped out of his skin at hearing Starfire's voice. "Friend

Raven keeps saying she is on her 'period'. What is this curse, and what is the cure?" "Uhhhh..." Robin slowly

turned around nervously and saw Cyborg with a recording of Starfire's voice playing. "Really, dude...?" Robin was

extremely relieved to not need to explain 'that time of the month' to Starfire but annoyed that he had fallen for

Cyborg's prank. "One word Robin. Booyah!" Robin slapped his palm to his own forehead and Cyborg chuckled at

this. "Come on Cy! I'm a nervous wreck as it is and I have more important things to think about." "Like Starfire's

eyes?" Cyborg pretend-batted his eyelashes at Robin. "Oh yeah... they are beautiful..." Robin started to daydream

but stopped himself and glared at Cyborg. "NO! It's not that just-well-I'm going to propose to her tonight."

Cyborg stared unbelieving at Robin with his mouth gaping for a minute before he slapped Robin on the back and

shouted "Well it certainly took you long enough!" "We've only been dating a year..." Cyborg ignored this comment

and questioned, "Well? How are you going to do it? And when, most importantly!" Robin answered with a prideful

look in his eyes, "I'm going to do it at our date tonight. First, I'll take her to dinner and dancing and then we'll go to

the pond in the park, and I'll propose to her under a willow tree." "Wow! I didn't know you were capable of

something so cheesy." Robin's face fell. "But Starfire will love it, Robin. I'm sure she'll say yes." The two continued

talking unaware of Raven standing near the open door, listening in, and secretly hatching a plan after hearing their


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