A new story! Finally got one up, hope you like!

Lucy Heartfillia got on her sneakers as she packed to get ready for camp.

She was going to at least spend her summer in Paris or something but no, her father decided to send her to camp. But she wasn't going to be a camper; she was going to be one of the counselors in the stupid camp.

She didn't even know why she was going and why she's going to a camp where she has to take care of kids. Why can't she just stay home? Does her father really want to kick her out for the whole summer?

Who knows, all she knows is that this was going to be the worst summer yet.

"Lucy, are you done packing? The car is waiting!" Her father shouted for her, making the blonde roll her eyes and groan.

"Coming!" She shouted before she ran downstairs with her bags and left for camp Dragneel.

I know it's reeeeally short but bleh, it's just a preview.

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