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Robin and Starfire arrived at 'Titan Tower' and walked up to the door . Robin turned to face his fiance.

"Make sure to keep quiet and out of sight so they don't catch on. Ok, Star?" "Yes, fiance Robin, I will hide

most effectively!" Robin chuckled anticipating what was to come. "Ok. Here I go." Starfire quickly hid

behind a bush near a window so she could hear. Robin took a second to get into character and

plastered on a look of complete rage. He swung the door open stomped in and SLAMMED it shut with all

his might, nearly breaking it off it's hinges. Cyborg and Beastboy were awaiting his return expecting

good news, and Raven was expecting to get chewed out, as all three stared wide-eyed at the angry

bird boy. Cyborg decided to speak. "Something bugging you?... and where's Starfire?" "WHO

CARES!" It was Beastboy's turn to talk now. "Geez, dude, what happened? Weren't you going to

propose to her tonight?" "I did! And do you know what she said?" "Uhhh" "She said that she would

rather kill herself then go through a earthling marriage custom with me!" Now Raven was showing

guilt. She had never expected this to happen. She thought that Robin's pride would get shot down and

Starfire would blurt out Raven's name, and then Robin would figure it out, but never this. "SHE SAID

THAT?" Cyborg and Beastboy said this in unison for they were shocked that Starfire would turn

down the boy wonder. "Those were her exact words, but don't worry. You will never see that..b-

brat..again!" Raven noticed how much Robin had faltered when he called Starfire a 'brat' and

telepathically explored his thoughts a bit. Raven smiled mischievously on the inside, and asked, "Why?

Where is she, Robin?" Robin thought he detected a tiny smile on Ravens face but brushed it off his mind

and answered, "I told her to go back to her own planet and never come back."

Starfire was outside desperately trying to hold in her giggles. Beastboy and Cyborg were about to yell

at Robin, when Raven piped in, "You did? Great! I always hated that idiot anyway." Starfire barely held

in a scream of utter despair and began silently sobbing. The whole room was staring at Raven with

huge eyes, and Robin's face had dropped the fake rage now. "W..What are you saying? You're best

friends!" The prank was the last thing on Robin's mind now. Raven showed a huge smile (and for her,

huge meant a normal smile for anyone else) and said cheerily. "I'm saying that she annoyed the heck

out of me and I'm so happy she's gone!" The whole room was quieter then a morgue and actually a

morgue would have been cheerier except for Raven. "Oh! And there's one more thing too! STARFIRE

GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE!" Raven shouted this at the top of her lungs to ensure Starfire hearing it.

Starfire peeked in the room, and Cyborg and Beastboy just stayed mouths agape looking back and forth

from Raven to the couple. "Did you guys seriously forget that I'm telepathic? I could sense the fact

you were playing a prank and I could sense Starfire outside the window. Thank you for the chance to

pull another easy prank on everyone though." "..." Starfire and Robin burst out laughing,

and surprisingly were joined by Raven. "Whhaaaaa?" Robin sat on the couch with Beastboy and

Cyborg and explained everything, and in turn they also laughed quite heartily. "Alright Starfire show me

the ring." Starfire smiled widely and complied, then showed it to Cyborg and Beastboy. The rest of the

evening was spent celebrating the couple's engagement. It was One am when the Titans dispersed to

their beds. Raven said one last thing to the couple. "Face it guys. You could never pull anything on me."

They smiled, and she walked to her room. "Psst, Beastboy!" "Sup dude?" "Raven

says that she thinks you're hot." "REALLY?" "Yeah, and I bet if you sang to her all night through her

door, she would absolutely LOVE it.""ALRIGHT!" Beastboy ran towards Raven's door. Starfire turned to

Robin. "Goodnight, future husband Robin." She placed a final peck on his lips and went off to her room

just in time to hear Raven screaming at Beastboy to, "SHUT UP!"

The End.

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