"Promise?" Natsu asked, pulling away to rub his right eye and sniffle. Lucy giggled and smiled at his childish behavior, looking down at his hand to see his pinky finger pointed out towards her. She took her pinky finger out and wrapped it around his, smiling at him.


It has been officially a month since Lucy had left Camp Dragneel and came home. She's been attending her little all girl private school also, having the time of her life—not really. The day she looks forward to the most is always Friday, that was the day when the mailman comes and hands out mail which always has one for her in it. She also looked forward to the end of the day where Natsu always calls her or texts her, telling her about his day and how much he misses her.

Lucy couldn't handle the distance from Natsu but she tried her best to keep her emotions in check.

Natsu lived at least a town away from her and he went to a public school in Magnolia, unlike her where she went to a rich all girl private school by her Heartfillia estate.

She just wishes she could switch or something. Her father was just too much of an ass to do what she liked.


"Fuck yeeess, its lunch time!" Natsu shouted happily as he came running into the cafeteria, his friend trailing behind him. Lisanna giggled at his childish behavior but the others all just snorted, either going to their regular lunch table to eat or to the lunch line to order their food.

During the first month of school was hard for those who went to counsel at Camp Dragneel since one of their newly made friend was not attending the school they entered.

The person who took it the worse was Natsu since he was, indeed, dating the girl.

The only time he was truly happy was at Lunch, after school, and or the weekends since he was allowed to talk to her with his phone. That was the only thing he did and the others didn't even dare to stop what he was doing—they knew if they told him anything he would just get emotional.

They wished they had a way to go see Lucy again—it wasn't the same without her.


"Yes father?"

"What's this?"

Lucy turned to look at her father who sat at his desk while Lucy read in the living room, the blonde closing her novel to come on over to him. She leaned over and her eyes widen when she realized her father was reading a letter Natsu had sent her, the blonde quick to reach over and snatch it from him.

She folded the letter and looked away from the gapping father, the blonde fidgeting in place awkwardly. "N—nothing."


"Father—it's nothing. It's just a letter my friend sent me from when I was at Camp Dragneel."

"And this 'friend' of yours calls you baby and other couple nicknames?"

Lucy bit her bottom lip due nervous habits, looking down at her feet in worry. She didn't know what to say—her father never had read the letters that always came to her but why did he suddenly open one and read it?

"Lucy, tell me the truth. Who is this lad?"

"He's my... he's my boyfriend." Lucy muttered as she kept her eyes on the rugged floor, praying that he won't burst and cut every single way to talk to him. That was what got her going and if he did cut their connection, Lucy didn't know what she would do.



"Since when?"

"Since 2 months ago," Lucy whispered as she realized how long it has been. Her heart clenched as she started to miss her loud crazy boyfriend, the blonde clenching her hand into a tight fist.

"Why haven't you told me this?"

"Because I knew you wouldn't approve of this... father, Natsu means everything to me." Lucy looked up from the floor to look at her father in the eyes. She looked at him with a pleading look making Judo stare at her, a sigh flying out of his lips.

He took his reading glasses off and covered his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose.

He was silent for a while and it made Lucy even more nervous, watching him stay like that and sigh time to time. When she thought he might yell at her, he said something that'll even make her deceased mother gasp.

"Do you... want to go see him again?"

Lucy stared at her father with wide brown eyes, wondering what he meant by that. "O—of course I want to see him again..."

"Does he live around here or something?"

"He lives in Magnolia; it's at least a town way from here..."

Judo nodded once more as he rubbed his chin, looking from left to right until his eyes fell on his fidgeting daughter's figure. He eyed her for a second before sitting up, clearing his throat. "Lucy, I have a proposition for you."

"Yes father?"

"I will allow you to move to Magnolia all by yourself and stay there until you finish high school but by the time you finish high school, you will be back in the Heartfillia estate and you will marry as soon as possible. Am I clear?"

"R—really?" Lucy asked as her eyes widened once more, her jaw dropping slightly. She stared at her father as if he told her something she never knew he would say—which he did—and she just felt like she was going to fly or something. She stayed quiet and stared at her father to see if he changed his mind but all he did was stare right back at her, a huge smile decorating her glum face.

"Thank you so much! Thank you!"

"But remember our deal Lucy; you'll have to come back as soon as you finish high school."

"I—I will! I promise!"

"Good, now go start packing—I'm going to have you there as soon as possible."

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